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Apr 13

Making a wedding cake: Part Two

What we're aiming for! Photo from Bridal Truth

What we’re aiming for!
Photo from Bridal Truth

The next step in baking a wedding cake (see here, if you missed Part One!) is the decoration.

Now, there are a million and one permutations for decorating a wedding cake, and it all comes down to the preferred style of the bride and groom, but it is increasingly popular to start with a simple white iced cake and decorate it from there.

It is not hard to decorate a cake yourself, but you do need to be very accurate, have a clear idea of the design you’re aiming for, and to have good equipment.

My go-to website for wedding cake supplies is MakeBake which offers an amazing array of cake decorating equipment. Of all the equipment I have found useful, I would particularly recommend an icing smoother and polisher, the icing mat which is so helpful for rolling out your icing accurately, cake boards, cake tins, and decorating supplies, such as edible pearls. I also managed to pick up a really large cupcake carrier, which will be perfect for transporting cupcakes to the hen party, too.

When it comes to icing a wedding cake this video of Dan Lepard icing a cake is tremendously useful.

Do make the time to have a practice run. In fact, you can get polystyrene cake layers from MakeBake on which you can practice your icing to save you having to bake a cake especially to ice.

Finish your iced cake with coordinating ribbons around the base and fresh or fondant flowers. Please do pop back in the near future for photos of my cake on the big day!

Here's a slice of my completed trial run wedding cake!

Here’s a slice of my completed trial run wedding cake!

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