Final preparations!

As you may well know already, I had a fantastic hypnobirthing experience when I gave birth to Buzz. While I know no two labours are the same, I’m eager to be filled with the same positivity and calmness this time round. So Hollie De Cruz from London Hypnobirthing came over this weekend for a little top up session. It was so gorgeous. Me and Tom both fell asleep on the sofa – that’s how relaxed we were.

The hospital bag is finally packed and ready to go. I know lots of people worry about what to take and what to leave behind, but I think the whole thing is very personal to the individual. I know I seriously over-packed last time – it’s near impossible to leave anything behind when you think it might be the tiniest bit useful during the life-changing event of bringing new life into the world!


This time, however, I’ve been a bit more restrained. With that in mind, I made a little video over on YouTube sharing the details of what’s in my special bag and have decided to reveal a list of those items on here too in the hope that it might inspire or make someone else’s packing a bit easier! Important to note that I don’t think this list will be right for everyone. Also, the only things we need to take for the baby is their going home outfit as the hospital we’re going to provide everything else during our stay – so if you do use this list don’t forget your nappies and other baby essentials!

A list of my list:

In my vanity case (to be used throughout my hospital stay):


Ogx Brazilian Keratin shampoo and conditioner, Dove Purely Pampering nourishing body wash, Dove deodorant, Salt of the earth stick, Batiste dry shampoo, Caudalié beauty elixir spray, Champneys Blissful Bump body oil and moisturizer, disposable razor (in case I feel the need to be silky smooth at any point), Burt’s Bees squeezable beeswax lip balm, two Oral-B pulsar toothbrushes, Colgate toothpaste, Tangle teezer hairbrush, head band, hair bands (multiple in case they snap – they always do when it’s important), Nelsons’ Arnica tablets, Lansinoh nipple cream.


2 x Naked bars, Nairns cheese oatcakes, Dr Karg’s crackers, Kinder Choco-bons, Jelly Babies, Lindt Hazelnut dark chocolate, 4 x Bounce balls, Dextro energy tablets.

For Labour:

Baggy t-shirt, Moontide bikini (basically so old it’s now vintage), hospital notes, hypnobirthing book by Katharine Graves (I’ll read parts of it when I’m not listening to Hollie De Cruz’s hypnobirthing MP3s), havaianas flip flops, tens machine, mini fan, essential oils.

Once the baby is born:

2 x Mamalicious PJs (both good for breastfeeding), Jack Wills dressing gown, Medela nipple shields (they worked wonders last time), Boots maternity pads, Lansinoh breast pads, 5 x Jojo Maman Bébé knickers (no one should be made to wear disposable knickers), Jojo Maman Bébé nursing bra, Bravado maternity bra, socks.


Going home:

Topshop shirt dress (nice and baggy), Isabelle Oliver maternity leggings, chunky cardigan, boots, socks, two outfits for baby – two sleepsuits, two vests, two hats, one knitted cardigan, snowsuit, Bugaboo wool blanket, Maxi-Cosi car seat, 2 swaddles (one from Aden and Anais, the other from Buttermilk), 3 muslins (from Marks and Spencer), a bit of olive oil (put a tiny bit on your baby’s bottom once they’re born and it’ll make the first nappy change soooo much easier).

Yet to pack:

Make up bag, laptop and charger, phone chargers, camera and chargers…

And this is all packed in a lovely bag from Tiba + Marl.

I think that’s everything I’ll need, although I know the longer I remain pregnant the more I’ll be packing in. Haaaaaa…

Also this week:

…I went along to support CoppaFeel!’s bobbball event at the Copper Box Arena. Tom and my brother Mario were both playing at the event, but I obvious had to sit out and watch. I loved it. I’ve never seen a game played before and had no idea on the rules beforehand, but the disco theme that accompanied it caused a grin to be plastered on my face throughout. It was so funny. I hope the ladies at CoppaFeel! repeat the event next year, as I’d love to play!

IMG_5393 IMG_5372

…We finally met baby Lola, who is a little beauty. It was so lovely to see Harry and Izzy in their wonderful little newborn bubble. With Buzz around, I don’t think our house will have quite the same relaxed atmosphere when Sprout arrives!

Sending you all lots of love,

Gi. Xx

Celebrating my birthday and getting ready for baby No. 2!

This week I was proud to support Young Carer’s Awareness Day along with many others (it was mentioned on every daytime TV show on Thursday). I was shocked when I saw some of the statistics surrounding the topic. For instance, there are approximately 700,000 young people in the UK who are caring for family members. Some of them are as young as five or six, and a large proportion of them dedicate around 50hours of care a week…


They could be looking after a family member or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or addiction problems. It’s difficult to fathom the range of challenges that these young people might have to deal with on a daily basis.

But that’s not all. Research by Carers Trust suggests that two thirds of these young carers are bullied at school, that 48% are stressed, and that, on average, they miss 48 days of school a year due to their roles at home. That’s almost 10 weeks spent away from their education. Shocking, right?

When I think back to my childhood I see that I had a carefree upbringing. Yes, I dealt with horrible bullying from a handful of spiteful girls, but on the whole I know my upbringing was filled with love and laughter. It saddens me to know that so many young people in the UK aren’t able to just enjoy themselves due to responsibilities well beyond their years.

Carers Trust are hoping to provide these young heroes with the support and guidance they need to ensure that they are able to thrive and enjoy their childhoods, just like their peers. So, if you know of or are a young carer, then people visit for more information on how they can help.


Also this week…

…The Judds welcomed baby Lola! Yes, a huge congratulations to my wonderful friends Izzy and Harry on the safe arrival of their little girl. We’ve yet to meet the little darling as our house has been full of colds, but that’ll change this week. I can’t wait for a cuddle.

…We had another baby scan. Seeing as Tom was ill for the last one and couldn’t come, we decided to go back and have one last look before meeting our approaching arrival. The weight is now approximately 6.5 and the head is extremely low. Perhaps this one will arrive before its due date like Buzz did, we’ll just have to wait and see! On that note, the hospital bag has finally been packed! Yes, that’s right. My essentials are no longer in a pile waiting to be sorted. We are now ready for that all important trip.


…I turned 31! I honestly feel like my 30th was only yesterday. Crazy to think a whole year has past since then. This year celebrations were nice and chilled. Well, I am 36 weeks pregnant. On the actual day Tom cooked us all waffles before I treated myself to some reflexology. Then Tom took me and Buzz for some afternoon tea at Sopwell House. We don’t usually give Buzz that much cake, it’s something he just has on special occasions. However, he was loving the scones! Can’t say I blame him. They were delicious. The day was finished with an Indian takeaway while watching New Girl. Pretty perfect. We also went out this weekend with both of our families for a Sunday roast… Ha – just noticed that the majority of my birthday involved eating… Well, there are worse ways to spend it!

untitled4 untitled1

Big love to you all,

Love an older-but-not-necessarily-wiser-Gi


Handing My Book In, Date Night and Some Baby Shopping…

This week has been another busy one which ended with me deliriously sending over the latest edit of my fourth novel to my editors and agent. Hurrah! I can’t tell you how happy I was to finish and then read the whole thing back. The best bit is that I enjoyed what I read – so that’s good. It’s not finished yet though. I’m sure I’ll have some more notes to work, then the copy edit and page proofs. But getting this edit in is a huge step towards completing it, which I’m thrilled to have done this side of the baby arriving. Fingers crossed my team enjoy what I’ve created, but before I find out I have to endure the anxious wait that comes before feedback as I wait for them to read, discuss and get in touch… It’s an extremely nerve-wracking time. I can often feel like I’m back at school waiting to get grades back from an essay or something. It’s fun though. I’m glad the story is out there in its entirety for other people to read and ponder over. Writing can be lonely (except for the friends you’ve created and written into your story) so it’s nice to have some dialogue with real people once they know exactly where you’ve taken the story.
I have to lock myself away quite a bit when writing, so it’s been fantastic to be with my boys since sending the edit in. We haven’t done anything too exciting as the weather has been shocking – but we’ve been out and about a few times…
On Tuesday night Tom and I were lucky enough to be invited along to the press night of Cirque Du Soleil’s AmaLuna at The Royal Albert Hall. Tom takes me to see their latest production every year around this time for my birthday (the 29th), so we’re already huge fans. I love the way the storytelling is performed in such an abstract and visual way. It’s always open to interpretation from the viewer – it’s more like art in that way. Amaluna is about a girl coming of age. It was truly breathtaking to see a story like that told through a set of unbelievable circus skills… What a cast!
We’ve also been to Mothercare and had a little shop for Sprout. Funnily enough I found a list of all the things we needed to get for Buzz, but this time round we have most of it anyway, so it was more a case of topping up on neutral clothing and getting some fresh sheets and bottles. Actually, Buzz did alright out of the trip as he’s updated his wardrobe too!
My family came over for a roast and a walk. Yes, the simple things are the best. I feel really lucky to be able to have my family over and just chill out all together. I know life makes everyone busy, but it’s really important to us that we unite regularly – plus, I want them to build great bonds with Buzz. As much as technology is wonderful, nothing beats actual interaction!
Enjoy your week!
Big love,
Gi. Xx

Some pre-birth pampering!

Yes, with the arrival of baby number two fast approaching, this week I managed to squeeze in a bit of last minute pampering to help me feel nice and relaxed in the lead up!


First up was a trip to Daniel Galvin in Kensington where James Galvin sorted out my barnet. To start with I had the Kérastase Fusio Dose treatment – two treatments mixed into one, which they’re able to tailor to the needs of your hair. I’d said I wanted to inject a bit of volume but also take out the frizz… The treatment was quick and simple and lasts for up to five washes, so I should feel the benefits for a couple of weeks. Then it was time for James to give my hair a good old cut, which it really needed! I always think my hair is fine until I go into a hairdresser’s, then I see what a state it’s actually in. But James really sorted me out by cutting a few inches off. It looks great. Funny to see how much hair I lost with Buzz as its all growing back now and is only about four or five inches long. I thought I’d only lost it from the front of my hairline, but those baby hairs are growing everywhere. Obviously baby number two will arrive very soon and it’ll all start falling out again – Not that I’m complaining! For now, though, I have fabulous hair! Hurrah!


Secondly, for Christmas Tom treated me to Champneys Blissful Bump trilogy of treatments which consists of a massage, facial and pedicure. I fell asleep during the facial and almost dribbled all over my therapist (she was lovely and has an eleven week old baby at home). I was soooo relaxed and felt reenergised when I left. It’s another little pre-birth pamper I’d highly recommend others treat themselves to if possible.


Besides my having some ‘me time’ this week I’ve also been extremely productive. I’ve washed all of the neutral baby clothes we still have from Buzz when he was a newborn (I’ve allowed myself to let go of the stained items that are too grubby to reuse) and we’ve finally brought down the Snuzpod so that it’s back in our room. We still haven’t packed the hospital bag yet, but I’ve started putting toiletries, PJs and other essential into a pile – so I’m almost there. Hopefully I’ll have it done by next week’s blog!


I’ve also made huge progress with book four this week so I’m hoping I’ll be sending it off by the end of the week. I’ve just got to work on the ending and read it all through to make sure it works… Fingers crossed it does!

In fact, I’m off to write some more right now!

Big love,

Gi. Xx

Back to work… and another baby scan!

This week has mostly been spent at my desk writing, which I’ve absolutely loved after having almost two weeks off. I felt so energized on Monday morning when I opened up the word document containing book four and started taping away at the keys… I think having some time away has done me and my creativity some good. I know I can sometimes just want to keep my head down and plough through regardless, but breathers can be just as beneficial as they allow you some clarity on what you’ve already worked on. Plus, you never really step away from a piece of unfinished work, but that little bit of space can really help piece moments together. Sometimes not having to think about something is the best way of thinking about it… it’s amazing how the mind works sometimes.



The Fletcher bugs have continued this week (I’m getting extremely bored of them now) with Tom having a really bad cold and sore throat. My croaky husband was so bad in fact that he ended up missing out on our 32week growth scan at the hospital. He was gutted but we didn’t think it was fair him coming along with me to a place where there’d be other pregnant woman and little babies, so we thought it best his germs were confined to the house instead.

All was great with the scan. Sprout wouldn’t stop wriggling around which made it quite difficult for the man trying to do all the measurements – but he estimated that our impending arrival now weighs approximately five pounds! Buzz was only six three when he was born, but he was two and a half weeks early (he just couldn’t wait to arrive). Great to see Sprout is at a healthy weight already with his/her head really low – which is why I now need the loo constantly and am seriously waddling around.

Our families have just started giving their baby predictions on the sex, weight and arrival date – they all take the guessing game very seriously! I’ve said boy, 6.5 and the 9th Feb… but what do I know! The baby will decide when they’re ready and I’m really not fussed whether they’re a boy or girl. All I care is that they’re happy and healthy.


Also this week…

…We’ve had new wardrobes built and painted! This might seem a tad trivial but it’s got me so excited as I’ll finally be able to start getting organised now there’s more space to put things. We’ve begun thinking about when to move Buzz into his new room too, but there’s no rush for that. The baby will be in with us for ages anyway. Plus, we don’t want too many changes to occur over a short period of time as I think it could make Buzz a little confused and fretful. So it’s much better that it’s spaced out so that we all have time to adjust.

…I had a moment of feeling like orphan Annie when I came across half a ‘best friend’ necklace and had no idea who had the other half. Yes, sadly I was missing my ‘Be Frie’. I think I’ve cracked the case now as there were only really a few possibilities, but the sight of it made me think back to my school days and the significance of these flimsy pieces of Argos jewellery used to carry. Years of being bullied in junior school left me with a longing to be accepted. Sharing one of these necklaces symbolized that I had been. On that note, I picked up a new best friend at every school I went to, and I’m so thankful for each of those girls for helping shape me into the person I am today. Cheesy, but true!


…Our car got broken into! Yes, sadly we went out to find the driver’s door, boot, glove box and sunglasses hatch all open… There was no sign of a forced entry so they’ve obviously used some clever device to get in. Anyway, they were probably quite disgruntled when they started routing around in there and only found empty water bottles and Buzz’s wellies. We don’t normally keep anything in there – although they did manage to find Tom’s prescription sunglasses. Still, it could’ve been far worse and I’m just thankful none of us were put in any danger.


Anyway, bit of a crummy start to the year for us and I can now feel myself getting Tom’s cold (watch out for another illness update next week), but I hope yours has been a tad more successful!

Big love,

Gi. Xx

Giovanna Fletcher

Our Christmas and New Year…

I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to having some time off at home and chilling out as a family over the festive period. Well, two tummy bugs, some major teething and a whole load of sleepless nights have left me shattered. It wasn’t quite the relaxed, fun-filled time I’d been hoping for, but there were some lovely moments in there too…


My family came and stayed on Christmas Eve, where we had a lovely Indian takeaway and the men all had copious amounts of Grappa to follow while the rest of us had plenty of chocolate. My sister Giorgie and her husband Lee flew off on their honeymoon first thing on Christmas Day, so it was really great to have time all together before that.

On Christmas Day we were all up by seven o’clock (the joy of having a toddler in the house) and watching Buzz unwrap his Christmas presents. Let’s be honest, he was excited by the first couple and then lost interest. Although, seeing as we’ve had lots of sick days at home since then he’s been loving having his new toys to play with. His favourite is definitely his new guitar (which is the same size as his ukulele but has six strings). It’s continuously out of tune but he loves it and it wasn’t expensive.


Once Tom’s family and Nan and Granddad arrived, he was in charge of cooking us all dinner. As per usual, he did an amazing job. No one was left wanting more – in fact, we all had to roll ourselves into the livingroom afterwards thanks to eating too much. Ha!


The highlight of the holidays was a family trip to the Peacock Theatre in London to watch The Snowman. Buzz has been watching the film nonstop over the last month so we couldn’t wait to see his reaction to the story coming to life on stage. Well, he sat in complete silence for almost two hours (other than to say ‘Snowman’ when the character magically starts moving) and cried when it was over because he wanted more. Bless him. It’s was a very successful first theatre trip!

So onto New Year’s Eve… Well, we stayed in and battled watching a film while looking after a teething toddler. Haha. It definitely wasn’t the most glamourous way we’ve spent the occasion, but neither of us were up for doing anything adventurous anyway and were quite surprised that we managed to stay up until midnight. The important thing was us being together and thinking about what the year ahead has in store for us while reflecting on the year we’ve just had.

Last year was an extremely busy, fun and varied one for me. I had another novel and Christmas novella published, joined the team at Lorraine, continued to vlog and blog, changed management AND been growing baby number two… it’s certainly not been boring.


And the madness is set to continue in 2016 with plenty of new projects ahead and the very special arrival of Player 2. I can’t believe we’ll have another child so soon. It’s definitely time for me to pack my hospital bag and get organising… Maybe once the edit of my next novel has been handed in within the next few weeks. Waaaah!

So before the chaos of the year kicks off, Tom took me off for a date day. We’ve been talking about stealing Matt Edmondson and his wife’s idea of Alphabet dating for a while, but Tom surprised me with date A. We had Afternoon Tea at Sopwell House, then went to the cinema to watch The Force A-wakens (slight cheat) and then for Argentinian steak. It was absolutely perfect and we’ve promised to go on one Alphabet date a month. I’ve got to organise B for the start of February. Any ideas are welcome.


Right, I’d better go write!

Happy New Year to you all – I hope 2016 brings with it plenty of love, laughter and a whole heap of happiness.

Big Love,

Gi. Xx

A Testing Week…

You might recall that last week I said Buzz had been poorly… Well, that didn’t stop there. His fever continued for a few days before his temperature suddenly dropped to below normal, he turned cold and clammy and a red rash appeared on his tummy and back. Yes, every parents worst nightmare – a rash!!! We called our local doctors and they saw him quite quickly. Even though they were sure it was nothing to worry about and all part of his viral infection, they were worried about some of his symptoms so sent us off to hospital so he could be checked over. So a few hours were spent in paediatric A&E were Buzz seemed to suddenly bounce back into full swing – jumping around like Tigga, singing and even asking for snacks even though he hadn’t eaten properly for days… It was a good sign that nothing serious was up with him, although I’m glad we were sent to the hospital to double check. I’d have been so worried about his rash otherwise – even though it was thankfully blanching at the touch.


Despite the fact he was miles better than he had been, we decided to change our plans so that he could spend a bit more time at home with us – something I think we were all glad of as being ill had made him quite clingy with me. That meant we sadly had to cancel our first proper midwife appointment and that I missed the Star Wars premiere… Not that I minded. Mummy duties called!


Needless to say the first half of the week was exceptionally difficult (especially as Buzz wasn’t sleeping properly and waking up every hour at night), but it’s calmed down a lot since. I’ve even managed to get some writing done and have wrap a few Christmas presents. Hurrah!


Also this week…

– We had a festive family day at my brother’s new house. He had bowls of crisps and chocolate out for us when we arrived and looked a natural in the kitchen as he played host. It’s so funny seeing Mario being all domesticated, but he clearly loves it and is understandably house-proud. I can’t wait for many more happy memories to be made there.


– We celebrated Harry Judd turning 30. It doesn’t actually happen until the 23rd, but a big bunch of us got together for a lovely meal at High Road House in Chiswick. Seeing as the McFly boys haven’t been touring lately it was lovely to see all the gang and have a proper catch up this side of Christmas! It was also lovely to bump bumps with Izzy, whose due date is only weeks before my own. Exciting times ahead!


– I didn’t manage to get around to buying, writing or sending out any Christmas cards this year. Oops! Instead, I decided to donate the money we would’ve spent on cards and postage to Great Ormond Street while thinking of all of my family and friends and wishing them a merry Christmas! It certainly helped to make me feel less guilty.


Christmas Day is incredibly close now, so I’d love to wish you all a joyously festive time with those who put a smile on your face.

Big love,

Giovanna. Xx

Hypnobirthing Refresher, My Book Event and a Very Special Baby Shower!

I’ve been very vocal on the amazing birth I experienced with Buzz thanks to London Hypnobirthing and Hollie de Cruz’s wonderful teaching. Well, this week it was time to revisit the whole thing and get back into my calm zone. To be honest, it was lovely to look back at the joys of last time and to focus on what we’re about to go through. I know each birth story is different but my plan is to face whatever comes with a whole heap of calmness… and the latest Michael McIntyre stand up DVD. Hahahahahaaaaa…


On Tuesday, to celebrate the publication of Dream a Little Christmas Dream, I held an author event in Waterstones Piccadilly. One hundred and fifty readers came along to listen to the Q&A hosted by Anna James from The Bookseller before I happily signed lots and lots of books…

I had such a fab evening. Writing can be a very lonely experience, so it was blooming brilliant to get out of the office and meet the people who buy my work – just so I could quiz them on what they made of it all. If I’m honest I probably got a bit too giddy, but it was such a lovely atmosphere with plenty of laughter shared – so I think we were all a little giddy. Ha!


On the topic of that lovely little festive novella – Tom finished reading it this week and his reaction was priceless. Being the caring wife I am, I obviously filmed him and stuck it up on Instagram (It was too funny not to). As a result the ebook then became number 1 on the iBooks chart and has remained there all weekend. How amazing is that?! So I guess I should thank Tom for being such a sensitive guy.

If you fancy getting yourself into the Christmas spirit with my little novella you can download it on all eReaders BUT the physical copy is exclusive to Waterstones. ENJOY…


Later on in the week it was time for a very special baby shower. Yes, it was time for Izzy Judd to be made a fuss of before Baby Judd arrives early next year. Izzy and Harry have publicly shared their emotional journey into parenthood, so needless to say I couldn’t wait to see Izzy surrounded by baby goodies while we all predicted the baby’s sex, weight and birth day… I won’t share what I’ve written down just yet – but will let you know if I’m right on any of them once Baby Judd is here!


Also this week…

…Buzz has had a viral infection. Sad times. He’s had a high temperature, some sleepless nights and been off his food. In fact, we knew he was ill when we did the pasta test. We took him to Zizzi for his favourite meal and he barely touched it – usually it’s gone in minutes. Poor love. I’m sure he’ll be back to being his smiley self in no time!


I hope you’re all enjoying the lead up to Christmas. I’m REALLY looking forward to having some time off with Tom, Buzz and bump!

Big love,
Gi. Xx

Baby scan, knitting, panto and a festive party!

This week Tom and I ventured into London for a baby scan. I’m over twenty-eight weeks now and we have recently met our midwife team, but wanted to go see our doctor to get another look at our bundle. Well, our Sprout has grown loads since we last saw him/her on that little black and white screen – and now weighs approximately two pounds two! Bonkers.

I’m certainly feeling a lot heavier at this stage and can’t quite bend over or get up and down from a seated position with as much ease as I could before (and not without a vocal sound escaping my lips). I’ve decided it’s definitely time to take things a little slower and start relaxing more. Plus, I’ve learnt that I can’t rush around like I normally do, because it almost always leads to me injuring myself!! Ha!


Crazy to think the newest member of our family will be here in just a couple of months and that our family trio will become a quartet. I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet as I’ve been so busy with work, but now that certain bits are starting to wind down I’m looking forward to getting organised. It’s time to get the crib down from the loft and wash all of Buzz’s neutral newborn clothes. Waaaah… Exciting times ahead.

Talking of Buzz, he’s certainly had a speech breakthrough this week. He’s suddenly started saying so much more. He literally woke up from a nap one day with four new words he could say. The sweetest word he says at the moment is ‘elbow’. He really pronounces the ‘o’ sound. It’s adorable.

Also this week…

…I went to knitting club and then tried my luck at Panto for Lorraine and Take 5. First up I joined the ladies (and men) at Love Knitting. I’ve only ever been able to knit scarves before and can only do a simple knit stitch (I’m not a knit one, pearl one type of girl – nor can I swap colours), but this group were so impressive with their skills and make it look really relaxing and easy. I’m certainly going to be getting my knitting needles out over the festive period… scarf anyone?



…Next up we joined the cast of Questor’s Theatre in Ealing who were rehearsing for their production of Dick Whittington and His Cat. Well, it’s hard not to fall in love with Panto! I even got into various costumes and learnt a quick dance routine with the company. I had so much fun and it took me back to my amateur dramatic days with the Young Expressions in Ingatestone. Ah, those were the days…



…The week was rounded off with a little Christmas party at our house with some family and friends. Each year we get to Christmas Eve and wish we’d have organized a festive gathering of some description. Well this year we did it! Sadly I completely forgot to take loads of photos – but I did get a snap of Emma Willis’s delicious crumble before it was scoffed by everyone, and a picture of me and my cat Leia lounging on the sofa once everyone had gone. I was knackered!



Next week we dive back into the world of hypnobirthing… I can’t wait to be reunited with my dear friend Hollie!

Have a jolly week!

Big love,
Gi. Xx

A night away for work and a book signing!

The lead up to Christmas is scheduled to be fairly manic with writing my fourth novel, promoting DREAM A LITTLE CHRISTMAS DREAM and filming for Lorraine. Oh wait, did I mention vlogging, blogging, being a wife, mother to a toddler and getting ready for our next bambino to arrive? Yeah, there’s lots going on and this week really highlighted that.

Last Monday with Lorraine we went up north to Liverpool for some girlie fun, meeting girls who consider getting ready for a night out as part of their ‘me time’. Therefore, to get into the mood and understand their love of the blow dry, I was given a Liverpool makeover. I’ll be honest, I’ve had harder afternoons shooting. I thoroughly enjoyed having a good old pamper and getting glammed up by the lovely team from So Coco Rouge.


Next up we drove to Lancaster for a spot of cheerleading with the Infinity Cheer Mum Squad, which was basically a bunch of mums throwing each other in the air… Blooming terrifying. I was highly impressed with how courageous they are were.


After this we drove to a hotel in Birmingham so that we wouldn’t have to drive across the country the following day… This was only the second night I’ve been away from home without Tom and Buzz since he came into our lives. It felt weird climbing into bed without checking on the little one – and even weirder not having him wake me up in the morning. Unsurprisingly I still woke up reasonably early.


Whilst in Birmingham we filmed at the German Christmas Market where we indulged in some fab sausage, crepes and a yummy hot chocolate. There’s so much to see and do there – it’s a proper evt. I highly recommend it. And if you’re not pregnant like me – go ice skating! It looked lots of fun.

The majority of the rest of the week was spent writing… Writing, writing, writing. With a deadline looming close by these days have become more productive than ever. Something I’ll be thankful for in a few weeks time!

On Saturday, however, I trekked up to Manchester for a book signing (in a gorgeous dress from Seraphine) and met lots of lovely readers! I love events like this. It’s wonderful to hear their thoughts on the books I’ve written and actually see their excitement over them.


The week ended with a Flight simulator experience at Virtual AeroSpace in Northampton – a Christmas present from my Dad and Debbie from last Christmas!

FullSizeRender-2Ah! It was amazing and such a funny afternoon. I managed to fly from Alghero to Caglairi with Mario as my co-pilot. It took so much concentration but I felt a huge sense of achievement after take off and landing. You can just call me Captain Gi from now on. Ha!



Other than all of this – our evenings have mostly been spent eating chocolate while watching New Girl and I’m a Celeb. I love, love, love watching everyone in the jungle. It never fails to make me smile after a long day!

In fact, I’m off to watch it now!

Big love,

Gi. Xx

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