iPhone and iPad add-ons for an app-y Christmas and New Year

Yes, you can make calls on your iPhone, and browse the internet on your iPad, but there’s so much more to the Apple gadgets than that. With the help of some nifty little add ons the touch-screen wonderkids can be transformed into fun games to keep the whole family entertained. Getting your phone or tablet back at any point could be a little tricky though.


What better way to get your festive or New Year’s Eve party started than with a good old fashioned sing song? With a microphone and speakers, the Appsing turns your smart phone into a portable karaoke machine. All you need to do is download your favourites from the appstore and you’re good to go.

£39.99 from all good toy stores or www.red5.co.uk

Speck iGuy Case

Little ones can be kept amused for hours with a gaming app – but the fun stops if the iPad slips out of little fingers and ends up in pieces on the floor. But the iGuy is a great solution to iPad danger, protecting iPads or iPad minis from bumps and scrapes. The legs and arms transform it into a sweet little computer person, and act as a stand or just provide something for kids to easily hold onto.

£24.97 for iPad 4/3/2 and £22.97 for iPad mini in a range of colours from MobileFun.co.uk


Forget charades or scrabble, this is the next generation of after-dinner party games. Download the free app and plug in your device and you can stage your own quiz show in the comfort of your own living room. There are thousands of questions to test the general knowledge of all the know-it-all dads out there, but will they be quick enough on the buzzer to beat the rest of the family?

£29.99 from all good toy stores or www.red5.co.uk


What if you could be transported back in time to the Eighties, but without the dodgy fashion and haircuts? The Arcadie can’t quite promise that, but it does offer the thrill of button bashing down the arcades that some members of the family might remember from the era. Think Eighties games with the added auchenticity of an old style joystick and buttons – all you need is the free app, which is loaded with retro games – then slot your iPhone into the unit, no wifi, power cables (or spare change) required. It’s hard to tell who will like this more, children or kids from the Eighties.

£14.99 from www.firebox.com


Anyone who ever had a Tamagotchi will know how much fun it is to have your own virtual pet to care for. The Appling takes things one step further, changing your iPhone or iPod touch into a furry little friend who responds to touch, motion and voice commands. All you need is the free AppLinz app from the Appstore and you’re all set.

£14.99 from all good toy stores or www.red5.co.uk

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