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My First Hello on my HELLO! Online Blog

Hello and welcome to my brand spanking new blog for HELLO! Online. I’m thrilled to have been asked to share my musings on here on a weekly basis. Before we all get too giddy and excited though, I feel I should warn you that I’m extremely boring. My ideal night is one spent in an animal onesie on the sofa, with a cuppa and a few biscuits (preferably chocolate hobnobs). If you were hoping for celeb gossip of great nights out then this might not be the place for you… BUT, if you love cake, cats, pajamas and happy things – WELCOME!


To kick start my weekly ramblings – here’s a list of things you should know about me…

  •  I tweet far too much – usually about my three cats (Aurora, Leia and Marvin), or detailing what cake I’ve naughtily eaten that day.
  •  I’m an actress and have a big love of the theatre, although I’ve not trod the boards for a couple of years because…
  •  I’ve somehow (after a lot of hard work) become an author (my debut novel Billy and Me is out now, and book two will be available from May 2014).
  •  I’m married to Tom from McFly/McBusted (the cute one with the glasses and dimple).
  •  I could be referred to as the bride in THAT YouTube video in THAT wedding speech… my husband is ever so romantic.
  •  I’m currently growing a human in my tummy and am about to become a mum for the first time. Yes, I’m the preggers lady in THAT baby announcement video with THOSE pumpkins. How else do people share such news?


With a little bubba due in March, I’ve no idea what the next few months will bring, but I’ll be sharing whatever does happen on this blog. No doubt there’ll be silliness with Tom, family and friends, progress reports on book two (like a title and cover) and lots and lots of bump updates – it’s all up for grabs!


This week my husband and I are in Hello! magazine. I always find it funny doing photoshoots with my husband (they aren’t something I’m used to doing), but this one was particularly relaxed. The highlight for me was being able to eat whatever I fancied at lunch and not worrying that I’d be bloated in the pictures taken that afternoon… I even had cake! So yes, grab a copy of that and have a read (think of it as homework – but more fun), and I’ll see you here next week – after I’ve overdosed on the festive chocolates. ;-)


Merry Christmas!


Giovanna. Xx

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“My First Hello on my HELLO! Online Blog”
  • Hi Gi! Loved that post :) you and Tom are the cutest couple ever haha! So happy for you and the baby…
    I’ll read your blog everyday!
    Merry Christmas,

    Ana Beatriz (from Brazil!)

  • Really happy for you and Tom! I’m a huge McFly fan, but I’m also a huge fan of you! I love reading your blog Gi’s World and your videos singing on youtube with Tom (your voice is sooooooooooooo beautiful)! Congrats on this new project and your growing beautiful family :) wish you the best! x

  • Hi Gi!

    Congratulations my dear on your growing family! No doubt you and Tom will make wonderful parents! Baby Fletcher will be so loved by you both! I so enjoy Giovanna’s World, I love hearing about your life. Congrats on the success of Billy & Me and your new project. I’m very much looking forward to reading your blog updates and your second book! Best of luck with everything and have a lovely Christmas! All the best and take care! :) xxx

  • Your blog is a love, and of course the owner too. Would you like to be noticed by you and the big chin. You are special, and that the baby Fletcher / Falcone is very strong and healthy as beautiful and friendly as the father and mother. I wish all the happiness in the world and that one day you will answer me, Gi. Ill wait to read one of his books.

  • Hi G, I don’t know if you will read this message or not, but I just wanted to say Congrats and I hope everything goes well. I’m sending out good thoughts for you and your bump.Also, I really enjoy your tweets too :) xx

  • This is amazing! I’m so glad you’re working on this. I’m going to read this everytime you update! You are awesome Gio, such an amazing human being. And cannot wait for your next book! Bought the first one all the way from Argentina and let me tell you, it’s bloody awesome! Much love xxxx

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