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Dec 09

Pre-fall Collections 2010 report

It’s pre-fall 2010 time and the designers are certainly keeping us all entertained with a wide variety of new looks. There are some repeated trends such as sheer fabrics and chunky jewelry. Unfortunately harem pants seemed to have survived another year as well although they are less gold sequin flash and more black swinging fabric. There also seems to be an emphasis on the colour red for cocktail dresses and formal gowns as seen at Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera. Shoulder padded shoulders have placed a nice curve on what was last season a strong point outwards from the collarbone. It’s a nice change adding a touch more femininity to the collections, bar Versace who stuck with a strong angled shoulder for the season preview.
Here’s my top ten looks from the collections shown….

1. Oscar de la Renta
2. Carolina Herrera
3. Donna Karan
4. Chanel
5. Rachel Roy
6. Versace
7. Devi Kroell
8. Alexander Wang
9. Burberry Prorsum
10. J Mendel

Dec 09

Satisfy the senses this Christmas


So it’s Christmas: the time of year we all love and hate the most. We get to shop til we drop for our friends and family, but also try not to throw fits over the crazy crowds on Oxford Street and long queues for the must have items! My Amex heart, or should I say Amex itself, loves my zipping the little black card through machines at every occasion. My bank manager, however, will not be so pleased come January when the season has ended and reality hits hard with big credit card balances needing to be paid.

Over the next two weeks, leading up to the big day I am going to take you shopping with me and show you what everyone’s buying for the special someone in their lives. So be sure to check back regularly for updates and ideas for last minute grabs.

My first trip out and I decided to try a “themed basket” for the ladies who have been so dear to me this year in London, New York and Los Angeles. I’m putting together a huge wicker case that contains an item to satisfy every one of the five senses. I’m going to be a little extravagant here with my choices so let me say that, although I am giving these all together, each item is an excellent gift to wrap up on its own.


Very Hollywood by Michael Kors

I am a big fragrance person. How big exactly? Well I actually stayed on the tube for two stops longer than necessary once simply because the man sitting next to smelt so divine I thought I may have been in heaven. So I am always on the lookout for the next best thing. Today, I’m proud to say I’ve found it with the new Michael Kors fragrance. Ladies, this will have him staying two stops to take you in…Men, gift this present with great caution. Your lady is going to have noses following her everywhere!


Coco Mademoiselle Shimmering touch by Chanel

Well this really is for all the senses. This gorgeous body gel will make you sparkle and shine like a new penny. I am, personally, in love with the bottle itself. My guilty admission here is that I bought the bottle just to keep on my shelf at home as it looks so beautiful and luxurious. I then was yelled at by a good friend (who also happens to be a leading makeup artist in London) that I was a moron for not having tried it yet. Now I have one bottle on the shelf, that remains untouched, and one bottle always in use in the shower.


Chanel Tweed Highlighter from the Christmas Collection

Unless you have a house in St. Bart’s, around Christmas time we all tend to look a bit pale and bland. So imagine my excitement when a friend gave me something that could take away the dullness and make me look as if I actually had a bit of life left in me – the Tweed Highlighter from Chanel. Don’t allow your recipient to be scared when they first open the compact. They won’t want to dip into this little piece of heaven as it is a perfect replica of the classic Chanel tweed.
Just keep telling them you bought it as makeup and it must be used as such. All it will take is one stroke just below the cheekbone for them to fall in love with what it is capable of doing rather than its aesthetic value in the package.


Soufflé Body Crèmes Sampler by Laura Mercier

This is really bad (and I can’t believe I am admitting it in a public forum) but I actually wanted to eat my arm when I put this crème on initially. I was standing in the middle of Selfridges and I dabbled a few spots on my  forearm and with one rub my eyes transformed my arm into a delectable Crème Brûleé. That happens to be my personal favourite of the three crèmes available in the sampler. The pack comes with two other blends which are Almond Coconut Milk and Crème de Pistache. I will make you this promise. If you satisfy one sense for your loved one, make it this one and you will be a Christmas hero!


The present here is for you really. You will be showered with praise for your expertise in gift giving. Sit back and enjoy it. Although I hope you are better at this than me. I went out and bought all of these items and they never went into a box, in fact never left the house. They’re mine, all mine! The greatest gifts of all are sometimes the ones you give yourself, our little secret ;)

Oct 09

The devil is in the details

Heels this year were the largest we have seen yet on the catwalk. Ten inch numbers were all the rage. People laughed when Heidi Klum teetered on 12 inch heels for German Vogue thinking it was an editorial stunt. However, it looks like the glossy trend is becoming a reality. How are mere mortals expected to walk in ten inch heels when the professionals – the catwalk models – can’t manage it without wobbly legs or occasional falls?
The pain may just be worth it. Legs look positively giraffe-like in these masterpieces. So here are my top picks for the forthcoming spring season. 

Shoes.jpgAnd you can’t very well show a series of beautiful shoes without presenting handbags to buy alongside. So here are a few I anticipate will be sellouts for the season. 


Oct 09

Ole’ Lagerfeld had a farm


Thumbnail image for lagerfeld.jpgKarl Lagerfeld is today’s Renaissance Man.


Over the years I have visited upon fashion week after fashion week enjoying shows and observing new trends and every year there is one show that I anticipate more than any other – the Chanel show.  


The reasoning behind this? Well, this is a show that is all about fashion and yet is so much more than fashion itself.


It’s a production and I would hate to see what the bill comes to by the end of each sitting.


Chanel is renowned for it’s incredible show sets. In the past we’ve seen merry-go-rounds, vast steel sculptures of organ pipes, larger than life perfume bottles, catwalks in Venice, Italy on the beach, faux Chanel store fronts and models of Chanel jackets the size of small buildings – all displayed as backdrops for Lagerfeld’s beauties.


Since 2006 Karl has used the Grand Palais in Paris to showcase his designs and enormous sets.  Most in the fashion world have grown accustomed to his stark white set designs which allow the models to pop out from the backdrop in their Chanel designs.



Thumbnail image for runway.jpg
But he must have woken up one morning and thought it was time for a change. Perhaps it was the newly purchased house in Vermont, on Lake Champlain, that opened his eyes to new frontiers. Or was it a world that seems obsessed with organic farms? Whatever the reason, this year we were presented with a set like none before.  


It was one that not only affected perceptions of the fashion on display but also the attitude of those showcasing the clothes. For the first time that I can remember the Chanel models walked with a bit of a swagger.


They had wide smiles and they generally looked they were having a good time – especially the three at the close of the show who were having a little romp in the hay for all the world to see.


So what was this grand design?  None other than a great big barnyard with a giant Chanel logo branding the structure! That’s right folks. Models paid in six figure sums were trudging out of a haystack through dirt in their fresh-from-the-cobbler Chanel heels. Lily Allen even popped up with a band to serenade them as they walked.


When I first saw the set I thought Karl would be presenting clothes with the same attitude as was seen at Ralph Lauren or Jean Paul Gaultier – one with an urband feel.  What a surprise then to find the usual chic wear presented against such a natural background.  


He has once again taken the classic Chanel jacket and given it a redesign.  Tweeds and Ruffles were abundant.  Accessories were displayed that will have women queuing globally. Karl Lagerfeld was perhaps trying to tell us that we can still be ladylike and sophisticated in a green world.  I’ve never seen so much nude in a show by Lagerfeld but it worked wonders with the classic tweeds rather than just looking like a burlap sack – which could have been the case.  There are easily a dozen suits suitable for any and every occasion.


Suzy Menkes of the New York Times summed it up best when she said “not since the banks busted their credit ratings has a runway collection expressed such a fashion joie de vivre and a dizzying desire to buy.”


The designs were what we have come to expect from the great Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. Coco would be proud.


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