January, 2010

Jan 10

Have you had some work done?


Plastic surgery seems to be a big topic in the headlines these days. Everyone wants to keep up to date with which star has gone under the knife to improve their face or body and I
must admit that I am just as obsessed as the general public.


I love seeing the end result. I am fascincated by modern medicine and the lengths one will go to to reach an ideal level of beauty. That being said, I haven’t reached a point in my life where I have the guts (or the time out of the public eye for healing) to go under the knife. Instead, I experiment with underwear that squeezes me into a perfect hourglass, heels that lengthen my calves and products that preserve my face and hide any imperfections that may have already developed. I believe this is the course most women take so I am constantly on the hunt to help my readers. I’m like your testing dummy. I spend the money (and sometimes sacrifice my skin or self dignity) and try everything and then tell you what works.


Today I write to you with what I think is a groundbreaking discovery. I say this because I got the ultimate compliment yesterday while wearing the products. One of my girlfriends, last night at dinner, asked me if I had “recently had some work done.”


Ok it might sound sick that I get a kick out of that but let me translate what she was really saying…”I need to know your secret.” Well it’s no secret anymore because I am telling anyone who will listen about the line that Bobbi Brown has released which is all about giving you the look of coming straight off the cutting table (in a good way rather than that scary plastic look).


I’m sure Bobbi is holding her breath as I write this…I’m saying I love the stuff! And I’m also telling you, dear reader to march your little butt down to the makeup counter and invest in this line.There are eight pieces in the Makeup Facelift line. I can only speak to four of them and I will await feedback from the readers who go for the works.

A small note – I try all products for one to two weeks before reviewing so keep this in mind…


Here’s a breakdown:


1. The Extra Eye Repair

I used this at night before sleeping and then again in the morning before applying makeup. It creates a nice clean canvas for the next product. It has also managed to decrease my horrible puffy and black circled eyes which blogging has given me over the past year!


2. Tinted Eye Brightener

This has always been a best seller at Bobbi Brown but now it comes in an easy to use pen. Any dark circles you have, that are incurable, are instantly covered with this little jewel.


3. Brightening Lip Gloss

I have over 50 different lip glosses floating around in my makeup drawer and half of them are used once and thrown back in the drawer. I’m not sure what Bobbi Brown has done here to make this any different…but all I can say is that it works! It works miracles…and I have committed the cardinal sin of loaning it out to friends (trust me, I know this is a no-no)…but how can you say no when they keep gushing and gushing about how good your lips look?


4. Brow Pencil

This is something new for the brand and they’ve definitely done their research. They are easily blendable and scary believeable! After years of overplucking and looking a bit ridiculous I’ve found a product that can turn back the clock….


OK I’m done gushing now…and have happily gone broke for all of you as I’ve returned to counter and bought even more product! But it’s all worth it. We should all look our best and why not share the secrets of our beauty? Am I right?


Enjoy and do let me know how you get on….

Jan 10

Finally it’s awards season…

golden globes 2010.jpg

Ahhh….my favourite time of year! It’s awards season and all the beautiful dresses that have been wrapped and stored away so carefully get to come out and play. The Golden Globes is the first big night out for these guys to have a bit of a walkabout. I stayed up all night to see what stylists would send down the red carpet and I wasn’t disappointed…

A few of my favourites from the night are pictured above:
Meryl Streep looked absolutely ravishing in Chris March. You might remember Chris as the winner of Project Runway Season 4. I love this look on Streep as it is so fitting for a woman of her age and shape. She looks positively radiant and sexy as all get out! (oh and if you haven’t seen her in Julie & Julia yet, the movie she won the award for, go and rent it now. It is fab!).

Jennifer Aniston wore black Valentino gown with a sexy high slit up the thigh. It looked amazing on her, but black always looks amazing, especially with a tan.

Emily Blunt wore Dolce & Gabanna and was glowing from head to toe. It wasn’t just the dress. Miss Blunt is madly in love and it shows. She was half of the hottest couple on the red carpet.

Julia Roberts wore Vintage Yves Saint Laurent. Now a lot of people have given Julia a really hard time for wearing what she did. They feel it is too casual for the event. Well I think these people need to remember that Julia has been walking this red carpet since the Eighties. She’s done the dressing up and I think she may just be passed it. I love that she came out in a semi-casual look! More power to you, honey!

Finally, Drew Barrymore wore Atelier Versace. She had this wrapped up for winning the best look on the red carpet! Seriously, a statement was made that when it comes to couture you don’t mess with Barrymore. No one could have pulled off this dress like Drew. She gets my award as the best dressed for the evening. The Versace was classic but original, attention grabbing but subtle. I just loved it.
All in, it was a fantastic night. For more star reports on who was wearing what check out www.fashionfoiegras.com

Jan 10

Baby, It’s (Still) Cold Outside

Just when we thought we could start looking at the Spring clothing lines with some clear vision of a bright sunny day, nature throws us a curveball and we get another cold front barreling through the United Kingdom. I had half of my winter closets ready to go into storage in preparation for the flowery months ahead but it looks like my efforts were in vain.  When will I ever get over the fact that I live in a town that is cold and wet for about ten months of the year? So instead of fully turning my attention to the Spring lines I am forced to look back at what is still available to buy from Winter 2009. What a sad state of affairs this is! I suppose the only good news is that most winter clothing is now on sale and London is known for it’s fantastic January clearance sales! This weekend I wondered around Oxford Street and Bond Street which is terribly depressing and overflowing with foot traffic. I lasted about an hour. The thrill of the shops has nearly left me. How did I get this old and cynical? I moved home, made a hot cup of tea, threw my lovely Hermes Cashmere blanket over my knees and powered up the laptop for some online satisfaction.  There are some amazing deals to be had in the great high street known as cyberspace. I started and finished with NET-A-PORTER where I found the following to momentarily satisfy my craving for warm winter duds:

rick owens.jpg

Rick Owen’s Leather Shearling-Trimmed Coat
Was £2,815 Now £1,407.50


Bella Freud Jane Merino Sweater
Was £200 Now £100

Just type in “sale” in your search engine online and you are bound to find hundreds of sites just waiting for your credit card to snap up the latest sale items! Good luck and happy hunting to all!

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