Lovely Buzz and Mummy time

This week it was time for me to scurry away from my desk and attend some book events – both with a Q&A set up followed by signings. The first was held in the Covent Garden store on Tuesday night and hosted by the gorgeous Anna James, and the second up in Liverpool, hosted by the lovely Caroline Smailes. I’ll be honest, I can get nervous having just one on one chats sometimes, so the thought of having to make coherent sentences in front of so many people always scares me. What if my words decided not to come out? What if I made no sense? What if I came across as a total idiot?


Well, I’m happy to report that my words did come out, that I did make sense and that I wasn’t a total idiot… OK, I might’ve been a bit of an idiot, but I’m totally fine with that. I had so much fun doing the Q&As – it was wonderful to hear people laughing along and enjoying themselves. I’m heading to Waterstones in Bluewater this weekend (Saturday 4th July at midday) for another signing. There’ll be no Q&A this time, but I do love a good natter so will be chewing ears off while signing books. Please come and say hello if you’re in the area!


Also this week…

…I had afternoon tea at the Haymarket Hotel with my sister-in-law Carrie and the gorgeous Kris Hallenga from CoppaFeel! I wrote about the inspirational Kris a couple of months ago, now it was time for her to spread her message to Carrie. After lots of boob chat and endless cake, it’s fair to say we were all fired up to get spreading the word and making sure people get to know their bodies, regularly check for anything they consider to be abnormal, and seek medical attention if concerned. It’s an important message – one that needs to be heard and can ultimately save lives! Please go to to find out more.


…I have finished my marathon watching of Lena Dunham’s TV show Girls. Although I was sad to be late to the party, it’s been great to absorb the whole thing in one mammoth chunk. I have to admit that I’m also a little relieved that I can now continue with all the other pending tasks on my rather full plate, without the constant pull of seeing what my four NYC friends are up to.


…Buzz has mastered the art of multitasking and (as the photo shows) has learnt to mow the lawn and hoover at the same time… I feel like a very proud mum. Hahaha… Seriously though, I’ve had some lovely Buzz and mummy time this week. Just what I need before the acceleration of ‘mummy-work-mode’ that’s about to go into full-force over the next couple of months.


Right, I hope you all have a fabulous week. I have a week of writing ahead – as well as a trip to Wimbledon (I’m so excited) and my Bluewater signing. I’ll tell you all about it next week!

Dream A Little Dream Gets Published!

Writing a book can be a lonely experience. You spend months on end sat on your own at your desk (or sometimes in bed) living in your imagination, and doubting everything you type, until finally the pieces of the puzzle you’ve created seem to bash together and miraculously make magic (well, that’s the aim). Weeks, sometimes months, follow before that book hits the shops and you hear feedback from your readers… Well, that time came this week with DREAM A LITTLE DREAM finally hitting the shelves of all good bookshops and supermarkets.

I guess this time round it doesn’t feel like I’ve been away from the book for too long as it was only completed a couple of months ago, but it was certainly a book that demanded far more from me than the previous two. Writing as a mummy brought along different pressures, however, it also made working days far more productive. As a result of that I found myself so immersed in the team of characters from my imagination and the world they live in, that having that work now out there for the public to buy and read has been extremely emotional for me. Having readers tweet or email me with their reactions has been so overwhelming and heartwarming. Quite simply, it’s been a huge deal and I’ve been on the cusp of tears for the last few days.

But let’s break my publication day down…

– First off I was up ridiculously early to appear on Lorraine. I’ll admit I was quite nervous, but it was over before I knew it. Lorraine Kelly is always such a friendly lady. She always seems so chilled out and relaxed that it’s impossible for a little bit of that not to rub off on you. A few people have already asked about my lovely tea-dress with all the birds on it. Well, it was from Joy and I flipping love it too.


– Then there was a quick interview with Dusty from Sugarscape. They got me to play a really tricky game about celebs and dreams. It was really funny because my brain just wasn’t functioning clearly. I’m sure it’ll be on their website soon.

– After a quick juice stop, we then trotted into Magic FM for an interview for their book club. I was really excited about this one as I love listening to Magic on the radio. Nothing like those love ballads to sing along to when you’re driving on the motorway…


– Finally, Penguin threw a gorgeous party for me overlooking the Thames with lots of inspirational folk (my family, friends, favourite authors and wonderful people who have shown me support), while surrounded by gorgeously colourful flowers, yummy cupcakes, jars of personalised Nutella and towers of Ferraro Rochers. Basically all my favourite things in one room! How lucky am I? I was also wearing the most stunning dress ever! I found it online at and it’s from Eden Row… I’ve had so many comments about it. It’s super flattering and hid almost all of my lumps and bumps. Hurrah!


– An hour into my lovely party, my editor Maxine Hitchcock gave a little speech and said some amazing things about me (while I stood by her side all embarrassed) before saying a few words of my own… Well, I suddenly became so overwhelmed. I got a lump in my throat, tears sprang to my eyes – my voice even did that thing where it goes up a few octaves and squeaks… I think I was just hit with the realisation that life is flipping great, and that I am so unbelievably happy to be doing something I adore while receiving unconditional love from the people I love and admire. I felt a bit of a plonker for my emotional outburst, if I’m honest. I would totally have been mocked if I was at the Oscars. Ha! Thank goodness I had only lovely, kind, sweet people in attendance who totally understand me and my bonkers ways.


Also this week…

– I went for lunch with the brilliant Adele Parks. She’s superb and I can’t wait for more adventures with her in the future!!

– Me and Buzz went to a children’s fancy dress party. I went as The Snowman (again) and Buzz went as Woody (oh the irony).


– I bought Tom, me and Buzz the cutest shoes from Vans… they’re from their Disney collection and I simply couldn’t resist.


– It’s been Father’s Day! Buzz and I are extremely lucky to have three extraordinary men in our lives, dishing out their love, encouragement and wisdom: Tom, my dad and my father-in-law. We celebrated with a little meal all together in Essex. A lovely way to end the week.

Ooh, next Saturday I’m doing a signing in Waterstones Bluewater from midday. It’s not a ticketed event so if you live locally, come along and see me. I’d love to meet you!

Hope you all have fantastic weeks!

Big love,

Giovanna. Xx

Time to give my body some love

As you know, I’ve decided to stop watching my weight climb higher and get cracking on getting my body back into something I recognise as mine. Not that I’ve started hating on the wonderful body that grew a human and then nourished him for thirteen months afterwards. Not at all. I just think it’s time for a spring clean… Or a bit of redecorating. FYI, Body – if you’re reading this – I love you long time.


As I’m already away from Buzz for work I don’t like the idea of having to leave him to go to the gym – so I’ve been looking into other ways of giving my body some love. First up I started with Jason Vale’s juicing plan which made me feel great, energised and even more determined to work hard for the result I’m after. While doing this I did some online ballet classes with Sleek Technique as soon as Buzz went to sleep at night. I was then handed the T25 DVDs by my sister Giorgina. Last Monday I decided to give it a bash and consequently turned crimson while sweating like a big sweaty red thing… Needless to say the workout pushed me. And so all through the week I’ve taken twenty-five minutes in the evening to be coached along by the marvellous Shaun T. I’ve moaned, groaned, puffed and sworn – but at the end of each session I’ve felt fantastic. I’m hoping this is the start of something great! Fingers crossed… Actually, the reason I love posting pictures of me post workout (in my hot sweaty mess) is not to give myself a public high five, but actually to jeer me on to continue. If people know you’re doing something it’s harder to give up and quit… Right? So, if I don’t post a sweaty red picture next week on Instagram please feel free to message me. I’m sure I’m not going to lose focus at this stage – but a kick up the butt would be appreciated nonetheless.


Also this week:

…I’ve had another couple of photoshoots! It’s so lovely getting my hair and makeup done for me and being beautified! The first was a fashion piece for S Mag (out in a couple of weeks) and the second was for something I’m working on with Coppafeel… I can’t tell you more than that at the moment, but I’ll share more information on our collaboration very soon!

…I remembered how joyous rolling down hills was…and is! That carefree feeling as your body cascades downhill with gravity is so brilliant and reminded me of my childhood. I think I’ll do it more often… Although I got far dizzier than I ever remember getting as a kid! My head was truly spinning.


…I made Nutella. Yes, that’s right – I’ve shunned my naughty treat for a blend of roasted hazelnuts, maple syrup and cocoa powder. I’ll be honest, it’s not the same – BUT, it’s better than nothing and means I can have a spoonful without feeling guilty.


So, my latest novel Dream a Little Dream is published his Thursday!! A huge thank you to everyone who’s already preordered – and a huge advanced ‘thanks’ to anyone who heads out and bags a copy this week. Your support brightens my heart – I hope you enjoy what I put so much time and love into creating!

Big love,

Gi. Xx

Sauce, sun and Sardinia

Believe it or not, we’ve been away again! While Tom was in Cardiff opening for One Direction with the McBusted boys, I headed to Sardinia with Buzz and my sister Giorgina.



She’s getting married out there in October, so needed to head out there to check over some things with the venue and the florist… well, me and Buzz saw the excuse for forty-eight hours on a sunny beach and leapt at the chance. Why not?!




We had a wonderful time playing in the sand, paddling in the clear waters and stuffing our face with pasta… Buzz ate a crazy amount of the stuff (my nonna would be proud) and smeared so much tomato sauce all over his face that the locals were stood around taking photos of him. Me and Giorgie broke down in giggles because he looked so delighted with his bright red appearance. Bless him. He ended up needing two baths that night.




Sardina and the hotel were utterly beautiful – such a gorgeous location for my sister and Lee to say their ‘I dos’. I can’t believe that the next time we’re over there Giorgie will be becoming Mrs Cawley and starting a whole new exciting chapter of her life. Crazy times.




Also this week…

…me and Tom went on a date night to the Landor theatre to watch The Clockmaker’s Daughter, a new musical written by our friends Dan Finn and Michael Webborn. I’m regularly blown away by the creativity that flows from those around me, but this was pure genius and had both me and Tom weeping. I can’t wait to see where this production takes Dan and Michael – and what they come up with next!




…I went to Adele Parks’ book launch for If You Go Away – her fifteenth novel. Adele has been such a huge inspiration to me and incredibly supportive of my writing, so it was wonderful to go along and listen to her words of wisdom. She’s wonderfully bonkers, but then, I’m pretty sure creative types generally are!




…Promo has started for Dream a Little Dream (it’s out next week – gulp), and what better way to start than a photoshoot with the lovely folk at HELLO!?! I love having my hair and make-up done (Alice Theobald) and being put in clothes I wouldn’t normally think to wear (Vix Adams).




I had a great pamper. Plus, it’s always good to step away from my desk and mummy life to have a girlie session with lovely ladies! If you want to have a little look at the photoshoot and interview then you’ll find it in THIS WEEK’S magazine – out today!

Big love to you all!

Gi. Xx

Sleep, Juicing and a Dodgy Fringe…

Remember last week I said Buzz was having trouble adjusting to the time difference? Well this week that escalated to a whole other monstrosity in that he wouldn’t go in his cot… I’d lull him to sleep (thought it was the kindest thing to do given the jetlag), ever so gently lower him in there and his head would be up like a rocket as soon as his head touched the mattress – even though he’d been snoring seconds before. If I walked out the room to allow him to self settle (he used to do it perfectly fine before we went away at the start of the year) he would scream his head off and shout ‘Mumma, Mumma, Mumma’ repeatedly, making me feel like the crappest and meanest mother in existence. I mean, I’d tried to lull him to sleep for HOURS! He had been asleep for ages before me lowering him and trying to get him in there. Nothing would work other than me picking him up and holding him – consoling him over the fact I dared to abandon him in his gorgeous cot.


Yes, it’s been a tough adjustment. But it’s slowly getting better. Now I just sit next to his cot while he falls asleep (no singing or hushing) to get him used to drifting off by himself with the comfort of having his mummy by his side… Step by step we’ll get back to where we were without having to listen to him cry his eyes out.


Also this week:

…I’ve completed a seven day juice detox. I know there’s some controversy about juicing, but (as I have before) I followed Jason Vale’s set plan and have watched a lot of documentaries on the matter – I’m not going into it blind. Juicing has left me feeling a lot healthier, more energised and has reset my taste buds. I’m no longer thinking about dipping a spoon in the Nutella jar… Although I will be making a nutritious homemade version of it. Ha!

…My hair has started really thickening up and all the hair I lost after giving birth is starting to really grow. If I pull it all forward I look like I’m rocking some crazy fringe. Ha! Comforting to see it growing.


…I’ve had a weekend of seeing friends and family time and it’s been wonderful. Only when I hand a book in and start socialising do I realise how much of a hermit I am while writing. Luckily my friends don’t love me any less in my absence and (thankfully) they’re always happy to see me once I’m out of my imagination and back in the real world. Even though I’m diving straight into book four, I’m still going to make time for walks with Tom and Buzz and seeing all the people I love… life is too short not to.


Big love to you all!

Gi. Xx

Beach baby

For our last week on holiday we decided to head to the beach for some relaxing fun in the sun at Santa Monica’s amazing Casa Del Mar.

It had been a busy couple of weeks leading up to this, but once our feet were buried in the sand and our swimming costumes were on we instantly started to unwind. The weather might have been a little on the breezy/chilly side, but it was perfect for us to play with our bucket and spades … I forgot how much fun digging holes and building castles was – I’d even go as far as to say that I enjoyed it more than Buzz! Ha!




Although one thing I wasn’t happy about was my failed swinging attempt on Muscle Beach – no, it’s not how it sounds. Hanging from a big steel structure were hoops in something resembling the game Hang Tough from The Gladiators. On the first day I watched a man whizzing up and down them and was dying to get on them and live out my dream of being on The Gladiators.




Well, on the last day I had a go, but it didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped. I was too short and didn’t even make it to the second hoop. I had more luck on the children’s version, but even then I only got to the third hoop. I’ve sadly come to the conclusion that I’m never going to be a Gladiator. I’m crushed…

The flight from LA to London was a little bit more interesting this time around thanks to Buzz’s new ability to push buttons – the literal kind, not the metaphorical mental sort. My seat was going up and down during take off, much to his delight. He was extremely good though and slept for more than half of it. Hurrah.




So now that we’re home, jetlag with a 14-month-old bubba has been rather interesting… Buzz has been waking in the night and refusing to go back to sleep. In fact, the other night he was up from 11:30pm until 4am wanting to munch on rice cakes and play. Needless to say we weren’t particularly impressed with the little monkey.





It’s just a good job he’s got cuteness on his side. I’m sure he’ll settle back into our usual time zone soon… otherwise I’ll be adding a few extra grey hairs to my head and gaining darker bags under my eyes. Wonderful.





Right, it’s time to stop pretending I’m still on holiday and get back to work – yes, that’s right. Time to get cracking on BOOK FOUR! I’m sure I’ll be able to tell you more about that soon, but before that I have the publication of Dream a Little Dream to look forward to in less than four weeks. Waaaah! For editions bought in Waterstones, I’ve written an exclusive extra chapter for the end of the book (which I hope will melt a few hearts), those versions are available for pre-order now if you fancy bagging one.

Have a fab week.

Big love,

Gi. Xx

Also worth mentioning – for anyone who’s been unable to sleep since last week’s blog – Buzz now knows that a helicopter is not a boat and has started signing and calling an actual boat a boat… phew!

Discovering Miami and celebrating our anniversary

We’re still off on our holibobs in LA and the last week was spent in Los Feliz in the wonderful Lindsey Kelk’s apartment (if you don’t know her – she writes stonkingly fabulous books that I highly recommend you check out). Not only were we given free rein of the place, but Lindsey also left a list of some of her favourite places for us to visit… We basically did them all and had so much fun. It was brilliant to go somewhere new and almost experience life as a local, rather than be limited to whatever is near a hotel – although we still did a few touristy trips, including the observatory and a trip to the Hollywood walk of fame where Buzz stumbled upon the star of a friend of his…


Actually, I had some great recommendations from others as well – my sister went travelling a few years ago and told us to take a trip to Paradise Cove in Malibu. I’ve always wanted to go to that part of the coast thanks to a show I can remember watching in my teens called Malibu, CA – which was about these two brothers from NYC who’d moved there… I don’t know what it was about the place that attracted me, but the laidback, friendly nature of Paradise Cove didn’t disappoint and we had a superb family day out. Buzz absolutely loved playing on the beach – and that’s something he’s really developed on this holiday, the ability to play. Like, properly play. He makes his toys kiss each other, or bashes them around while talking to himself in his unique baby babble… It’s fascinating to watch.
His words are also really developing. He can now loosely (we know exactly what he means when he says them) say: mumma, dadda, nanna, banana, more, boat, book, poo (thanks to us reading The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet to him every night), yes, no… He also knows a few animal sounds and can quack, woof and moo – it’s adorable. His signing is really coming along too – although, even though he can sign and say boat, he’s gotten a bit confused and says it when he sees a helicopter… We’d better keep working on that one. Ha!
It’s been fabulous having some family time all together, especially while exploring somewhere new. Although sadly Buzz picked up a bug somehow and managed to puke on us four times over two days. Poor little man. All better now though and he’s eating more than ever (probably to make up for lost time).
This week me and Tom also celebrated three years of marriage. Hurrah! To mark the occasion the three of us went to Rodeo Drive to mooch around the designer shops (nope, didn’t buy anything but got given some crayons and a colouring book in Tiffany & co – they were for Buzz) and also headed to the Beverly Wilshire (where Pretty Woman is set) for afternoon tea… It was faaaaaaabulous and one of the best afternoons of tea and cake that I’ve had. I also had my first LA celebrity spot as Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was in there… Obviously not impressive if you don’t watch the show, but I was pretty chuffed. I didn’t ask for a picture so you’ll just have to take my word for it.
We’re now at the beach and loving building sandcastles – but more in that next week!
Big love!
Gi. Xx

Family time in Disneyland

Now that Tom’s finished the McBusted tour and I’ve finished working on DREAM A LITTLE DREAM (which is published next month – wah!), we decided it was time for a break and some sunshine. We’re actually away for a couple of weeks, but first stop has been a trip to Disneyland in LA.giovanna-disneyland-1-z

Tom had surprised his Dad for his 60th with a trip over there, so we’ve ended up gate crashing their trip – not that they’ve minded. They’ve loved having Buzz with them as we all walk around the happiest place on earth and soak up the wonderful atmosphere.


On their first day in the park (we’d actually arrived a couple of days earlier) Buzz was stood waving at Mickey Mouse while he was having his photo taken when, much to Buzz’s surprise, Mickey saw him, walked over, took him by the hand and led him across Main Street… Now, if you’ve never been to Disney before, or never seen a child’s face when they’re stood face to face with one of their favourite characters, then you might not understand how incredible the whole thing was. They shared an utterly magical moment. It was super special and had Buzz’s grandparents in tears (and Tom – obviously).giovanna-disneyland-3-z

Usually when we go to Disneyworld (this is my first time in Disneyland) we spend our time running around trying to get on all the rides as many times as possible – but because of Buzz the whole thing took a bit more of a relaxed turn. We just wandered around slowly and took Buzz on all the child friendly rides.giovanna-disneyland-4-z

I’d say his favourite was the Dumbo ride where you sit in an elephant and fly around – it was the second ride we took him on and he’d wave at them whenever we walked by for the rest of our time there. We also took him on Pirates of the Caribbean – but, on reflection, that was a little darker than we remembered from WDW. Funny how you see things differently when you’ve got a little one to protect from seeing things that might scare him!

We’re now in the second phase of our trip (in which I’m visiting lots of cool places as research for BOOK FOUR!!) but I’ll tell you more about that next week.
Lots of love from us and our magical friends.
Gi. Xx

Honoured to watch another bestie get married…

When I was fifteen a girl in my class at Sylvia Young Theatre School was possibly going to have to leave because, well, let’s face it – leaving her family in Wales and having to board in London was blooming expensive and it was tough being away from a family environment. That night I went home and asked my mum and dad if she could come and live with us for a year. They said yes and so she did. My double bed was swapped for two singles and my lovely welsh friend Lauren became my roomie, staying with us Monday to Friday before going back to her family home in The Valleys at the weekends. I loved having someone to travel with from Essex to London and I absolutely loved having an ally as lovely as her. I wasn’t a popular child, but I wasn’t unpopular – I was a drifter, wanting to be liked by everyone but never really sure where I fit in. I thought I was unique in those feelings, but growing older I’ve realised that, actually, that’s all a part of being a teenager. We’re meant to go through periods of paranoia – it’s all a part of growing up and learning to cope with the pressures of life.


But in my friendship with Lauren I found a strength and solidity that I hadn’t seen before. My beautiful Lauren has always been an unwavering friend. It hasn’t been easy to see each other over the years, but I know, without question, that silence means nothing between us. Distance and time never force us to question our loyalty or love for each other.


This week I was honoured to stand beside Lauren as her bridesmaid and watch as she married the wonderful Dan, in what was a three day glamping event in Fforest, West Wales (we stayed in a dome that looked like something magical from the Tellytubbies), with a festival, woodland type feel. It was beautiful – as was the bride. Mamma Shirl (her mum) along with her team of helpers, had put in an obscene amount of effort and MADE not only the bridesmaid dresses, flower arrangements, all the decorations, invites and wedding stationary – but also Lauren’s dress. Which was simply incredible. I had so much fun watching another bestie get married – although this time my knees killed for days afterwards. Probably from all the jumping up and down I did on the dance floor. Ha! Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Hall! Love you guys…


Sticking to the wedding theme – my sister gets married in October (yes, I’m a bridesmaid – that’s three times this year) and this weekend we conquered the extremely exciting task of finding her a wedding dress. Three shops and three glasses of bubbles later (check out the photo of me and my mum), and we were back in the first shop trying on the third dress she’d tried on and buying it. I obviously won’t be giving away any details of her dress on here (not yet), but I can’t wait to see her in it again in a few months. The dress is totally her and I know the groom Lee (AKA Chickpea) is going to love it. She looks stunning.


Also this week…

…I’ve been plagued with a chronic ear infection (which was the reason for my absence last week). It’s been agony and although I’m still in pain it’s nothing compared to what it was.

…I managed to superglue my fingers together, yet again. Warm water, soap and vinegar set me free…

…I’ve completely finished working on my third novel DREAM A LITTLE DREAM. Hurrah, hurrah! There’s not long to go until its publication date in June and I can’t wait to see what people make of this one.


And now I’m on holiday with Tom and Buzz! Yay! It’s still sort of work as I’m doing research for my fourth novel (which I’ll start writing on as soon as I’m back), but I’m so excited to be away from my desk with no deadlines hanging over me.

Right, time to breathe and unwind.

Big love,

Gi. Xx

P.S. Thank you to everyone who’s watched and commented on Tom’s dandelion video. Buzz has such a cute little giggle and we’re thrilled it’s helped spread a smile around the world.

The photo of us with the bride and groom was taken by the talented Marc at

A Trip to the Seaside and a Very Special Wedding…

The beginning of this rather sunny and lovely week was spent in Bournemouth. Tom and the McBusted boys headed there on tour, and me and Buzz decided to tag along for the ride to enjoy some family time. Although, realistically me and Tom actually became a parenting tag team, with me going off to work on my next novel in the daytime and Tom heading out to perform in the arena at night. Occasionally it can feel that our time as a trio is a little limited, but I think we’re becoming very good at juggling the situation.


Take Tuesday afternoon, for example – I’d been sat on my laptop in the hotel room all morning (it was a flipping lovely spot with an awesome view) when, after lunch together, Tom said he was going to take Buzz to the beach. Now, I’d been working all morning and was happy with the progress I’d been making, so decided to take a cheeky couple of hours off to play in the sand with my husband and bubba… and I didn’t feel even the tiniest bit guilty. No really… sitting there in the sunshine and taking in that vitamin D gave me a lovely little breather, making me realise just how important it is to stop and live life every now and then. I know I can become really fixated on workload and deadlines, but in reality I have a little boy who’s growing up extremely quickly and a husband who’d probably like a conversation or two with his wife every now and then. Giving them my time and love will always be my top priority… and rightly so.


Also this week my lovely, kind and beautiful friend Savannah Stevenson (Glinda in Wicked) married the charming and funny Nathan Copier. I was a bridesmaid and felt so proud watching the pair declare their love for one another and I actually wept the whole way through their heartfelt speeches. Sav’s been in my life for seven years now, and from the moment we met I knew we were destined to be great friends (we bonded over Marks and Spencer’s chocolate covered toffee popcorn – little piece of heaven). Sav has a great set of morals and values, and I just love her dearly – I couldn’t be happier that Nate has come along and whisked her off her feet.


Tom and Buzz also came along to the wedding, and I’m grateful that Buzz slept the whole way through the service – although was rather comically gurgling with agreement during some of the speeches later on. Tom had to occupy him with his first ever scone to keep him quiet. Talking of Tom – he was Sav’s something blue as his hair is very, very, very, very, very, blue right now…

This week also marks four years since Tom and I got engaged. I can’t believe it’s been so long, although in all honestly it also feels like a lifetime ago that Tom got down on one knee in the shell of our old school, on the spot that we first met. So much has happened since, it really has been an adventure.

Right, I best get back to my edits – but before I go I just want to say a huge thank you for all the tweets you guys send me after reading this blog. Occasionally I touch on matters that are very close to my heart and extremely honest, the supportive comments never go amiss and encourage me to keep going with what I’m doing.

Big love to you all.

Gi. Xx

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