The Madness of Queen Betsey


I have to tell you upfront that I have never been a huge fan of Betsey Johnson as a fashion designer. This is important to present before my review as you must know that I have an opinion formed before her show, which this year was more or less exactly what I expected it to be. 

Betsey Johnson is actually an artist. I know all fashion designers are, in their own right, artists as such. But Betsey’s creations are truly walking canvases. I do wonder if she actually plans on the clothes she designs being worn off the catwalk as they are displayed here. Surely this is not reality but some surreal lovely world where fashion, not fitting in, is all that matters. On the rare occasion I have seen women out in a Betsey Johnson vision I have always noticed one thing in particular…they exude confidence. You have to be one confident cookie to walk out of your house in a colour so bright it could lighten up an entire city block.  But I have always said “if you are going to wear it loud, wear it proud.” Betsey, I salute your artistic talent…I only wish I had the confidence to step out in one of your fantastic creations.

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  1. The concept of the fashion show is as follows: The extremes of fashion are seen on the runway. Toned down versions and copies are then seen on people and everywhere else. The fashion runway is like theater, and must be viewed like entertainment. Fashion shows would be boring if they didn’t entertain as well as show the fashions. I personally love Betsy Johnson. I think her energy and imagination are spectacular! I wouldn’t necessarily wear her clothes, but I certainly think her unique designs are major candy for the eyes.

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