Shake it, shake it…shake it like a polaroid picture…


When I was ten my little brother and I “borrowed” my parents Polaroid camera and ran around the house taking pictures of the most random pieces of furniture, dogs, blades of grass…everything and anything. I am sure if you put those all together now we would be considered revolutionary in our artistic visions. At the time I was still playing tomboy and had no idea that serious photographers around the world were using that very same camera type to capture moments that would change the way we are view style and fashion.

Digital photography has changed the way in which we view the world now. You no longer shake a piece of film for an instant image…you now have an image less than a second after it has been shot in high resolution right in front of you. So sadly, polaroids have been pushed aside in favour of a cheaper and faster alternative. In fact Polariod actually shut down its factory and have discontinued selling the film!

When I heard this news my heart broke. The only place I would be able to purchase film would be on ebay and that supply is far from endless and will only become more expensive as it runs out. It is safe to say I had a minor breakdown.

Thank God I was speaking to a well known stylist on the phone when I discovered the bad news about Polaroid. She is actually well known in the business for snapping away with her Polaroid camera on fashion shoots when throwing together outfits, despite the trend in using digital. As I was telling her how upset I was over such a disastrous announcement she told me about this amazing initiative called “The Impossible Project.”

Production of instant film came to a halt in June 2008 with factories in Mexico and the Netherlands shuttering their windows. Impossible b.v.(The Impossible Project founders) swooped in like angels and purchased all of the film production equipment from factory in the Netherlands and employed the most experienced team of experts to run it.They are now hard at work to keep the instant film alive while also improving its components. 

Before seeing what this company can do with our beloved art form you can get back into the groove of taking instant pictures by visiting Urban Outfitters in the US or the UK to pick up one of 700 limited edition Polaroid camera sets. I will be out and about during fashion week here in London to capture the vibe with my instant camera in support of the cause!
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  1. I’ve been following the Impossible Project for a while now myself, and am really excited about it! Looks like things are progressing nicely, and the first batches of B&W film will be rolling off the production line next year!
    Can’t wait!

  2. I hope they will start to produce polaroids again soon!!! I can’t live without my polaroid camera!!!

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