Cult Beauty Launches Pop-Up Shop at Selfridges

culta.jpgOk, it’s time I let you in on my
secret. I keep getting asked about my hair and skin care regime and I
sort of blush usually and say, “well, you know, I just take good care of
myself.”  But the truth is, I have friends in high places.  And last
night I helped those high friends celebrate a pretty momentous
Last night I had the great honour in attending the launch of Cult Beauty‘s
Pop-up Shop in Selfridges. This is a company that is near and dear to
my heart as I truly believe in the concept behind the brand. Cult Beauty
is more than just your average beauty online retailer. I heard a few
people last night mention that they were similar to Sephora and on more
than one occasion I stepped in to explain why that isn’t the case at
all. Here’s what sets apart Cult Beauty from every other online
retailer: They actually care about YOU as a consumer and the product
that you invest in for yourself (rather than caring about their bottom
line).  They don’t put just anything on their site.  Each and every
product is personally selected and vetted by a panel of experts.  When
your experts include world renowned hair, makeup and beauty
professionals, it’s definitely a safe bet that whatever you buy on the
site will be absolutely top notch. 
I joked last night with the BF that we were surrounded by a group of
beauty experts that, between them, had touched the faces, hair and
bodies of all of the world’s most famous individuals. And the crazy
thing is that it isn’t an exaggeration at all. And they were all there
to support Cult Beauty on their big night, and to hand out expert advice
to all those in attendance.  
I could go on and on about the website,
which you should already have in  your “favourites”, but this weekend I
think you should go in and meet the girls and the experts first hand. 
They will all be at the Cult Beauty Pop-Up Shop in Selfridges from now
until Monday 31st January. They’re around to help you with any questions
you may have and to show you some exciting products you might not have
already heard of…and really should know about.  Here’s a few pics from
last night. Seriously, go and visit! You will regret  not taking
advantage of this…
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