Mark Fast pulls a fast one…

It is a shame when a designer gets press for a stunt at his show rather than for the show itself. However, it is also a work of marketing genius.
Mark Fast decided last minute to use two “plus size” models in his show this year at London Fashion Week. And after the announcement was made his stylist and creative designer marched out in a huff citing “creative difference.”  
Really who walks out on a show simple because a different body shape is used to showcase roughly half a dozen of the designs? Ludacris!
But rather than playing into the media hype let’s talk about the designs themselves.
Texture is a huge part of the show. I found myself wanting to run my hands over the creations, particularly the lavender petal and nude knit dress – pictured on the left above.
The designs are form fitting but not always flattering. And sadly, as displayed herewith, you see that these items of clothing, if not all black, were in fact made to be worn only by twiglets.
If you do have curves I am afraid the grabs of the fabric only announce to the world that you have rolls to spare. 

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