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Oct 09

The devil is in the details

Heels this year were the largest we have seen yet on the catwalk. Ten inch numbers were all the rage. People laughed when Heidi Klum teetered on 12 inch heels for German Vogue thinking it was an editorial stunt. However, it looks like the glossy trend is becoming a reality. How are mere mortals expected to walk in ten inch heels when the professionals – the catwalk models – can’t manage it without wobbly legs or occasional falls?
The pain may just be worth it. Legs look positively giraffe-like in these masterpieces. So here are my top picks for the forthcoming spring season. 

Shoes.jpgAnd you can’t very well show a series of beautiful shoes without presenting handbags to buy alongside. So here are a few I anticipate will be sellouts for the season. 


Aug 09

Closet Envy for Blake Lively, News & Styling Success


I think the pictures say it all really. Blake Lively knows how to put an outfit together! Either that or she has been paying attention to her character’s style on Gossip Girl.  
I put her towards the top of the list for best dressed thus far in 2009.  Hooray to her on screen stylist and her off screen talent for fashion!
In other news…

Thumbnail image for 6a00d83451e6b169e20120a4c8e22c970b-500wi.jpg

Gucci made an interesting decision to have Mark Ronson design a line of trainers,launched in October, for the Gucci Pop Up stores appearing in London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin and Miami.  For the bargain price of between $500 and $1400 you can sport the wears of a Ronson family member along with a 12″ vinyl LP from Ronson created specifically for this launch. 
Call me a cynic but I think DJs should stick to DJing. But hey, I could be way off base here and Mark will shock us all with his extreme talent for fashion. I will gladly stand corrected should this be the case. I’d personally spend the money at Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik…but that’s just me.
style copy.jpg
Blake Lively, Christina Hendricks, Ashley Simpson-Wentz, Betsy Brandt, Emmy Rossum and Amber le Bon all looked fab last week. Congrats ladies on an outfit well done.

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