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Giovanna Fletcher Giovanna Fletcher

Help! I’ve Got A Bump To Dress!

Hello everyone!

Hope you’ve been having a great week. It’s been a busy one in our house now that the holidays are over and we’ve had to get back to the daily grind of normal life. On top of that, I hopped over to the Penguin offices this week to talk about book two (which is set to be published May 22nd), there was a 30th birthday meal at Gaucho for my friend Aaron, and another birthday gathering for Tom’s nan. Plus, we had our first class with Hollie from London Hypnobirthing (we finish the course next week, so I’ll tell you all about it then – it’s amazing!).

lovely friends

But this week I want to focus on the topic of maternity wear. As I’ve been getting a lot of tweets about clothes it made sense to write a little blog on my own experience of dressing my changing body (it’s a never-ending challenge). So here goes…

As my bump started to grow bigger (and my pre-pregnancy clothes were getting tighter), my mum and I decided to go on a mother/daughter’s shopping trip in the hope of picking up some maternity bits. We were both really excited – it was the first time I’d been out to shop for my new shape and as I’m the first of me and my sister to fall pregnant, we felt the trip would be quite an adventure. It’s only when we got to about ten shops in, being continuously told that either brands didn’t do a maternity range, that they only stocked a few items in store, or that the entire range was online, that we started to feel deflated. Where do pregnant ladies shop? Is the answer really online? Well, we left the shops behind us (with two pairs of preggo jeans from Topshop – score!) and started to search the web. It was amazing! Not only could I sit on the sofa curled up in the warm, but I could also slurp on a decaf cuppa and munch on chocolate hobnobs while we browsed… What a winner! Turned out retailers were doing us a huge favour by not having maternity clothes lined up next to their items for non-bump-wearing-humans.


For anyone looking to spruce up their pregnancy wardrobe here are some brands I’ve enjoyed so far:

· New Look have a MASSIVE maternity section. Honestly, I could’ve sat looking at their clothes for hours. Plus, they’re affordable – you don’t have to spend a fortune. www.newlook.com
· Topshop deserve to be mentioned for the jeans that I managed to find on my shopping trip with mum. www.topshop.com
· Isabella Oliver were recommended to me by a friend – their clothes are stretchy, supportive and help you feel relaxed yet sexy. Before getting pregnant I didn’t think I’d want to wear clothes that highlight my bump (I thought I’d be all baggy tops and jumpers) – but honestly, I feel so womanly doing so. www.isabellaoliver.com
· Seraphine (introduced to me by my sister Giorgina) make some extremely comfy pieces and there are some great nursing tops in the range for when Crumb arrives. www.seraphine.com
· Rock A Bye Rosie (www.littleblackdress.co.uk), Tiffany Rose (www.tiffanyrose.com) and Babes with Babies (www.babeswithbabies.com) are great for special occasions and have helped me feel like I’ve got an abundance of choice, rather than panicking that I simply won’t fit into any of my old favourites. Each of these brands prove that maternity wear can be glamorous and dazzling.

tom me stephen

What I’ve found so far is that, when it comes to baby bumps, no amount of squeezing will work and remaining comfortable should be of the upmost importance! You’re growing a human – give yourself a break. Ooh, and make the most of all the winter sales that are still on! Nothing like picking up a bargain!

Before I leave you for another week, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who commented or tweeted with recommendations last week… I’ve now got a long list of must-haves!


Giovanna. Xx

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“Help! I’ve Got A Bump To Dress!”
  • I’m glad I’m not the only person that wondered where pregnant women shop! When I was expecting my son last year I went out on the exact same mission to find comfy maternity clothes but with no luck, apart from a couple of pair of leggings from new look! I must admit in the end it was a blessing in disguise I much preferred being able to buy everything I needed whilst tucked up in bed in my pj’s! A site that you didn’t mention here is ASOS, they’re maternity range is FANTASTIC and so reasonable! My son is now 12 weeks old and I’m still wearing the items I got off of there and you wouldn’t know they were maternity. Good luck with your little one when he or she arrives! Enjoy every bit of being pregnant! xxx

  • I love that black dress! Of course all the clothes are beautiful, but that’s my favorite! :)
    May 22nd?? IIH :D Your book is gonna be published on my birthday!! Last year it was the day after, this year on my birthday, I gotta say I approve of your publishing dates :P Can’t wait for the second book and I hope you guys are good :D

    Oh, and you look beautiful with your bump btw :)


  • You look really beautiful in the last dress!
    I used to work at H&M, and sometime they have cute clothes for pregnant women (but forget about the lingerie, it’s hideous)

    Take care,

  • I’m not even pregnant and I’m checking these brands out haha I love your blogs Gi!! I’m glad you 3 are doing fine and having lots of fun! ;) Lots of love!

  • The internet is definitely the best place to shop maternity! You should check out Madderson London too. Harrods is fab for a one-stop spree if you do fancy hitting the shops, their new maternity department is divine. x

  • I had my first baby almost 5 months ago and to be honest I didn’t bought that much pregnancy cloths! I was almost all the time wearing my husbands tshirts! Way more comfortable and smelling like him! I hope you’re enjoying you’re pregnancy so far!

  • The black dress looks amazing on you :)
    It’s really nice reading about maternity clothes, sometimes I have the feeling that a lot of shops forget that pregnant woman want to be stylish, too. We want to look good and feel comfy :)

  • Hi Giovanna
    My husband and I follow yourself and toms journey as we are vry similar. We got married last year and are expecting our first baby in April. I have struggled with maternity wear as I am only 5ft3 and think someone is missing a trick by not doing a Petite Maternity range. I went on a similar shopping trip where we were told everything was online. Its ok but woman are always going to be having babies its a shame there can’t be more exclusive stores on the high street. Anywho good luck with Hypno birthing or Jedi baby birth as Tom calls it. I look forward to reading your next blog.
    Bex from Scarborough x

  • Giovanna, you could wear a bin bag and you would still look stunning!! Please don’t though, the clothes in these pictures are very beautiful!

    Sending Love to the Fletchers,

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