Six Months Pregnant and Clumsy!

I have vivid memories of my mum telling me I was like a ‘bull in a china shop’ when I was younger. I was known for being heavy handed and continuously rushing around in a hurry – sometimes breaking things in the process. That being said, I thought I’d kissed my buttery fingers goodbye when I hit adulthood. Well, it seems they’re back and (more worryingly) they mean business!


This weekend I managed to drop the pestle from my pestle and mortar set onto the kitchen floor and break it in two. I then managed to whack a drinking glass into the kitchen worktop when moving it from the sink into the dishwasher – spraying shards of glass everywhere.


I was quite taken aback by my clumsy ways and so posted a picture on Instagram of the two items, joking that I was making up quite a collection of broken items. Minutes later (possibly less) I was washing up Tom’s Cafeterie and while it was covered in washing up liquid it slipped from my hands and completely smashed into the empty sink. Three items in three days… Eek! I’m sure this is all linked to my pregnancy because so many fellow pregnant ladies messaged me to say they’d been experiencing the same thing. I think the message is clear – it’s time to slow down and take my time. Rushing will lead to breakages.


Also this week…

…Kris Hallenga and her twin Maren turned thirty and celebrated in style with a Neighbours themed birthday party. I love an excuse to dress up, but seeing as I have a big old bump now I wasn’t sure who I could go as – well, I settled on Harold Bishop. Comfy, simple – and made use of my extra padding. Haha! I loved it. You all know what I think of Kris so I won’t go on about how great she is (again), but I will say that it was lovely to finally meet Maren who I’ve heard so much about. Two gorgeous girlies who I was happy to dress up like a fool for!


…We took Buzz on the tube into London for a midwife appointment. Buzz loved being on the underground. He’s getting so big now and is communicating more and more while absorbing EVERYTHING he sees… I find him fascinating!!!



…We’ve put up our Christmas lights. Yes, yes, yes – I know it’s early but our schedules are busy in the lead up to Xmas and we both wanted maximum Christmas fun… Plus, we have a little competition with our neighbours each year to see who can get their lights up first. Next door won, but as a result our street looks epic and magical right now! After dinner each night we go out and just look at the beauty a few twinkling lights create. Oh I do LOVE this time of year!


Big festive cheer to you all!

Gi. Xx

The Importance of Laughter…

This week obviously saw a dark time for Paris and the rest of the world. These shocking and outrageous events really highlighted for me how important it is to live life to the fullest – and to make sure I fill each day with love, happiness and laughter.

This realisation actually hit me earlier in the week too, when ITV’s Lorraine sent me to Laughterlines to film a Take Five segment. Well, I didn’t realise I was going to be so moved by the whole thing…

I love laughing. Nothing quite beats a good old belly laugh or a naughty, inappropriate, giggle that fights to escape. There’s no denying that we all feel better after having a happy release of endorphins flush through our system.


Working in the theatre I always found it interesting how some audiences were louder or quieter than others. You get some who sit silently, observing what’s going on, and then you get others who laugh from the off – cracking up in all the right places and seeming to thoroughly enjoy what they’re seeing. I don’t think either reaction is bad, but what I do think that occasionally it can be down to feeling like they’re allowed to laugh or have a vocal response to what they watching. Plus, once one person has that outward reaction, it gives others the freedom to do the same and join in.

Laughter brings people together, it creates a bond and just makes you generally feel good about life. Sadly, I don’t think some of us laugh enough. Life can be so serious and stressful that we forget to stop and enjoy ourselves. Or maybe it can be difficult to think about allowing yourself to laugh when certain pressures are on us.

That’s where laughter club comes in – a place that focuses on the benefits of laughter and allows their members a place to literally laugh their socks off. I genuinely felt enlightened talking to some of the men and women there and hearing how laughter club has helped them get through difficult and gloomy times. I won’t say too much as I’m sure it’ll all be in the piece (it’ll be aired Tuesday 24th), but I was so touched to see that these members had found a positive outlet with a bunch of supportive people. I left the room feeling happy and calm – serene even – and made a promise to myself to let out a good old guffaw on a daily basis… even if I sometimes don’t feel like it (apparently even fake laughter helps release those endorphins).

I believe in the human race and how special we are when we spread love and peace. My thoughts are with everyone in Paris…

Big love,

Giovanna. Xx

Time to head back to Essex…

Over the last year my mum has talked nonstop about a charity ball her and her friends have been organising. Well, this weekend, after months of hard work, it was finally time for us all to go along and support her at Orsett Hall in Essex, so that she could make lots of money for MIND – a charity that helps those suffering with mental health problems.


I’d say we’re only really just beginning to give mental health issues the focus they deserve and I find it fascinating that it’s usually people you wouldn’t expect who are silently going through such internal struggles. With that in mind the night was (rather fittingly) called ‘Behind the Mask’, and to go along with the theme my Mum had patiently spent hours and hours making beautiful black masks for every female in the room.


The night was fantastic – there was a scrummy dinner, great prizes being auctioned off, a mammoth game of heads or tales, a performance with duo Into The Ark and a jam-packed raffle. I even had a little boogie with my dad at the end to round off the night… perfect.


Well done Mum, Sarah, Katherine and Michelle for organising such a grand night!

Also this week…

…We went to watch The Dinosaur That Pooped a Show! Yes, Tom and Dougie’s popular books have been put on their feet, meaning Buzz got to finally meet one of his idols – DINOSAUR. It was so cute watching him watch the show (I love watching him watch things – I think it’s a common thing parents do) and waving frantically when Dino came on stage – as though he was a close friend. Adorable.


…I decided to ditch my uncomfortable unwired bras and rehome my baps in some nice maternity bras at last. Last pregnancy, and throughout the year I breastfed Buzz, I lived in Bravado bras. They were so great that I’ve decided to stick with them this time round too. Happy Boobs!


…Along with October, Lorraine’s Breastmates campaign has come to an end, so I was on the sofa this week with Kris Hallenga and Dr Hilary to round up the whole thing in a final effort to get our message heard. In case I’ve not mentioned it enough – get to know your body and understand what is normal for you. Check regularly and go to the doctor if you’re worried about anything you find. It’s that simple.


…We decided to let Buzz paint a pumpkin. This is actually something I saw Fearne Cotton do on Instagram with her son Rex and I thought it was a gorgeous way of getting the little ones involved with Halloween. Seeing as Buzz loves putting things in his mouth though, I decided to make some homemade paint using flour, water and food colouring – it worked amazingly and Buzz did a wonderful job with getting his hands dirty.


Have a fab week!

Big love,

Gi. Xx

What does it mean to be INSPIRATIONAL?

This week I’ve really been thinking about the word INSPIRATIONAL. A good friend of mine is nothing but inspirational, yet hates the word used in reference to herself… which is ridiculous. My friend has been dealt a crappy hand – however, in hope that others will learn from her story, she created a wonderful charity that spreads an important message far and wide, indisputably saving other people’s lives.

I’m, of course, talking about my beautiful friend Kris Hallenga (pictured with me and my sister-in-law Carrie and filming up in Edinburgh) who founded CoppaFeel! when she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at just twenty-three years old. In fact, Kris didn’t hang about. She set up the charity just a month after diagnosis, wanting to make sure young people know that they too could be at risk and hoping to get us all to rethink cancer while getting to know our bodies – because early diagnosis is key to survival.


So back to the inspirational chat…

Kris once said to me, ‘Having cancer doesn’t make me inspirational’… that’s a very true point, but I’m surprised she viewed the term in that way. As I’ve already highlighted, Kris is far more than a girl living with cancer – although even that in itself would be something worthy of my admiration…


I know none of us really know how we’d react in certain situations until we are literally faced with them, but it’s a thought I’ve pondered since meeting Kris, her team and her amazing Boobettes. Would I have the courage to share my story? Would I trek around the country (and world) trying to change the possible outcome for other people, trying to make them realise that they need to check themselves and then using myself as an example of what could happen if symptoms were ignored? Would I put up with all the stress and pressures of having a registered charity? Of dealing with all the fundraising? Or trying to create new and fresh ideas to get more and more people checking? Would I be that selfless?

I guess the real answer to these questions is, I’m not sure I would.

Kris’s dislike of the word inspirational has led me to think about its meaning a little further and question whether it’s a word that’s become overused in today’s society. I think it’s a fair comment to say that someone’s picture of a big fat slab of cake might’ve inspired you to go and get yourself one, or the girl with the toned body has inspired you to grab your trainers and go for a run… I guess that could, perhaps, lead to the person behind the pictures being called inspirational – but it doesn’t quite carry the same weight that other inspirational folk might have over others.

Someone who puts the wealthfare of others so highly on her agenda, who wants to change the way we think about boobs and re-educate to save lives, and has found a way to, in her own words, ‘glitter the turd’ – I hope, if the brown stuff ever hits the fan for me one day, that I can be as selfless, strong and determined as my lovely friend.

Kris won a Woman of the Year award this week!

Now, I hope she’s inspired you to go check your melons.

Also this week…

…I’ve been filming more Take 5 segments for Lorraine in my quest for ‘me time’ – this week I’ve tried out flowering arranging at Judith Blacklock’s Flower School and pottery at Turning Earth Ceramics. I loved both but sucked at pottery, whereas (thanks to me being a bucket girl in a florist during my teenage years) I was actually quite good at working with flowers.

…we’ve been baking some sugar free goods. I’m a bit funny about Buzz eating refined sugar (I know I can’t stop him but when he’s older but I’d like to delay him joining me in my sugar addiction for as long as I can), but wanted to do a baking activity with our little man. Seeing as my family were heading over we decided to make them all flapjacks and digestive biscuits – they were delicious!IMG_3267


…while the family were over we checked out Matt Edmondson’s new board game Obama Llama. It’s a hilarious celebrity rhyming game, and I highly recommend it.


…me and Tom celebrated our 12year anniversary. It’s crazy to think we’ve been together that long and in each other’s lives now for 17years. Some might say we should just celebrate our wedding anniversary now that we’re married, but I think it’s nice to mark both and remember how far we’ve come over the years. Plus, it means there are now two occasions in the year that we get to go on a nice date – and couple time is extremely important.


Big love,


My First Experience of Presenting Live TV

When the producers of Lorraine first got in touch to ask if I’d do some roving reporting for them I was delighted. Having had no proper presenting experience other than chatting to my camera in my office for YouTube, I felt flattered that they thought I was up to the task. Obviously my first (and ongoing) campaign is the Take 5 segment, with me finding out all the crazy and lovely things people up and down the country do in their quest for me time… It’s such a fun piece to film as I usually have no idea what we’re really going to be greeted with when we get to places (it’s part of the fun). Last week I talked about how I’ve also been asked to front their Breast Mates campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness month – something I’m really thrilled to be a part of. Well, with this came a whole new challenge with me leading a two and a half minute LIVE section of broadcasting… Needless to say – I was quite worried my inner Bridget Jones was going to come out and that I’d find myself up a fireman’s pole with my butt on show… Luckily this never happened, although I can’t tell you how nervous I was beforehand when I was stood there with my in-ear piece in, listening to the director back in London telling me I had a minute until the start of our segment… A few deep breaths later and off we went. Before we knew it I was saying ‘back to Lorraine in the studio’ and I was able to breathe again… Thrilling, terrifying and one of the craziest things I’ve ever done – I can’t wait to do it again… If the team at Lorraine let me! IMG_2987

IMG_3022Also this week… – I was back in the Lorraine studio talking to Lorraine and Laura Plane who found out she had breast cancer at just twenty-nine years old. Laura’s story really highlights just how important checking our bodies is – I’ve no doubt her interview would’ve prompted a lot of people to have a look and a feel. IMG_2986 IMG_2977 – We’ve been to see a few of our friends and meet their new babies we’ve failed to meet over the last few months. It was a real pleasure to meet Phoebe, Honey and Freddie and it gave us a little insight as to what Buzz might be like with a baby around… He just kept saying ‘baby’ and looking at them, but was more interested in their toys. I think he’s going to be in for a shock with we bring his brother or sister home next year! – I took part in a coffee morning for the Guildford Book Festival with Adele Parks and Jenny Colgan. It was the first time I’d done something like this – and the cake really helped to calm my nerves. Adele and Jenny are lovely ladies anyway, but thankfully so we’re the ladies in attendance. Always nice to talk books with great folk! IMG_3080 – We took a family day trip to Windsor and walked through the Great Park while sampling some rather delicious fudge… it was slightly drizzling, so not the best weather – but at least that meant it was nice and quiet for us! IMG_3017IMG_3095IMG_3097 Other that all that I’ve been cracking on with my fourth novel which will be published next year… Very busy but I can’t complain! Big love,


Gi. Xx

It’s Time To Talk Boobs…

You all know that I’m a huge supporter of CoppaFeel! and the amazing work they do in ensuring women and men of all ages regularly check their boobs and bodies for any changes, and then encouraging them to go to their doctors with any concerns. Well, alongside Kris Hallenga (the founder of CoppaFeel!), I have joined the team at Lorraine in a campaign they’re running during Breast Cancer Awareness Month called Breast Mates.


Essentially we’re trying our best to get friends talking about their baps and reminding each other to have a look, as well as a feel. Before meeting Kris I had no idea of any of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, beside the obvious lump that we’ve all heard about. It’s been really educational for me and I’ve loved getting clued up and spreading the message for people to look out for dimpling of the breast, nipple discharge, any pains, rashes, crusting of the nipple area…there’s so much more to it than I initially had thought. Obviously some of those symptoms might be perceived as a little embarrassing, so it’s no wonder a few people avoid them for a while before getting them checked – but early detection is key to survival with breast cancer so if you are at all concerned go to your doctor straight away.


With the team at Lorraine I’ve been meeting several pairs of besties over the last couple of weeks who’ve, unfortunately, had to go through the realities of breast cancer. They’re normal women who’ve been hit by something utterly crap – however the way they can all talk about it with such composure is so admirable, but I guess they know and hope sharing their stories will help others. I really hope that the idea of it happening to women of all ages really resonates with viewers and gets them talking and checking. Here’s hoping!

Also this week…

…As part of Take 5 for Lorraine, I’ve been baking with mothers and babies (you’ll be able to see that on tomorrow’s show) and shaking my booty in a Beyoncé dance class. I laughed my head off in my crazy wig and dance get up. I can guarantee it’ll be a laugh to watch next Tuesday!



… My novella DREAM A LITTLE CHRISTMAS DREAM is out now! It’s available on all ebook devices, in physical format exclusively from Waterstones and has been put into an audiobook bundle along with CHRISTMAS WITH BILLY AND ME – with both novellas read by me. I’ve loved getting messages from everyone who’s read it – it really warms my heart!

Now, go check your boobs!

Big love,

Gi. Xx

A week in Sardinia for my sister’s wedding…

This week was simply amazing! Me, Tom and Buzz travelled with both our families over to Sardinia to watch my sister Giorgina marry Lee (aka Chickpea). Needless to say we were all extremely excited when we gathered at Stansted airport early one morning and saw Giorgie clutching on to her wedding dress bag – she’d booked it a seat on the flight going over there as there was no way she was going to risk losing her gorgeous gown at the last minute… Quite clever really!



All of the guests stayed at the wedding venue – a beautiful place near Algerho called Hotel Dei Pini (complete with its own little private cove on the island) and enjoyed a few days of relaxation and unwinding before the big day arrived. Unfortunately those first three days were a little on the stormy side, but at least it meant we all got to socialise and mingle – and that I didn’t have to worry about any disastrous tan lines forming before getting into my fabulous grey Twobirds bridesmaid’s dress.

None of us were too bothered about the weather. The important thing for us all was that the sun shone for Giorgie and Lee on their special day – and that it certainly did!



My sister has always been the prettier older sister, but on her wedding day she looked exquisite in her stunning gown from Mirror Mirror by designer Nurit Hen. Her bridesmaid and bestie Siobhan Montague did her hair and make up for the day and I can hand-on-heart say that she’s never looked more breathtaking. Her laced gown glistened in the sunshine like something from an epic romantic movie… I couldn’t have been prouder.

The ceremony (always the most important part of the day for me) was extremely moving. Tom played the ukulele as Giorgie walked up the aisle, then there were poems read by Lee’s nieces Phoebe and Lucy and also Jenny – their mutual friend who unknowingly caused the two to meet several years ago. Giorgie and Lee also wrote their own, more personal, vows, which I loved hearing each of them say out loud as they declared their love for each other in front of all of their closest family and friends.


The speeches (another favourite part of any wedding day for me) from my dad, best man Ryan and Chickpea were also emotional and humorous in equal measure. Giorgie and Lee actually met years and years ago – they got on but were so hungover on their first date the following day that nothing progressed. They re-met years later (without Giorgie realising they’d met before) and quickly became inseparable. In Lee’s speech he said ‘Giorgie, since the second time I met you, my life was changed forever…’ Something that made us all howl with laughter.

In true Italian style, at the meal, food just kept coming out – with more than five courses being served. It was delicious – and Buzz was in his element with his huge bowl of pasta which he proceeded to get all down his nice white shirt (one to be framed).

The new couple went for something a little different for their wedding band and chose to have a salsa band… They were amazing and had everyone up on the dance floor, young and old. I think my dad must’ve danced with every female in the room, and even spun a few men around while he was at it. He loves a dance…

Tom picked up his ukulele once again for the first dance and played Love is Easy. After cries for more he played All About You, to which the salsa band joined in while the guests sang along – an unplanned and moving moment!

I can remember a few years ago Giorgie was feeling a little hopeless in love and wondering if her Mr Right was ever going to arrive… Well, it’s fair to say her patience has paid off. Lee has been a member of our family since she first introduced him to us three years ago. He’s funny, loyal and loving – I couldn’t have wished for a better brother in law, or for a nicer guy to watch my sister grow old with. He might have his hands full with a Falcone girl (we have fiery Italian sides) but he’s also married a woman who’s a bundle of fun with a heart of gold – they’ll never be a dull moment in her company. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Cawley!




With the wedding day complete it was back into holiday mode with lots of fun in the sun (it stuck around) and plenty of yummy food. I felt pretty bummed about leaving the hotel when we left – especially as the staff had all been so welcoming to us – but we’ve promised to go back. Perhaps it’ll be the start of a new family tradition each year… Fingers crossed.

Big love,

Gi. Xx

Recording my Christmas audiobooks

This week I recorded the audiobooks for my two Christmas novellas CHRISTMAS WITH BILLY AND ME and DREAM A LITTLE CHRISTMAS DREAM. I was pretty nervous before heading into the recording booth as I’m not the most confident at reading out loud – even if it is just my own words. I usually have to really familiarise myself with the text or (even better for me) learn it – although that was obviously pretty impossible when working with so many words… I’m thrilled to report that my nerves eventually left me (after me having a big old case of the sweats) and I really got into telling the stories that I’d poured so much love and time into…


I’ve never listened to a full audiobook before, just because I love the actual act of reading, but I think the experience of recording my own books might’ve sparked a new interest for me. The thing about them that I find so intriguing is that someone else sets the pace for you and dictates how long you take over each moment. I think it’s easy to skim read sections of books (for me, I always read descriptive passages quickly to get back to the drama between characters), but one thing Roy, the wonderful man guiding me through the two days, reminded me was that the words are on the page for a reason… I didn’t write them for people to skim over so they warrant a bit of time to breathe, enabling people to soak them up and enjoy them in the way I’d intended…

And emotional scenes?! Wow, wow, wow… When sitting down to create those chapters I can’t actually pen or re-read them without getting teary anyway, but being in that booth and speaking the whole thing out loud, as if I’m actually experiencing and sharing it with a friend… It was so powerful and moving.

The audiobooks are being packaged as a bundle called CHRISTMAS DREAMS and will be available on the 8th October – the same day the novella is available as either an ebook or in physical book form (exclusively through Waterstones). I’m feeling very festive now… Very excited for the man in red to arrive.

Me and Tom also headed into London this week for a baby scan – I wanted to get one before we went away, as it always relaxes me to see our little one kicking around. I’m just at the point now where I’m starting to feel a little movement – I know I’ll feel much calmer when I feel that more often. Happy to say everything is going well so far! Hurrah.


It’s been lovely to have the sun back with us again! We’ve enjoyed some great walks with Buzz, who’s been in his element whilst jumping in muddy puddles. He really dances his way around now – it’s so funny.



I’d love to say the rest of the week was equally as thrilling, but in truth I’ve been trying my best to spend time on my next novel. My deadline is slowly approaching and will be here before I know it – so it’s time to focus and get creating!

I’ve got a very busy few days coming up before heading to Sardinia so I’d better go finish my packing!!

Big love to you all!

Gi. Xx

Countdown to my sister’s wedding

It’s been a wonderful week! Once we got back from Center Parcs I headed straight into London with my sister Giorgina to collect her wedding dress. Yes, her wedding is now only two weeks away, meaning it was time to go try her dress on for the very last time before her big day… Aaaaah! I can’t wait for Lee and the wedding guests to see her in the stunning gown she’s chosen. It’s amazing.


We were quite giddy when we left the shop (wedding dress in hand) but it was then MY turn to get wedding ready. Giorgie has chosen the classic Twobirds design for us bridesmaids which, if you don’t know, are hugely versatile and can be won in a variety of ways – making life with bridesmaids of different figures a little easier. The dress is essentially one big skirt with two huge bits of fabric that can be arranged in dozens of ways to create the perfect dress for you. Me and one of Giorgie’s other bridesmaids Siobhan spent an hour with their team learning a few ways to tie them before trying the technique out on each other. I already have a couple of favourites, but I’m still undecided. I might have to change it up during the wedding day… Why not! One thing that did surprise me was the size of my bump in the dress… No hiding that now! It really seems to have grown this week…



Following a lot of dress excitement me and Tom went to the theatre for the press night of the Michael Grandage Company’s Photograph 51 starring Nicole Kidman… Well, it’s rare for this team to produce anything I dislike, and this was simply beautiful, I was deeply moved by the production. I love the theatre. Every time I go and watch something of this standard I miss being a part of it all. Hopefully one day I’ll be back up there, but for now (while I’m human-growing and writing my fourth novel) I’m happy to be in the audience being moved and inspired.


And the fun didn’t stop there! Me and Tom took my sister along with us to Friendsfest – an event Comedy Central have put on to celebrate the greatness that is Friends. It’s mind-boggling to think that it’s been off the air for 11 years, but I still enjoy watching the show all these years later… That’s the beauty of it! And that’s why Comedy Central went to the effort of recreating some of the iconic areas from the series, including Monica’s apartment, Central Perk and the boy’s apartment… We were in selfie heaven!!!


Sadly the end of the week didn’t quite go to plan and I ended up missing two events held by wonderful and inspiring ladies – Lan Nguyens Grealis held a spectacular show to celebrate the launch of her new book Art and Makeup, while Fleur de Force threw a party to celebrate her first ever make up collection. Needless to say both ladies have worked hard to see their dreams come into fruition. I’m gutted I wasn’t there to cheer them on, but wish them both the best of luck with their creations!


And Downton is back!!! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that it’s that time of year again – although I’m gutted it’s going to be the last in the series. I’m petrified to see who they’re going to kill off (let’s face it, it’s happening), but I also can’t wait to see how things end up for them all!!

Hope this week brings you lots of love and laughter!!

Love, Gi. Xx

My other exciting news to announce…

This week I’ve finally revealed the other news I’ve been keeping secret for that last month or so – and that is that I’ve joined the team at Lorraine. Throughout the autumn I’ll be on a hobby finding journey – discovering all the different ways that people ‘Take five’ in the UK. Having spoken to Doctor Hilary, I found out that having time away from our hectic lives and allowing ourselves to distress and unwind – or even just regaining some ‘me time’ can have huge benefits on our health…


Having heard that I now feel very strongly about finding an array of activities to inspire others to head out of their comfort zones and do something new. So far I’ve tried cat yoga, being in an A capella choir and explored the joy of shesheds… I can’t wait to see what else is out there for us. If you have a fun/unusual hobby please get in touch and tell us more. Tweet @itvlorraine using the hashtag #take5 or email Leave your name and number and maybe I’ll be joining you over the next couple of months for a giggle!


Also this week, we headed on a family trip to Center parcs for my dad’s 60th. We didn’t really know what to get him for his birthday and decided that time with us (his wonderful children) was possibly the best thing we could offer… Like striking gold, really.



We headed off to our gorgeous little villa in Elveden and had a long weekend of stuffing our faces with food, going on lovely family walks and playing A LOT of pool. I was blooming BRILLIANT at pool on the first night – suddenly remember the hours I spent playing the game when I was in sixth form. However, my talent somehow dwindled over the weekend and I bizarrely got worse and worse as the weekend went by… Ah well! The fact that I saw two deers jumping by our kitchen window certainly made up for it! What a wonderful weekend!!


Big love,


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