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Jan 11

Cult Beauty Launches Pop-Up Shop at Selfridges

culta.jpgOk, it’s time I let you in on my
secret. I keep getting asked about my hair and skin care regime and I
sort of blush usually and say, “well, you know, I just take good care of
myself.”  But the truth is, I have friends in high places.  And last
night I helped those high friends celebrate a pretty momentous
Last night I had the great honour in attending the launch of Cult Beauty‘s
Pop-up Shop in Selfridges. This is a company that is near and dear to
my heart as I truly believe in the concept behind the brand. Cult Beauty
is more than just your average beauty online retailer. I heard a few
people last night mention that they were similar to Sephora and on more
than one occasion I stepped in to explain why that isn’t the case at
all. Here’s what sets apart Cult Beauty from every other online
retailer: They actually care about YOU as a consumer and the product
that you invest in for yourself (rather than caring about their bottom
line).  They don’t put just anything on their site.  Each and every
product is personally selected and vetted by a panel of experts.  When
your experts include world renowned hair, makeup and beauty
professionals, it’s definitely a safe bet that whatever you buy on the
site will be absolutely top notch. 
I joked last night with the BF that we were surrounded by a group of
beauty experts that, between them, had touched the faces, hair and
bodies of all of the world’s most famous individuals. And the crazy
thing is that it isn’t an exaggeration at all. And they were all there
to support Cult Beauty on their big night, and to hand out expert advice
to all those in attendance.  
I could go on and on about the website,
which you should already have in  your “favourites”, but this weekend I
think you should go in and meet the girls and the experts first hand. 
They will all be at the Cult Beauty Pop-Up Shop in Selfridges from now
until Monday 31st January. They’re around to help you with any questions
you may have and to show you some exciting products you might not have
already heard of…and really should know about.  Here’s a few pics from
last night. Seriously, go and visit! You will regret  not taking
advantage of this…

Jul 10

TK Maxx opening in London on Charing Cross Road

The best way to tell this story is through pictures. So get ready to be
overwhelmed with images (although I must apologize as my settings were
whacked out on the Nikon tonight so all photos are a bit dark).  Here’s a
little background before we get started. Tonight I attended the opening
of the first TK Maxx store in
London’s West End. It’s located on Charing Cross Road, just down the
street from Tottenham Court Road and Leicester Square tube stations. My
advice upon entering the store…head straight to the Gold Label section
which features some amazing designer brands such as Stella McCartney,
Emilio Pucci, Jil Sander and many more! So without further ado…here
are the memories from the night, starting with the Union Jack red



Jun 10

Getting ready for summer with Orlebar Brown… being seen in anything else is just uncivilized!

OB model.JPGI have a secret tool when it comes to
male fashion. It’s called the “Boyfriend Barometer” and it works like a
charm. You see my boyfriend is stylish… he just didn’t know it until I
came along. That might be a little egotistical but oh well. He had all
the beginnings of a male model hidden behind rock t-shirts and jeans.
Let’s face it, there might not be a sexier look in the world than a
strapping lad sporting an AC/DC shirt and worn jeans (Yes, babe I do
actually love that look despite what I say all the time). However, I
think sometimes straight men need guidance when it comes to that extra
step in style…the step that says “hey, look at me, I’m hot, I know it
and I’m proud.”   I say straight men because all of my gay male friends
have taste that is about three thousand times better than mine and I
won’t begin to try and give them fashion advice…I’m usually on the
receiving end of that one.
So back to the “Boyfriend
Barometer”…As my boyfriend is coming out of his “style shell” it is
very interesting to see what clothing he likes and dislikes. For
example, I never thought in a million years he would wear a pink shirt. I
love pink shirts on men! He wore one yesterday, felt hot in it…and I
think he is now embracing the “pink side”. I’ll point out things in
shops and he’ll shoot it down or pick it up and I am constantly
surprised by his choices. The man has mad style! Honestly. I think
sometimes you just have to tell people it’s ok to be into clothes…and
then they run with it and go nuts! To make a long story short, the 
“Boyfriend Barometer” tells me what is going to be a hit. I’m not lying
here. Everything the boy has liked seems to take off and hasn’t stopped
running! He has this knack for spotting trends now that I can’t even
claim to have after 20 years of reading every glossy magazine cover to
Which leads me to the point of
this post (I know it took me a while but I needed to explain some
things, you know?)…
I was given a great look book
yesterday from a line that I hate to admit I had never heard of before. I
felt very out of the loop as I know for a fact I’ve seen a few men
wearing these before and can clearly remember the gorgeous outline of
their…(ok, I’ll stop there or I won’t have a boyfriend by the end of
this post).  Who was this look book for, you ask? None other than the
great Orlebar Brown. Ladies,
open the link with caution as you may swoon right there in  your office
chair. The men on this retail website are the best looking I have seen
since…well since ever!  Example:
Orlebar Brown.JPGThe BF loved what Orlebar Brown
was presenting! So much so that I now have to go out and purchase half
the book on his behalf!

Now try and focus, ladies, as I have a task for you. Summer is here.
Cannes (for yachting at the forthcoming festival), Ibiza, Martha’s
Vineyard, Montauk, Malibu and Palm Beach are all calling. The days of
letting your man roll up in any old swim short are long over! It’s time
to take command and tell them to step up to the fashion plate. No more
horrible old tatty shorts. Get yourself to Selfridges or Harrods (for the UK based) or shop
online for Orlebar Brown.
You have no excuses this year! Our favourites are the Dane and the Pup…and
the “Boyfriend Barometer” tells us these are going to be huge. See pics
below. Oh and in case you are thinking the Pups look a little short
it’s time for you to pick up your latest copy of Hello! Magazine. This
season men, both straight and gay, are rocking the short shorts! Why
not? You guys spend hours in the gym. Why hide those amazing thigh
muscles that we love?!
Orlebar Brown2.JPGNow that we covered your man’s attire for the sun spots this year why
not also give yourself a little treat? Orlebar Brown just recently
launched a women’s line as well. Hello, gorgeous!
Here are a few of the ones we will be sporting on the beach front (and
on the roof of Shoreditch
once it gets warm enough in London):
Orlebar Brown3.JPGWe can’t say enough good things about this brand… and you should know
by now that we only promote the ones we love honestly and

May 10

‘Sex And The City Par-Tea’ at London’s Hyatt Regency

SATC tea.jpg

London ladies, please take out your Smythson leather diaries and open to 28 May, 2010. There you should already have written down one very important appointment – the release of Sex And The City 2! That’s right, it’s finally here and we are getting reports that it is even better than the first one – definitely a cause for celebration! We even get to see Carrie running through a souk in a Dior t-shirt and ball gown skirt. Does it get any better?

Well, yes, it does get better. Or at least that’s what I learned yesterday when I visited London’s Hyatt Regency on Portman Square. I was invited to be one of the first to sample the new Sex And The City Par-Tea, which the hotel has created in honour of the four ladies we love the most: Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha! This is a tea they would go ga-ga over. In fact as I sat there, with my guest Miss Tara B, I couldn’t help but imagine the four ladies sitting in our place. The setting is total glam-squad: lovely huge crystal chandeliers and white linen tablecloths adorned by white blooming roses. I should also mention I have never been so tempted to clip an entire set of china. You’ll see in the pics what I mean – gorgeous!

This isn’t your typical afternoon tea – although the Hyatt Regency does serve those as well (and they looked absolutely delicious). Surrounding guests were looking on our table with great green eyes. I believe several women were wondering what they had to do to get a Cosmo as a starter and a lovely pink chocolate stiletto on the top of their tea tower! Sorry ladies, this was just a preview. However,  from 28 May everyone can indulge in this afternoon delight.

So, let’s start from the beginning. Upon arrival we were presented with two menus specially designed for the occasion and asked to select a cocktail of our choice from the four offered. You can choose from a Cosmopolitan, Manhattan, Martini or a Flirtini. I think that was the most difficult moment of the entire afternoon. They all looked so delicious. We opted for Flirtinis and our lovely aid for the afternoon, Stefano, was kind enough to bring us Cosmos as well. He could tell we were struggling to decide on just one. You are then asked to choose a tea. The hotel has specifically chosen four teas, one for each character in the movie that accurately reflects their personality. I went with the Organic Silver Needle White Tea as it was light and refreshing and not too strong.


As we sipped our cocktails we looked towards the open-plan kitchen and saw a gathering of waiters at the front counter. Our tea treats were being put together and it appeared as if the head chef was instructing the assistants on the creation of the delectable goodies. Suddenly it dawned on us that we really are some of the first people to enjoy this event! What a humbling moment.

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you will know that I am an American living in London. So you can only imagine that when the tea service arrived with plates covered in mini burgers, hot dogs, pastrami sandwiches and more I went absolutely mad with happiness! It was New York’s finest sitting on my table, right there in front of me! I am pretty sure I shed a tear and didn’t know whether to be horribly homesick or unashamedly nostalgic and happy. The moment passed, I regained composure, and reminded myself that I was a professional journalist. Get it together, girl!

Here’s the rundown on what was served, working from the bottom to the top of the tower (or savoury to sweet)…
Bottom: Pastrami on rye, mini smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel, and cucumber sandwiches.
Analysis: Wouldn’t change a thing. I’d just also like to note one very important thing. They toast the bagel with the salmon and cream cheese! That is paying attention to detail as it’s a big NYC tradition! It’s the only way to do bagels.
Middle: Mini burgers and mini hot dogs.
Analysis: Both were fantastic and I think will be enjoyed by all. I would have added cheese, ketchup and a pickle on the mini burgers, but that’s just me. The hot dog was also not an American-style hot dog but rather a mini sausage of sorts. This, however, is a plus point! You don’t want a real American hot dog sitting in a ritzy hotel – the sausage is the way to go!
Top: Strawberry chocolate pink stiletto, mini doughnuts, mini cupcakes and an appletini jelly.
Analysis: Heaven on a plate. I am sitting here still drooling over the thought of how good these little gems were. They may have been mini but they packed a powerful punch!
I will be recommending this tea to all of my friends – that includes all of you, dear readers. And here’s a great idea (which, I can’t actually take credit for as it comes from Tara B): gents – why not surprise your lady by booking this tea for the two of you? You’ve never seen so much food at an afternoon tea in your life! A man would love this tea! We could barely finish what was in front of us – yet we managed to somehow and couldn’t even eat dinner that night we were still so full!
Here are the nitty-gritty details:
Hyatt Regency London
30 Portman Square
London W1H 7BH
020 7486 5800

The Sex And The City Par-Tea will be served every day between 3pm and 6pm from Friday 28 May to Tuesday 31 August, 2010. This special afternoon tea is available at £39 per person and parties of up to six people are available. Sex And The City Par-Tea including a ticket to see SATC 2 at the Everyman Baker Street cinema and a chauffeur-driven car to the cinema is priced at £55 per person, subject to availability. 

All reservations for the Sex And The City Par-Tea must be made in advance; credit card details will be taken for confirmation. For reservations please call +44 20 7299 2037 or email: Each reservation will be confirmed only when each guest has given their credit card details and received written confirmation from The Montagu.

Remember for more fashion news visit

Apr 10

London’s luxury lady: Charlotte Semler of Charlotte & Co

Charlotte.JPGLast week we were invited to attend the preview for the Charlotte & Co Autumn Winter 2010 Collection. Anyone who loves comfort, cashmere and the country would consider this a golden ticket as company founder Charlotte Semler is a legend in luxury!

Envious of her talent in creating luxury goods that every woman wants, we wanted to dig a little deeper with Charlotte.

So here’s a little biographical information to start with:

After reading PPE at Oxford, Charlotte’s first job was a two-year stint as a corporate finance analyst in the City. In 1994 she joined Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising as a strategic planner and three years later she moved to Lowe Howard Spink as strategic planning director on the Tesco account. 
In 2000 she co-founded Myla and spent the next five years as creative director and joint CEO. During this time Myla grew to produce an annual turnover of £4 milion with 12 outlets in three countries. 

Charlotte left Myla and London in 2005 to spend time with her twins and turn a run-down stone house in the Cotswolds into a family home. A year later she set up Charlotte & Co and she now combines designing homewear and running a business with her passion for cooking for her family.

Now with the facts out of the way, let’s take time to get to know her on a more personal level…

Charlotte Sempler.jpg

So let’s start with the basics, Charlotte. How did you find yourself in a business that allows you to surround yourself with cashmere and silks at every turn?
When I left Myla I had a six-month break and moved to Gloucestershire full-time. I was really supposed to be ‘retiring’ to the country to spend time with my toddler twins but I was just rubbish at not working. I ended up spending far too much time designing silk and cashmere curtains for our house! So I decided to set up Charlotte & Co. The idea was really simple: I wanted to carry on designing clothes but I also wanted to do something different to Myla, something more in tune with the life I am now living. So designing ‘luxury home clothes’ was a natural progression. I am working with luxury natural silk, cashmere and cotton fabrics that have always inspired me and creating the kind of clothes that you need to live a home-based life in style. Three years on, the Charlotte & Co range has grown from mainly nighties and pyjamas to include outerwear like stylish cashmere tracksuits, fur-trimmed gilets and even the occasional dress. It’s all about being comfortable but with the luxury of the best natural fabrics and a sprinkling of style.

Were you stuck in a world of stilettos and ready to get out and into cashmere pjs and slippers?

YES! Completely – I just craved a change of pace, you know… life needs to keep moving on to be interesting. I’d done the whole ‘London/NY queen of the sexy knickers’ thing and was ready for kids, comfort, cooking and herbaceous borders. And I really believe that there is a large chunk of personal truth in all design: in the end you are really designing for yourself and your worldview. Charlotte & Co is a reflection of my current life and how I feel about it. I’m really happy in my own skin and loving the life I’m living. I’d like to think that the collection shows that comfort and joy.

What was your very first piece for Charlotte & Co?
Classic silk satin PJs and the cashmere dressing gown.

Besides the Charlotte & Co pieces in your closet, what are your other designer favourites?
I love Nicole Farhi because she is so grounded in nature and natural fibres. I love Ralph Lauren because I’m just a sucker for that whole preppy East Coast thing. I love the imaginary world that is RL, the fusion of country style and Upper East Side chic. I love John Galliano, he has such a fabulous feel for cut and drape.
Your underwear – is it designed with the thoughts of appearing underneath a Ralph Lauren Sheath or a Dolce & Gabbana corset dress?
No, the inspiration is more about luxury and wearability. Lots of my underwear is about adding comfort to your outerwear. For instance: in winter I do silk/wool mix jersey ‘innermost layers’ – so camisoles, polo necks, long johns and t-shirts. These elegant pieces slip comfortably under your favourite designer clothes but keep you warm (so even in the Cotswolds I can wear my daily uniform of Joseph/DKNY slip dresses and still be perfectly warm and comfy). Similarly in summer we do pure silk slips and camis that are ideal under slightly-too-sheer dresses and tops. You know… those garments that you buy and then realise that you are not actually sure how to wear because they are too see-through.

As your line is all about relaxation and comfort, what are your everyday comforts? And when you need to break away to relax, where do you go or what do you do outside your everyday living?
When I need a break I head to our family place in the heart of Majorca. It’s in the middle of mountains and olive groves. The light and the air is unbelievable and the local markets are a real source of inspiration.
We had a look at the Charlotte & Co website and picked out a few pieces we felt would appeal to readers best. When the Autumn Winter 2010 line is up and live we’ll have a quick run through and report back to you all!
Charlotteco.JPGFor more fashion news visit

Mar 10

Presenting The Sketchbook Pop-Up Shop

sketchbook invite.jpgFor the past 48 hours I’ve have followed the building of new Sketchbook Pop-up Shop with great enthusiasm. I wasn’t the only one either. Thousands of followers on Twitter and via the Sketchbook blog were able to view pictures of artists at work  painting, creating and generally turning a boring old shop into a design mecca.  What a fabulous way to celebrate 50 years of fashion and music in the Newburgh Quarter of Carnaby and truly no other group of individuals could have done it better.

For those that aren’t familiar with the magazine, Sketchbook, is a quarterly publication with a print run of 10,000. They aren’t about making money. They are about making magic. They offer so much to young readers in the form of inspiration and guidance. They send a message that says, “we have a voice too, so let’s use it.” Sketchbook, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I love you guys!

ffg love for sketchbook.jpgSo why a Pop-Up shop? Well Sketchbook is choosing to channel its own success in the world of fashion onto young creatives who are just starting out in this rather competitve marketplace. From the 31st of March through to the 19th of April Sketchbook will provide workshops and lectures aimed at youngsters who want advice from some of the best in the business. And here’s the truly awesome part…
As you know, Sketchbook is what it is today because of the fabulous internet fashionistas.  They realize the importance of reaching out and they’ve clearly demonstrated their grasp on social media. So what’s the awesome part? If you can’t attend the workshops and lectures in person, you can view them all live online. 

Guest speakers will include Susie Bubble (seen on the cover of the first issue of Sketchbook to the left), bloggers Leon Bailey Green and Style Salvage Steve, fashion designers Maria Francesca Pepe, Yan To and Ara Jo, editor of TWIN Magazine Becky Smith, founder of luxury e-commerce site Dia Boutique, Rasha Khouri and many more.
Discussion Panels include:
Explore the differences, benefits, and drawbacks of print and online publications. Confirmed guests include blogger Susie Bubble.
Come in and learn what sets online-only stores apart from the
in-store.  Confirmed guests include Founder of online store Dia Boutique, Rasha Khouri.
How can bloggers build a relationship with brands, while maintaining their integrity and credibility as a blogger. Confirmed guests include blogger Leon Bailey Green.

sketchbook2.JPGSince the shop is actually a shop, there will also be limited edition prints, illustrations and one-off art pieces on sale throughout the three week time period. There are some absolute gems available. I’ve featured pictures of a few of the initial prints displayed herewith. And for all you young artists who dream of one day designing the cover of a magazine…it’s time to make your dream a reality. Sketchbook will run a competition throughout the three weeks looking for the next front cover of their magazine. So get in there, show them your goods and make us proud! I love spotting new talent and I’d love to see some young gun on a future cover.

Oh and there will also be live bands playing every Sunday in the shop!

Shop Details:
10 Newburgh Street, Carnaby, London W1F 7RN.
Wednesday 31st March – Monday 19th April 2010
Monday to Saturday: 10am-7pm, Sundays: 12noon-6pm

To reserve seats or request more information please contact:

sketchbook party after.jpg

Sep 09

Floral Frenzy at Erdem


One can definitely feel the Japanese influence in Erdem’s collection this season. It is a floral fiesta.

A most wonderful eye-popping display of waist cinching, hip hugging and leg lengthening fabrics.

There were wonderful transitions in the show from lighter florals for daywear to more moody florals of navy blue and black for evening attire.

With either capped shoulders or long sleeves to suit your tastes and modest hemlines abound, this collection is one in which nearly every woman can find an item to take their fancy.

Jun 09


Untitled-1 copy.JPGGood Afternoon all and welcome to the newest fashion blog to hit the net. I’m going to attempt to keep this as up to the minute as possible with all the latest fashion must haves, celebrity fashion mishaps and success stories, as well as some shots of the great street fashion we have in London at the moment. There is so much to talk about and so much to examine that I can hardly contain myself. If you have any tips for the future do let me know…a launch, new must have or sighting, etc. All eyes and ears are open and at the ready.

Do let the fashion catfighting (and catwalking) begin. I hope you enjoy it! All comments are welcome…

Looking forward to the future…


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