July, 2010

Jul 10

The Jacques Townhouse: Opening Night

1.JPGLast night I was invited to attend the opening of The Jacques Townhouse in London.  I honestly don’t know where to even start with this venue! It was a fairytale. If someone could have opened my brain as a twelve year old girl and taken out all of the things I daydreamed about and put them in a townhouse in London….you would have The Jacques Townhouse.


2.JPGThe Jacques Townhouse is a pop-up boutique hotel concept set in the heart of central London.  It’s pop-up life span, sadly, is only ten nights and then the dream fades away once again back into our lost childhoods. 

444.jpgEach night in the Townhouse you will be treated to the following:

• Lash Couture – Benefit Cosmetics will host our Powder Room, where girls can try and buy this season’s key colours and looks. Benefit Cosmetics beauticians will be on hand to offer free lash couture make-upper
• DJs – The traditional jazz pianist is out and a performance DJ duo in. DJ’s will create a fun and playful atmosphere with a technicolor extravaganza that takes the DJs out from behind the decks and into the limelight.
• Future Gazing – Fortune-tellers will be entertaining groups of girls as they roam the rooms double-up as palm, tarot readers
• Vintage Patisseries – The Vintage Patisserie – Angel Adoree offers a slice of pure escapism with a stirring of glamour and a spoonful of wit with her beautiful, handmade and bespoke cup cakes
• Dressing-up – A fancy dress box filled with beautiful vintage clothing and accessories will be available to all guests. Girls can dress up and pose for our professional photographer who will post their pictures on Facebook to share with their friends
• Sleepovers – The lucky few competition winners will be able to stay over with a couple of friends in one of the luxurious Jacques themed hotel rooms for the ultimate girl’s night in
The whole project is given its magic by the genius of David Carter, creator of East London micro boutique hotel 40WINKS.  David used the “hotel theme” and completely ran with it. We had bell hops greeting us in the front hall,  which was covered top to toe in white painted suitcases, and a lovely concierge checking our “luggage” at the reception desk.  The theme carried on throughout the Townhouse with a whimsical  feel and one of great beauty and fantasy. I honestly forgot I was in London last night for two hours!
7.JPGGirls should visit to www.facebook.com/jacques to book a (complimentary) place for them and their friends at one of these ‘must do’ Summer evenings. There will be two sittings per night, the first from 6pm – 7.30pm and the second 8pm- 9.30pm from 29th July 2010 Please note the address of the venue is top secret until places are registered.
For more pictures of the evening visit www.fashionfoiegras.com

Jul 10

TK Maxx opening in London on Charing Cross Road

The best way to tell this story is through pictures. So get ready to be
overwhelmed with images (although I must apologize as my settings were
whacked out on the Nikon tonight so all photos are a bit dark).  Here’s a
little background before we get started. Tonight I attended the opening
of the first TK Maxx store in
London’s West End. It’s located on Charing Cross Road, just down the
street from Tottenham Court Road and Leicester Square tube stations. My
advice upon entering the store…head straight to the Gold Label section
which features some amazing designer brands such as Stella McCartney,
Emilio Pucci, Jil Sander and many more! So without further ado…here
are the memories from the night, starting with the Union Jack red



Jul 10

On the hunt for the best blow dry in London…. starting with Cobella at Selfridges


Now THAT, people, was a blow dry.  I guess I should start from the very beginning…where the magic really starts – with the madame in charge of PR. Cobella has a gem. If you are a regular follower of the blog you know I rate PRs pretty harshly. I can’t say one bad word about this lovely lady!  Keep a hold, Cobella, as she’ll get snatched up by another company as good PRs are few and far between these days.  Ok, I’m getting off topic. Back to the blow dry. 
My appointment was for Saturday morning at 11am.  The day kicked off to a bad start as I had only woken up at 10:30 (after a rather harsh night on the tiles). I called into Cobella and explained I was running about 15 minutes late and they were fabulously sympathetic and told me they’d be there so to take my time.  You have to love a receptionist that is understanding about a killer hangover.  
I rushed into Selfridges at 11:05 and approached the escalator on the ground floor. As I approach my heart took over from my head and instead of getting on the escalator I heard the Chanel boutique whispering my name from behind me. I had to stop in and say hello to my Cocoon bag. After a moment of prayer in front of the sacred puffy bag I pulled myself together and sprinted towards the first floor.  You see, this is the problem with having a salon in Selfridges. You can never just go straight to your appointment.  There are too many temptations.  If anyone manages to go straight to the third floor for your treatments I would be terribly amazed and in awe of your willpower.  
The staff at Cobella were all smiles when I walked through the front door.  I know from several inside sources that Cobella at Selfridges caters to the hair and body needs of some of the wealthiest individuals in London.  I wasn’t sure what to expect on a level of service as sometimes the snootier your clientele the snobier the staff!  Certainly not the case at Cobella.  I was offered tea, coffee or water (with an option of still or sparking) and taken to my plush leather chair where I would await the arrival of my top stylist for the morning. 
The man responsible for looking after my luscious locks was Lewis.  Lewis, oh Lewis.  Where do I start? I was in love from the moment he approached my chair. If you could see someone’s aura I swear Lewis would have nothing but happy, shiny rainbows come out around him (and not just because he is an absolutely gorgeous gay man).  Louis is happiness personified.  Now, happiness does not necessarily a good blow dry make. So, dear reader you are not to worry as I was not so charmed as to forget I was there on a mission.
Lewis called over his assistant and I was lead back to a room of tranquility where my hair was shampooed, conditioner, treated with a special oil and given a complimentary shiatsu head massage that was so nice I feel asleep in the chair.  I’d say they were off to a rip-roaring start!  When I came back to sit in front of Lewis I was asked what sort of blow dry I wanted.  I said, quite confidently, “I want to look like a rich bitch.”  Lewis laughed and then became serious for all of two seconds while he seemed to ponder on what the best approach would be.  Then he was off like a rocket.  
I will say I always feel sorry for anyone that has to blow dry my hair as I have so much of it! I always dread getting a stylist that is so miserable you would rather eat your big toe than talk to them for an entire hour. You know the type I mean…the one that asks ridiculous questions to pass the time and then doesn’t even listen to your answers.  Annoying!  Lewis was the polar opposite.  The hour flew by as we were chatting as if we were long lost clubbing buddies. He also filled me in on some very useful info about the ins and outs of Selfridges and Cobella.  For example…did you know that Cobella gives weekly complimentary blow drys to the personal stylists for Selfridges?  How awesome is that? Brilliant idea! I think I might look into a job swap! We also talked boyfriends, dogs, furniture, clubbing and so many other things that I amazed at how fabulous a multi-tasker he is! The true moment of amazement came, however, when my look was revealed.  Lewis had taken a hung-over messy young lady from North London and turned me into a millionairess who’s biggest worry was where to lunch that afternoon.  I could not have been more pleased with the outcome.  Thank you to Louis and all the wonderful staff at Cobella for making me feel right at home!
Rating: 10 out of 10. I can’t honestly think of one thing I would have done better. They’d thought of everything!
Contact: Call and make an appointment now for a special occasion or just a standard blow-dry. I highly recommend Lewis. Tell him FFG sent you and you might just get a hug from the cutie pie!
0207 491 1562

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