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The idea for this week’s recipe came to me this weekend.  I was in the Cotswolds and cycling down some rather idyllic country lanes, when all of a sudden, I found myself screeching to a halt having spotted an abundance of enormous, beautifully ripe blackberries nestling amongst the brambles. 

I’ve found blackberries easy picking over the last couple of weeks.  If you know a good place to look, it’s likely that the hedgerows will be laden with ripe fruit, and now is the time to catch the berries before they are too ripe.

Despite the fact that pancakes seem relatively straightforward to make, I’ve found wheat, gluten & lactose free pancakes really tricky to master. Gluten free flour is often more absorbent than wheat flour and it’s easy to end up with a thick, stodgy pancake.

One of my favourite ways to eat blackberries is in a compote, which is delicious with pancakes and vanilla ice cream. If you are lactose intolerant, I recommend trying soya ice cream which is generally available from health food shops.

If you can’t get hold of wild blackberries, I still recommend trying this recipe, as you should be able to purchase blackberries easily at the moment in the shops. Enjoy!

Free From Kitchen Pancakes with Blackberry Compote

Makes around 8 pancakes

Ingredients for the pancakes

125g flour (I use a very well known wheat & gluten free plain flour blend)

Pinch salt

2 large eggs

350 ml sweetened soya milk


Ingredients for the compote

200g blackberries

4 tablespoons caster sugar

4 tablespoons water

2 teaspoons lemon juice





To make the pancakes, sift the flour and salt into a large bowl. Make a well in the centre, crack both eggs into the well and start to whisk. Gradually start to incorporate the egg into the flour, little by little, and add a small amount of milk, mix until fully incorporated, and then add more milk bit by bit until all the ingredients are fully incorporated. Give the mixture a good whisk and ensure it’s free from lumps.

Pour the mixture into a jug and make a start on the compote.


For the compote, simply combine the blackberries, water, sugar and lemon juice, and place in a saucepan.

Heat slowly for around 20 minutes until the fruit has softened and the liquid is thick and syrupy. Sweeten further to taste, if required.


To cook the pancakes, heat some butter or soya spread in a frying pan. Wait until the pan gets really hot before pouring in enough mixture to make a thick layer. Cook the pancake until golden on one side and flip. Cook until golden on both sides and serve with the blackberry compote, and a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream on the side.



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