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Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming…

For the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy, Tom hated me doing ANYTHING physical – even walking. I’m pretty sure that, given half the chance, he’d have wrapped me in bubblewrap and left me safely in bed for the whole nine months – but let’s face it, that’s unrealistic. Plus, the constant popping of bubbles every time I rolled over would be thoroughly annoying after a while… I’d get terribly cranky.

In all seriousness, I was knackered for the first 20 weeks of pregnancy anyway. I may have had no morning sickness (yes, that’s correct – I didn’t spew once), but I had an overwhelming need for daily afternoon naps… it’s not something I complained about! Who doesn’t like curling up on the sofa at midday and dozing off whilst cuddling a cat? Thank goodness I’m an author and can work in my PJs at home – making up my working hours as I go! If I worked in an office there’s no way I’d be able to stop myself dozing off at my desk. I found it impossible to stay awake!

But (eventually) I acquired a burst of energy and suddenly felt ready to get out of the house and DO something. Plus, I knew it was time to get active. I’ve read a lot of books and know that fitness is very important in pregnancy – one book even compared it to running the marathon. You couldn’t do one of those without getting your body prepared first. Well, you could, but it wouldn’t be much fun. Giving birth is hugely demanding on our bodies, and therefore I was thrilled that the foggy sleepiness had lifted and that I was ready to get going.

Most women are probably tempted to cancel their gym memberships as soon as they discover they’re pregnant, but actually, I think it’s worth keeping. You may not be training to get your butt into those tight jeans anymore, but you are getting your body ready, and hopefully making things a lot easier for yourself in the long run.

I’ve heard a lot of ladies say that they loved swimming during their pregnancy, and that is why I found myself at my local Virgin Active Health Club (displaying my bump in all its glory in my one-piece costume from Topshop), splashing around and having a jolly good time in the pool. I’m not the strongest swimmer in the world (in fact, if other swimmers splash in my face I have to remind myself that I’m fine and not about to choke on a few drops of water), but I’ve found it really calming. I’m the picture of serenity after I’ve had a float around… actually, that’s a total lie. I’m usually a bloated red mess – however, I FEEL great! It’s nice to have half an hour or so without the weight of my bump controlling my body. Now I’m in my third trimester (nine weeks until my due date – AH!) I’ve been told I might get tired again, but ideally I’d love to keep up my new fish-like-talents – move out the way Ariel, there’s a new Mermaid in town. ;-)


Talking about time slipping away from us – we’ve finally started to get organised! This week Tom and I took ourselves off to Mothercare to get a whole heap of essentials for Crumb (a huge thank you to the staff at the Watford store who managed to answer all of our silly questions!). Tom’s most important item to find was a baby car seat (we opted for a black Maxi-cosi Pebble), and for me – I just wanted to get my hands on everything so that I could start nesting properly. Ha! Believe it or not, the item most recommended by you mummies out there was Sophie the Giraffe, so I’m happy to say Sophie is settling into her new home very nicely! Whilst in the shop I also totally fell in love with Jools Oliver’s Little Bird range – it’s just so beautiful and perfect for a spring baby. I’ve ordered her moses basket and a gorgeous patchwork quilt. :-)

We’re waiting for a few bits to be delivered, but I’ll keep you posted on how the nursery is coming together over the next few weeks – so far we’ve emptied it of everything that was in there… Like I said, we’ve made a start.

The week came to a close with a lovely group meal at The Judds, for which Izzy slaved away to make a gorgeous Thai Green Chicken Curry (she really is becoming the model wife).


Great to see the boys as always – but even better to have a girlie natter and hear all about Georgia’s wedding planning! Check out this week’s HELLO! mag for an exclusive photoshoot with the gorgeous couple.

In other news, I’ve started to get those nightly leg cramps that I’ve been warned about, but I’ve found a way to fight them off – as soon as I sense one stirring I flex my foot. That’s it. Simple, yet effective! I can actually feel the oncoming pain huff as it scuttles away begrudgingly.

I’ve got a busy week next week – I’m turning 29 on Wednesday (Eek!) AND my sister Giorgina is throwing me a baby shower at the weekend… How exciting!

Have a good one!

Gi. Xx

P.S. A very important piece of equipment arrived this week – my Medela Freestyle breastpump (described to me by one friend as ‘the best’ and also recommended by a few of you). On seeing the device Tom asked what would happen if he tried using it… I’ve no doubt that I’m going to come home one day and see him trying it out. Ha!


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“Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming…”
  • I had the dreaded night cramps too with both of my boys. You may have been told this already but my midwife suggested drinking tonic water to help prevent leg cramps. I opted for a low cal lemon tonic water and I found it really helped :)

  • I can’t wait for Crumb to be born!! I love the way you talk about your baby and I know you’re going to be great parents! (I’m secretly wishing for your firstborn to be a lovely girl!) Best of wishes on your pregnancy and upcoming parenthood :) xx

  • Hi Gi!
    Loved reading your blog, your writing style is so funny and nice to read! Your blogs always make me happy so THANK YOU.

  • Gi! I love reading your posts, I really feel that you and Tom are so excited and I’m sure you will be great parents :) Galaxy defenders are so happy for you, we really are!
    Oh, and happy birthday (early but it’s ok, i think!!)
    Can’t wait for your next book!

    Kisses from a big fan of you and Tom. Lots of love!!!
    Ana Beatriz

  • Hello Gi, I’m a big big fan of your blogs,there amazing,I love hearing from them every week,especially when it comes to the baby,good luck it’s not that far away until baby fletcher arrives,thought of many names yet?i hear that you’ve got loads to choose from. Anyway good luck with everything,not long to wait now xx

  • Hey! I’m from Argentina, and I always love reading everything you post here :) also I would love to read your first book but it seems there is not in our bookstores yet :(
    Glad to see you’re enjoying that much your pregnancy :)

  • This is so sweet! Although, I am confused, what is crumb? Is that what you are naming your baby or have I missed something? haha

  • Hahahahaha…I always love to see you both in this blog or in your You tube postings. keep healthy and fit during your pregnancy Giovanna!

    warmest regards from Jakarta, Indonesia!!!

  • I can’t wait to see that baby!! She/he will be beautiful like you! :) I was trying to understand all you wrote but I can’t that all :( I’m a spanish girl and I don’t speak too much English, but I don’t need to speak a perfectly English to say I LOVE YOU GUYS! :) I hope we’ll see your baby soon, you’ll be the better mother in the UK, I’m completly sure.

  • seeing you with that lovely baby bump is so beautiful! you all look so happy with your radiant smile, that it’s impossible to me not getting infected by your happiness!! Enjoy your baby!!! Congratulations xx

  • Hi really enjoyed reading your blog as I’m pregnant myself baby due 17th of April so just a few weeks after you. I’m a bit if a Mcfly fan so found this blog through Tom’s twitter and I’m now following you also. Yours and Tom’s pregnancy announcement video actually made me cry. So happy for you both you’ll make great parents. I already have a 3 year old and it really is amazing. Take care and enjoy every minute of your pregnancy, you look great by the way x

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