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Oct 09

The devil is in the details

Heels this year were the largest we have seen yet on the catwalk. Ten inch numbers were all the rage. People laughed when Heidi Klum teetered on 12 inch heels for German Vogue thinking it was an editorial stunt. However, it looks like the glossy trend is becoming a reality. How are mere mortals expected to walk in ten inch heels when the professionals – the catwalk models – can’t manage it without wobbly legs or occasional falls?
The pain may just be worth it. Legs look positively giraffe-like in these masterpieces. So here are my top picks for the forthcoming spring season. 

Shoes.jpgAnd you can’t very well show a series of beautiful shoes without presenting handbags to buy alongside. So here are a few I anticipate will be sellouts for the season. 


Aug 09

Gap a la Pierre


Just another date for your fashion calendar in September. Between the 25th anniversary of London Fashion Week, Louboutin fancy pastry boxes and huge fall magazines to absorb, I have yet another event for you to mark down.  Gap is releasing a series of shoes thought up by the French designer Pierre Hardy.

I am looking forward to holding a pair of these and checking out the quality first hand. Unfortunately, I have yet to come across items from designer high street lines that are of any great quality. These are mostly “wear once” items.  

But what do you expect for a piece that costs a fraction of the price of the normal designer duds.  Quality almost always comes with a three or four digit price tag these days….or as I have heard time after time: “You get what you pay for…” I would love to be wrong about this. Hardy and Gap…make me eat my words!

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