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Sep 09

Just go with the flow

etro.jpgThat’s the motto for spring. It’s loose and comfortable and we are seeing it strut down the catwalk with every passing day.  

Etro has always had a mother earth-meets-couture kind of vibe and this season is no exception. Dresses are loose, trousers are slung low and colours are warm. But this is only the start of the show. Veronica Etro switches things up in the middle with the waist dramatically cinched with wide belts. Although the midriff is restricted, fabric flows freely on both the top and the bottom. The body is able to move about with only one area crying out for attention.  Veronica may look dwarfed next to her gigantic runway models but this little lady packs a serious punch. I am already looking forward to spring and have a new motivation to sticking with my running routine…let’s just say bras aren’t really part of the Etro game plan for next season so I have some work to do!

Sep 09

A Well Dressed man…



Ok so I thought it was about time to give the male species a bit of attention here as fashion certainly isn’t for females alone. 

The first day in Milan was centrally focused around men’s fashions and if you thought there were some crazy sights on the catwalks for New York and London you should have seen some of the catastrophes strutting their stuff on the catwalks in Italy. 

That’s not to say I wasn’t enjoying the view because what girl in her right mind doesn’t enjoy the sight of a man with the body of a Greek god strutting his stuff with no shirt in sight?  But those aren’t fashions that are applicable to the every day male. 

Above, I have chosen looks I believe are easily translatable for city life. Looks that will make you stand out for being chic and fashionable, not because you look like a space oddity.  I will admit that they are classic in nature with slight modern twists put in place by the designer, but why mess with something that works?  Any man stepping out in the outfits above is sure to be noticed…and dare I say, desired.


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