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Adiós 2013 and a great big welcome to 2014!

Hello everyone

I’m not one to wish away the years (life is short and we’ve got to make the most of it), but I’m certainly happy to be welcoming 2014! There’s so much to be looking forward to this year – book two being published, my hubby and the McBusted boys heading off on a blooming awesome tour – and (more exciting than them both put together) BABY FLETCHER ARRIVING! Yes, with less than 12 weeks to go until my due date (although Crumb will arrive when Crumb wants to arrive) it’s really time to get organising the nursery and finally we can start BUYING BABY THINGS!
I can’t tell you how excited we are, although with so much choice out there we’ve no idea where to start! Tom’s hot on researching items and I’ve found him looking up reviews on safety for things like car seats a few times – but there’s nothing better than recommendations! So, if any mums out there want to offer advice on good products, please leave comments below or tweet me! 
We saw in the New Year at home in our signature rock’n’roll style… by having a lovely dinner of steak, chips and spaghetti hoops (it’s my favourite meal) and playing lots of Pucket (Tom won every game but one) and Bananagrams (I won both games).  The first day of the year was slightly more sociable as we went over to my dad’s for a great big New Year’s Day feast with all the family… a great way to kick off 2014!

sibling love

On  day two of the year we took a trip to the hospital I’ll be delivering Crumb to meet the team and so on. We’d also booked in for an Antenatal class for that afternoon. We’ve been reading up so much about the birth that we suddenly realised we’ve got no idea what to do when the baby actually arrives! Well, thankfully we both now know how to change nappies, wind a baby, swaddle and put a baby to sleep… fingers crossed we’ll remember it all! I’ve no doubt Tom’s going to be practicing swaddling on our teddies over the next few months!


…  And then it was time for a pamper! Seeing as I was ill over Christmas I didn’t feel like I’d made the most of the festive time off – but luckily Tom had planned a relaxing spa break for us. So off to Champneys Tring we went for a couple of days R&R. I swam lots, ate good food, had a meditation class (something I’m hoping to do more of), received a Decleor Vitamin Glow Facial and perhaps the best part of the trip was the Beautiful Bump treatment I received just before we left, which comprised of a foot soak, back massage (us pregnant folk aren’t allowed normal ones, so this was a real treat), a soothing mask of goodness for my bump followed by a gorgeous leg, foot, scalp and hand massage. I felt really taken care of by the wonderful Arlyn, who seemed incredibly enthusiastic about giving mums-to-be a much needed touch of TLC. The treatment was heavenly and the perfect end to the first week of the year!


Love (a very relaxed and chilled) Gi. Xx

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“Adiós 2013 and a great big welcome to 2014!”
  • Hi there, Gi!
    The thing I felt a dream when I had my son, was a Moby wrap. It would keep him snuggled and happy, he could even breastfeed when he wanted, but also I could do the dishes and go for a pee because he was snug and comforted by my movements, which to him probably felt like he was in the comfort of his old home – the womb!
    As he got a bit older, his favourite thing was a ‘Sophie the giraffe’ – a squeaky giraffe toy that would cheer him up every time :)

    Good luck, beautiful, you and Tom will be great parents!

  • My first baby is due in a weeks time and am too excited to find out what our yellow bump will be :)

    We had test driven tonnes of prams and decided to go for the silver cross wayfarer in chilli. We also went for the silver cross simplicity car seat which attaches to the pram also. We have also got the isofix base for the car (to attach to car seat) as we were told by lots of people how much easier to makes getting bubba in and out of car quickly and is much safer than using a seat belt to attach it!

    Hope you have an amazing 12 weeks or so left of your pregnancy and I always look forward to your updates :)

  • Love the Ikea Sheepskin that a friend got us. Perfect for travelling etc. Put it anywhere and it’s somewhere soft and familiar for them to sleep on and until they are mobile and it’s much easier to carry than the whole travel cot etc. Can just plonk it anywhere and it’s their bed. Great now he’s older too as put in in travel cot instead of sheets and he knows he’s in his bed. xx

  • Hey, Giovanna! As I’m only a teenager I can’t help you at all with the advice thing. However, I’d just like to point out that I think that you and Tom will be excelent parents… I can imagine your ansiety but I think you two will do great and have nothing to worry about =) Good luck on that journey!
    Really really enjoy your blog! =)

  • Hey, Giovanna! As I’m only a teenager I can’t help you at all with the advice thing. However, I’d just like to point out that I think that you and Tom will be excelent parents… I can imagine your ansiety but I think you two will do great and have nothing to worry about =) Good luck on that journey!
    Really really enjoy your blog! =)

  • Hi Gi! Happy new year. This year really will be a great one for you & Tom! Just a quick one… in wilkinsons they sell a duck themometor that tells you how hot the bath is for you little baby. It’s called Munchkin Safety Bath Ducky and at the moment it’s only about £1.75 so it’s worth getting that, all my friends have used it for their babies and said it’s brilliant! Hope everything goes well for you :-) Kate x

  • Heya!!! 12 weeks to go a very exciting time!! My little prince is 14 weeks now and I can name 4 things that were absolutle life savers!!!

    1. The tommee tippee prep machine!! The machine measures how how much water you need in your bottles so all you have to do is add the formula. The water is set too room temperature so no need to heat the bottle or cool the bottle down. It’s a life saver when your baby is screaming for food or your half awake during the night. I had the intention to breast feed but unfortunately got home and the midwife told me to stop (long story) had this device already for when we swapped to bottles so it was really helpful to have!

    2. A sleep monitor … This is a pad that lays beneath the mattress of the cot or Moses basket and recognises movement. It will beep every few seconds to say movement from your baby has been registered. If your baby has stopped moving for more than 20 seconds an alarm goes off. It’s great !! I know as a. First time mum I was always worried is my little one breathing as there is such a big issue about SIDS so this really helped me sleep and keep my mind at ease. You have to remember to switch it off at night when you take the baby from the crib but you soo. Get used to doing this.

    3. A video camera … You can buy this with the sleep monitor but we didn’t know this at the time so bought a separate device. We found that sometimes out little one would be moaning so we went in the bedroom to see him and he would just be moaning in his sleep however because we entered the room we disturbed him and he woke up. The video monitor allowed us to look at him without disturbing him.

    Finally …
    The family ISO fix base for car is really good idea. No need to wrap seat belts around the car seat. With this device the car seat just clips straight in giving bleeps to tell you the car seat had been clipped in correctly and securely.

    All these devices can be found in the baby show which is in kensington Olympia. In feb, there is great deals and money off so we worth a look if you can make it.

    Good luck it’s the best feeling ever!!!

  • Defiantly get a car seat base, they make getting little one in and out of the car a lot easier especially in tight car park spaces and nice and quick in the rain. A travel system pushchair is also a good idea they are brilliant, I love mine. A battery operates swing is a god send too, great at getting little one to settle/sleep and they are safe so you can do some house work.

  • Cuskis. Without a shadow of doubt. If you sleep with it before baby arrives you can put with baby and baby can always smell you and is comforted. All 3 of ours have them… between 3 kids they have 25 cuskis!!! They helped through many ‘scary’ moments new school, cot/bed change, being babysat etc etc. #bestinventionever!!

  • Hi, my little boy is now 5 weeks old, so I can give you some early days tips:

    Buy the angelcare sound and movement monitor. It gives me added reassurance, it’s easy to use, has good extra features (night light and thermometer) and looks good.

    Whichever car seat you choose, make sure it fits isofix car tabs. My car is too old for isofix and so I’m rather jealous at the ease in which other mums get their babies in and out of the car!

    We got our nursery furniture from Mamas and Papas, and the chest of drawers has a removable topper that means you can change little one without him falling off. We thought we wouldn’t use it but it’s really handy and a perfect height so you aren’t straining your back when changing a nappy.

    Speaking of nappies, if you have a boy, make sure you point his winkie downwards in his nappy. After a dozen baby grows repeatedly getting wet up one side, we realised this! Buy LOTS of baby grows! You get through loads!

    If you’re breast feeding, all my midwives recommended Lanolin nipple cream. And the breast pump I got was the Medela Swing. Its comfy, quiet and stores away easily.

    Don’t bother getting a baby bath. We used it twice and he now just comes in the bath with us! So much easier and much more fun! So now the bulky baby bath just takes up precious room in the cupboard.

    I bought the Baby Bjorn Active baby carrier the other day. It’s a god send! So much easier than getting the pram out when just nipping down the road. And when he won’t settle unless in my arms, it allows me to carry on with the housework at the same time!

    Take a look at the chat forums. If used with common sense its full of good advice and reassurance. So at 3am when youre thinking youre the only person struggling, you will quickly realise youre not alone.
    And when you find yourself googling “how to stop my baby from crying” in the wee hours, don’t worry, we have all been there (we were on our first night at home!!).

    Finally, take LOTS of videos and pictures, it’s amazing how quickly they change. He looks different every day! xxx

  • Hi Gi!

    Huggies nappies are probably the best nappies – my friend recently had a baby and she swears by them, especially because of the wide variety of sizes (including early born, new born, 3-6 months etc) and the fact that they catch all the ‘nasties’ without letting any chafe or hurt the baby…definitely worth a buy!

    As for when the baby is getting onto food…I can’t recommend Cow & Gate and Ella’s Kitchen enough. Cow & Gate stuff is nice (to the point where I was nicking my baby’s rusks) as well as healthy – there are lots of low sugar and low fat options! As for Ella’s Kitchen, it’s all very fruity and vegetably, but totally yummy and organic.

    Also, keep nappy changing supplies in every room that the baby will go in, as well as ensuring there’s a flat surface in there. It’s easier to quickly whip out a sheet, wipes, baby powder and a nappy from the bottom drawer of a cupboard than lug a poopy baby up a couple of flights of stairs, all the while trying to stop them from crying and avoiding the smell.

    Lots of love,

    MassiveFan xxx

  • Gro bags for babies to sleep in are a great investment. No more cold babies because they have kicked off their blankets. My grandchildren have all used them.

  • Sound like a great way start 2014, the year i am sure will feel like the fastest and most memorable of all :) I started 2013 with a babybump and babyshopping, and after my daughter was born the year has flown by, she is 9 months already!

    First of all i would recommend the ergo baby carrier, it is easy to put on, and as you can tell by reasearching it (Maybe Tom has looked in to it already?) it gives the right support for the baby. It has come really handy while travelling.

    Also i would recommend a crib with one adjustable wall, so it can work as a bedside “bay”.. We dont have this ourselves, but in the first months we she had her crib next to ours, and it was really tricky putting her back into her bed after feeding. And soothing her when there was a wall inbetween us.

    Another good tip is to buy two similar blankies or teddies you picture as being a soother, this has come handy when one blankie is lost or needs a wash.

    As for strollers, we have a TFK joggster twist. Love the handbreak and the easy turns, but the adjustment of the backsupport is bad and it is imposible to put something in the basket under the seat after switching to the sports part. Also would recommend you looking for a stroller with reversible seat, so that the baby can look at mom/dad after switching to the sports stroller and turn forward when the child is more eager to looking at the surroundings.

    And remember that the stores are still open after the child is born, so there is no need to fill the house with things that you are unsure about the need for.

  • Happy New Year Gi!
    It’s so scary how fast time is passing. It seems like yesterday that you and Tom have announced the coming of the Crumb. And now there are only 12 weeks to seeing your face. If I’m excited about all this, I wonder how you and Tom should be.
    But well I just stopped by to wish you a great year, and that the Crumb come with great health.
    Lots of love
    Rafaella Xxx

  • I have just bought my friend a sleepyhead deluxe bed guard from John Lewis. She is due in March so won’t get it till then but a couple of our other fiends have had them and loved them. It’s great if you put crumb down on the sofa or in the bed and you don’t have to worry about him/ her rolling off. We think she will love it so maybe something worth thinking about. I don’t have kids myself so not much else I can recommend. Congrats to you both. Bet you are so excited. We can’t wait for our friends little one. Xx

  • Can’t go wrong with Maxi Cosi car seats.. Icandy prams are lovely but for the price they aren’t in it for very long.
    I love mamas and papas prams.. There is so much to choose from. The list is endless. When I was pregnant I read Jules Oliver birth-9months.. Good read and gives you handy tips what to buy and then has a bit in about weaning and some yummy recipes .
    Good luck with the new arrival. Exciting times ahead x

  • Ahh you’re so sweet. I’ve loved Tom and McFly many years, and as soon as I’ve learned about you I fell in love with you too. You just seem like such an amazing person, and you’re beautiful. I wish you, Tom and bump a very happy new year and can’t wait for bump to come into this world. He/she will be so loved. Lots of love from Norway

  • Recommended baby stuff I discovered for my little one, he is now a healthy 4 months. Babybjorn bouncer, dr brown anti colic bottles and linden baby bouncer. Never let anyone make you feel guilty if you choose not to breast feed. It’s terrible how women in this countries are bullied in to doing it. I wasn’t able to. I produced nothing as I was poorly and my boy got jaundice. I was told in the hospital there is not actually any real hardcore proof Breastfeeding has more benefit. It should be completely YOUR choice what you do for YOUR child. xx

  • Hi Gi!

    Since I became addicted to your blog, I can’t leave without writing any advice. I’m not a mummy yet, but I co-raised my siblings and cousins, so there we go:

    – Johnson’s baby brand is quite amazing, I used to use this products when they were just newborns.

    – Car Seats, these are the best, I can tell you:

    – Clothes: Check to see that the clothing has a full snap opening at the bottom or a long zipper on the front, hand-wash all clothes and NO buttons, appliques or whatever, for baby safety.

    – Sleeping time: check out this page, cause its amazing.

    I’m so happy for you and Tom, I bet baby F will be the real king of your house since the very beginning :) Lots of love!


  • Hi Gi! I’m really enjoying your blog it’s lovely to follow what you are up to during pregnancy. I am a first time mum (5 months in) and it is a breath of fresh air to see how much you are enjoying pregnancy and how down to earth you and Tom are as a couple in the public eye! It’s nice to have a couple that my husband and I can really relate to and also that young people can look up to as a good example of what a relationship truly is. All you have to do is marry someone who you love and who also happens to be your best friend :) anyway I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well and if I could recommend anything it would be a bouncy chair with soothing vibrations for baby F and a sling more for Tom than the baby, as I have found dad loves to go out carrying our little girl in the sling! It’s like showing off the best toy ever :) anyway good luck with everything it really is the best thing ever being a mum. All the best, Leah x

  • Happy New Year!
    my little boy is 15 months old, complete learning curve but the most amazing thing ever!
    we couldn’t have got through the early days without Ewan the dream sheep which attaches to the side of the moses basket/cot and plays soothing womb sounds, definitely the lanolin nipple cream in the purple tube, expensive but worth every penny! sleeping bags all the way aswell as ours just used to kick the sheets off, further down the line a jumperoo is fab! hope the rest of your pregnancy goes ok! Good Luck

  • hi G ; Angelcare sound and movement monitor is the best , you can relax in those early days as it will alert you if the baby doesn’t move within 20 secs, it also has a great little night light and also monitors the room temp, so your baby is comfortable, you have a seperate monitor to take with you anywhere, it goes under the mattress i used mine and still do now with my son 4 it lets me know when hes not well and gets out of bed, he is in a double bed and still works.
    also quick and easy pram to use is a mamas and papas switch pilko which you can have a autocruiser that is a carrycot that goes into your car to baby flat and safe. good luck and all the best :)

  • Hi
    I have a 3 year old daughter and we bought her a Tripp trapp highchair when she was 6 months old to use for weaning and she still uses it now at the dining table as it adjusts. Its great. Ours is girlie pink but you can get normal wooden colours too. The jumperoo is a must have for when he/she is old enough – it’s a fun way for them to learn to bounce and play. There is an app which has white noise on it if your baby struggles to sleep – helps them stop crying and calm down apparently .
    Enjoy! Being a Mummy is amazing.

  • Hi Gi,
    All the new parents are best at recommendations for newborns, I just wanted to share a bit of advice from a mom who’s children are grown. Enjoy every minute…it goes by in the blink of an eye. You’ll never love anyone like this again so spend every minute you can with them, hold them, rock them, sing to them, read to them, encourage, defend and protect them. Welcome to a world of love you could never have imagined!! All the best to you all. x0x0

  • HNY, we chose Recaro car seats, in our eyes they are the safest as making racing seats is their whole business! They are fab seats, last ages, good value for money and come in lots of pretty colours!! If someone asked you who maxi cosi or britax are what would you say?? Good luck x

  • Awww, I have celebrity couple crush on The Fletchers, so I’m already in love with baby F. Sending you all the blessings and best wishes.

    PS. It’s nice idea to document first year of your newborn by taking him/her photos every month with a number. Example: Baby F. is born April 15th, so on May 15th you take a photo with him/her and big 1; on June 15th it’s the baby and 2. Do you know what I mean?
    PS2. I’ve just ordered Billy and Me. I can’t wait to read it!

  • Ello! First of all, congrats on the baby, I believe you and Tom will be fantastic parents. I had mine last july and it’s been an amazing time.

    I read someone saying about Lanolin nipple cream and my only tip is: before getting a tube, try rubbing you own breast milk if you get any trauma. It heals any injury you may have while breast feeding. It worked for me, didn’t had to buy an expensive cream. But if it doesn’t work, go for it! :)

    Happy new year! X

  • We have 2 daughters aged 2 & 6 and the bestest most useful things are as follows:
    – a very comfy chair in the nursery (with arms to rest bottle on when winding!) and you could sleep in if necessary
    – bottles and plug in steriliser. Even if you’re going to breast feed its always good to have these when feeding preferences change
    – Ella’s Kitchen baby food range. I’ve never used jars but this organic wide variety of meals, snacks etc travel amazingly easily and you can squeeze the food out straight from pouch to spoon making feeding time possible just about anywhere
    – a comforter. The little soft blankets with labels along each edge are perfect for little hands
    Enjoy and lots of love & luck to you all xxx

  • Hiya I am a first time moma to my beautiful boy. Congrats on your news as you will find out you are about to embark on the best experience life gives us. My boy is 6 months and the time goes so quickly dont know where it has gone he seem so big from when we bought him home all tiny and wrapped up in his car seat. He’s gone from a newborn to a little boy so fast, it’s lovely to see them grow and develop but you really have to savor every moment cause you blink and they have changed. I look forward to all the next changes that will take place and also look back on my lovely photos and videos of him being so tiny. No real advise just enjoy every moment, make memories. xxxx

  • Hiya, congrats on your soon to be new arrival! I am a first time momma to a beautiful baby boy. I’m not quite sure you can prepare for the next stage of your life it all seems a whirlwind of excitement, exaustion, happiness and emotional and those pesky hormones playing games with you again!!lol. All I can say is embrace it all my little boy is now 6 months and time has flown by everyday is so different bringing new challenges and exciting things for baby and me to explor and enjoy. I have never worked so hard in my life but never been as rewarded – to wake up and see your beautiful baby looking back at you with a big smile is all the reward I will ever need (even when I have only slept for 4 hours!lol) All I can advise is enjoy every moment as they grow too quickly, try and rest when they do, leave the house work for someone else. A few things I have really found useful sophie the giraffe for teething and teething powders, a baby swing also a good read is ‘The Wonder Weeks’ as I think we all need a bit of reassurance that all babies go through funny fazes!!
    I wish you the luck in this magical world we live in. xx

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