September, 2009

Sep 09

Feed me Fendi


Ah Fendi…another closet staple. Always the go-to dresses for a classic look that also makes a modern statement.  A catwalk of subtle nudes shook the hearts of bystanders. Chunky espadrilles were given another life with six inch glossy platforms and sensuous fabrics that caressed and flattered the ankle. The bags were what we have come to expect from Fendi – fantastic. But really it was the clever dress designs that made me take my hat off to Karl. A great deal of emphasis is still placed on the shoulders this season with glorified footballer’s shoulder pads and cleverly draped fabrics.       

Sep 09

Just go with the flow

etro.jpgThat’s the motto for spring. It’s loose and comfortable and we are seeing it strut down the catwalk with every passing day.  

Etro has always had a mother earth-meets-couture kind of vibe and this season is no exception. Dresses are loose, trousers are slung low and colours are warm. But this is only the start of the show. Veronica Etro switches things up in the middle with the waist dramatically cinched with wide belts. Although the midriff is restricted, fabric flows freely on both the top and the bottom. The body is able to move about with only one area crying out for attention.  Veronica may look dwarfed next to her gigantic runway models but this little lady packs a serious punch. I am already looking forward to spring and have a new motivation to sticking with my running routine…let’s just say bras aren’t really part of the Etro game plan for next season so I have some work to do!

Sep 09

Camp Counsellor meets Prom Queen on the edge…

I think that’s a pretty accurate description of what was seen at Dsquared in Milan this weekend….and I loved every inch of it.

Dsquared is known for its outrageous takes on fashion but this is pure and utter genius. A girl in a poofy purple gown, beer bottle in hand and a trucker hat on her head is the highlight for me. It doesn’t get much better. It’s only heightened by the fact that the clothes are actually phenomenal.

Perhaps that is the point of such unlikely pairings…not even wearing a rag on your head or a hat resembling a beer helmet can detract from these stunning designs.  One more thing before I go…I never imagined in my lifetime I would see a wilderness girl in a black floor length gown with a black leather silver studded rucksack – LOVE IT!

Sep 09

Absolutely Amazing Armani


I’m speechless. What a fantastic show! My favourite of his to date. Giorgio….there are no words. The blue hues, the silk fabrics, the sequin detailing and sculpted shoulders. You can do no wrong. Tradition and modernity come to life together on the catwalk before our very eyes as we watch the fabrics move. Even the models walked with a fresh new swing in their step as the beautiful clothing allowed for a newly realized confidence.

Sep 09

A Well Dressed man…



Ok so I thought it was about time to give the male species a bit of attention here as fashion certainly isn’t for females alone. 

The first day in Milan was centrally focused around men’s fashions and if you thought there were some crazy sights on the catwalks for New York and London you should have seen some of the catastrophes strutting their stuff on the catwalks in Italy. 

That’s not to say I wasn’t enjoying the view because what girl in her right mind doesn’t enjoy the sight of a man with the body of a Greek god strutting his stuff with no shirt in sight?  But those aren’t fashions that are applicable to the every day male. 

Above, I have chosen looks I believe are easily translatable for city life. Looks that will make you stand out for being chic and fashionable, not because you look like a space oddity.  I will admit that they are classic in nature with slight modern twists put in place by the designer, but why mess with something that works?  Any man stepping out in the outfits above is sure to be noticed…and dare I say, desired.


Sep 09

Light and Airy at Moschino


moschino.jpgWhile watching the show I couldn’t help but repeat the phrase ‘cheap and cheerful’ over and over in my head. The reason this comes to mind is of course because of the name of the line – Moschino Cheap & Chic. It is definitely chic but doesn’t look at all cheap and this is what I love about Moschino.

Rosella Jardini has fun with fashion. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and she knows her audience.  I loved this year’s show. When the world seems really grey from not only the weather but also the current state of the economy, you can guaranteee that Rosella is going to brighten up your day…the pink backdrop on the catwalk was evidence enough of that!  And this theme carried through with every piece that swanned down the runway.  The main emphasis seemed to be on monochromatic bases with bright pink or red splashes. The dresses were either mini or maxi, nothing in between. Ruffles reigned and wrap styles followed close behind.

A show I could have spent all day admiring!

Sep 09

Product Prada


prada.jpgPrada’s show in Milan was, frankly, disappointing.  I am a huge fan of the label and will jump at a Prada dress if given the chance. But if this is the designer’s take on the modern woman I’m not sure I want to be placed in that category. Saying that, however, I felt that there were two or three dresses that saved the show. Her silk floral and patterened dresses will undoubtedly be seen in glossies in the coming months. It’s hard to criticize a legend and Miuccia is definitely a legend in fashion. So I will just say it was not my taste this time around. I look forward to seeing what she presents in February.

Sep 09

Albino’s exotic safari


albino.jpgIf this is Albino D’Amato’s idea of going on safari I want to sign up for the next skip through the African jungles. The designer presented us with sensual fabrics, soft hues and draping detail this year in Milan.  He wasn’t afraid to use sheer and light material to create great folds on his models.  The result – amazing dresses that look comfortable while also exotic and rare. His pairing of delicate textiles with chunky jewellery is a theme expressed in both London and New York and it looks to be a must for all in spring of next year.

Sep 09

PPQ Perks


One of the perks of working in the fashion world is the access to fantastic parties! The press office at Harveys was kind enough to extend an invitation to the PPQ after party at the Mayfair Hotel last Saturday night. Now I don’t know anyone that turns down an invite to mingle with the fashion crowd and enjoy an open bar all at the same time. It’s like heaven in a hotel. 


And the crowd was jumping…the party was lined with celebrites including Peaches Geldof, Nadine Coyle, Fearne Cotton, Alexa Chung, Henry Conway, Jodie Harsh, JLS and Brix Smith-Start, to name a few, as well as the PPQ crew themselves – Percy Parker & Amy Molyneaux. 


DJ’s the Broken Hearts kept the party bouncing while we were all sipping gorgeous cocktails from the sponsor – personal fave was Harveys paired with lemonade.  There was even a top-hatted performer in a martini glass! I mean do parties come better than this these days?!


We all got to leave with a goody bag with a limited edition bottle of Harveys for the tube ride home! Oh wait, I mean I waited to crack it until I was in the comfort of my own house….


Thanks PPQ and Harveys for showing Fashion Foie Gras a good night out! It’s nice to get away from the blue computer screen every once and a while. And congratulations on a fantastic show….


Sep 09

Floral Frenzy at Erdem


One can definitely feel the Japanese influence in Erdem’s collection this season. It is a floral fiesta.

A most wonderful eye-popping display of waist cinching, hip hugging and leg lengthening fabrics.

There were wonderful transitions in the show from lighter florals for daywear to more moody florals of navy blue and black for evening attire.

With either capped shoulders or long sleeves to suit your tastes and modest hemlines abound, this collection is one in which nearly every woman can find an item to take their fancy.

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