August, 2009

Aug 09

Marriage and Fashion…go together like a horse and carriage.

herrera56a.jpgEver since I was old enough to mutter the words “Ralph Lauren” I had a vision of the one day every girl dreams of…the day she…gets her first walk in closet. Ok, sorry, I meant that other day you dream of – your wedding day. My only problem is that I will need to have about six different ceremonies just so I can wear all the dresses I fall in love with every season.

There is no way on earth I am going to be able to settle on only one dress and frankly I don’t believe you should have to. Perhaps the better compromise to be made here is to wear one dress to the ceremony, one to the reception, one to the proper dinner, one for dancing afterwards, one for cutting the cake and the final for tossing the bouquet and getting the heck out of dodge.

Now, dear reader, please know that I am not engaged, there are no immediate signs that I will have a ring on my finger anytime in the near future and I am not trolling the bars looking for the last essential accessory for a wedding – the groom. However, a girl in this day in age must be prepared. So I was extremely observant when it came to New York’s Bridal week 2010. Although I was not overly impressed with what was presented from designers on this year’s catwalk, if tomorrow a gorgeous tall, dark and handsome man proposes, I will be ready with a few selections (there isn’t enough blog space to review all previous years!):

Carolina Herrera-

Carolina Herrera1.jpg



Angel Sanchez-


Oscar de La Renta-

de la renta1.jpg


Aug 09

Shake it, shake it…shake it like a polaroid picture…


When I was ten my little brother and I “borrowed” my parents Polaroid camera and ran around the house taking pictures of the most random pieces of furniture, dogs, blades of grass…everything and anything. I am sure if you put those all together now we would be considered revolutionary in our artistic visions. At the time I was still playing tomboy and had no idea that serious photographers around the world were using that very same camera type to capture moments that would change the way we are view style and fashion.

Digital photography has changed the way in which we view the world now. You no longer shake a piece of film for an instant image…you now have an image less than a second after it has been shot in high resolution right in front of you. So sadly, polaroids have been pushed aside in favour of a cheaper and faster alternative. In fact Polariod actually shut down its factory and have discontinued selling the film!

When I heard this news my heart broke. The only place I would be able to purchase film would be on ebay and that supply is far from endless and will only become more expensive as it runs out. It is safe to say I had a minor breakdown.

Thank God I was speaking to a well known stylist on the phone when I discovered the bad news about Polaroid. She is actually well known in the business for snapping away with her Polaroid camera on fashion shoots when throwing together outfits, despite the trend in using digital. As I was telling her how upset I was over such a disastrous announcement she told me about this amazing initiative called “The Impossible Project.”

Production of instant film came to a halt in June 2008 with factories in Mexico and the Netherlands shuttering their windows. Impossible b.v.(The Impossible Project founders) swooped in like angels and purchased all of the film production equipment from factory in the Netherlands and employed the most experienced team of experts to run it.They are now hard at work to keep the instant film alive while also improving its components. 

Before seeing what this company can do with our beloved art form you can get back into the groove of taking instant pictures by visiting Urban Outfitters in the US or the UK to pick up one of 700 limited edition Polaroid camera sets. I will be out and about during fashion week here in London to capture the vibe with my instant camera in support of the cause!

Aug 09

I die! Bananas! Oh Tay!

Women all over the globe dropped to their knees and cried out at their computer screens as the Huffington Post published photographs of Rachel Zoe’s shoe closet in Los Angeles. No doubt her role as stylist for Piperlime in the US has given her countless pairs of pads but nothing could have prepared us for what flashed upon our screens. This makes “Sex and the City” look like child’s play!

I am guessing there are roughly 500 shoes in the picture. If you take in consideration that the average price of each pair of shoes is US$500…she has the cost of a house sitting in her living room – $250,000! Of course when you are the stylist for Hollywood’s elite (including Anne Hathaway, Debra Messing, Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes) you have to have countless pairs of stilettos at the ready.

Although Rachel Zoe is most famed for her role in the “Size Zero” phenomenon, it is too seldom that she is recognized as one of the great trendsetters of our time. If you see something on the red carpet that you like, it’s most likely been put together by this diva. If you see someone looking like a disaster…it’s most likely they are on the waiting list for Rachel’s styling expertise. 

Season 2 of The Rachel Zoe Project premieres Monday August 24th at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo (UK & Europe TBC).

For some real comedy…check out the following spoof of Rachel on Youtube. You know you’ve made it when….( Ps Rachel, you are my hero!)

Aug 09

City clutch



I adore this bag. Judith Leiber’s clutch is simple, chic and yet a little bit chinzy, like something you would buy in China Town while roaming New York. Somehow I doubt you would find the pricetag of $3,995 with a street vendor!

Next time you find yourself in New York, look for something similar. Cheap and cheerful without the extravagent pricetag is totally in style at the moment! And for you Londoners, you won’t to travel far to find something in similar for a tenner at Camden market or in any one of dozens of shops along Oxford Street. It’s all about creativity now ladies!

Aug 09

Elle’s Victoria-n Love Affair



Elle Macpherson is currently in New York filming a show we can’t wait to set our eyes upon – CW’s “The Beautiful Life.”  You may remember last month while Elle was working the London party circuit, the press decided to pick on our favourite supermodel and what they claimed were her “saggy knees”.  Now we know this is a ridiculous claim as “The Body” is perfection and will be until the day she is six feet under ground. Every man loves her and every woman wants to be her.  But I’m starting to think that Elle might have taken the criticism to heart.

Over the past couple of weeks she has worn four, yes four, different dresses from the Victoria Beckham Spring 2009 Collection.  And all four of these dresses end just at, or below, the knee, hiding what some have considered “the sag”.  I loved Victoria’s line so I am not complaining and I am sure Victoria isn’t arguing either. Bottom Line, Elle, you look great and don’t listen to the critics…they are all just jealous of your perfection. 

Aug 09

Autumn…Get the look…


Well we are at an interesting place this season where our
wallets and the world’s fashion industry are engaged in a great battle of

Thanks to Bernie “Burn my fall fashion allowance”
Madoff, along with many other financial catastrophes, several of the world’s great fashion
queens are stuck without the great privilege of just saying “wrap it up,
I’ll take it all.”  Instead we are faced with the daunting task of
updating our wardrobes rather than replacing them entirely for the season ahead.

If you find yourself in this situation you are in luck. In
February we witnessed a return to classic style. It’s almost as if the
designers predicted the situation we would find ourselves in today. So not only
are my fashion heroes brilliant designers, they are fortune (or lack thereof)

Alas, I digress.  Let’s take scenario number one: You have
a limited budget with which to update your look this autumn.  In this case
I would recommend that you invest in the following items, pairing them with
pieces currently hanging in your closet which will give you the “new
look” edge we all so desire at this time of year -

1. Over the knee boots (preferably in black leather…and this
is non-negotiable…you must have a pair!). If you have the legs and the cash
dare to go higher with the boots, anywhere up to mid thigh is acceptable for
the season.

2. Statement necklace(s). The bigger, bolder and more in your
face the better. Go extreme here. Go charity shopping or raid your grandmother’s jewels even. Just make sure you
have something loud wrapped around your neck.

3.  Skinny belt. You only need one of these, although
having several colours with which one can switch in and out is always a bonus.
 Wrap these at waist level around everything including jackets, sweaters, wraps, and
pashminas (although not all at once or you will look like a marshmallow man). Accentuate your waist, it is usually the skinniest part of a woman’s
body so make the most of it and draw the attention away from the extra pounds
on our hips that all those summer bbqs may have left you with.

4. Blazer – either Balmain, as previously mentioned with the star trekky style, or boyfriend. Wear it tight or loose, either flies this
season, just make sure you are wearing one!


Now scenario number two: You have just received your new
American Express Titanium and you are itching to get your fashion fix for the
new cooler weather. If this is you…God bless you for keeping the industry
alive. I would suggest you buy the following pictured here:

Miu Miu and Ralph Lauren are my favourites for the new season and basically you should just say “I want it all without exception..” But so that you don’t look like an unoriginal obsessive please try some of these items from some of the world’s great talents…
Best of luck to you all for the new season! I will be on the look out in the coming months for some budget items rolling out on the high street. No doubt we will see replicas popping up everywhere. I am just waiting to see what the high street will choose to strangle next. I think we have finally moved on from Herve Leger and it looks like Balmain is on the cards. Nothing wrong with that but please high street stylers…don’t exhaust this brand as you did with Herve’s bodycon dress.

Aug 09

Shop New York’s Lower East Side in London

Ah those three day shopping weekends in New York, they really
can’t be beat! But with everyone cutting back on spending these days it seems a
bit extravagant to just fly off like we used to for a weekend of card blazing
on fifth. 

However, I have some good news for you transatlantic shopping addicts. In
the month of October New York is coming to you, London, well the Lower East Side


London’s Newburgh Quarter (Carnaby Street) and New York’s Lower
East Side are doing a switcheroo for the entire month. 

So what does this mean
for those of us on this side of the pond? Well you can expect a truly New York
experience with street markets offering bagels, pretzels and other various
specialties that New York is renowned for. There will also be a series of events (more details to
follow) which will include a ‘Guerilla’ street fashion show, a shopping evening
and a Halloween party (so American!).  

I’ll update this post as soon as I have more information on the pop up
brands that will be available to shop. But for now mark your calendars and
start saving your pennies! Just think of all the money you will be saving on
airfare…all the more to spend with I say!

Visit for
more updates.

Aug 09

Fashion Outside the Big Four?

I rarely pay attention to anything outside of the big four (London, New York, Paris and Milan) when it comes to fashion weeks.  However, the recent fashion week in Copenhagen may have me adding another city to my already busy schedule in 2010.

The Scandinavian designers showcased some fabulous looks for their Spring/Summer 2010 lines, getting a head start on all the designers rolling out new ideas next month in other international cities. Here are some highlights from the week:

Malene Birger…

malenebirger5.jpgMalene birger2.jpg
malene birger3.jpgmalene irger 4.jpg
Designers Remix:
Designers Remix.jpg
CPH Vision:
CPH Vision.jpg
Ivan Grundahl:
ivan grundahl.jpg
Ivana Helsinki:
ivana helsinki.jpgivana 2.jpg
Make sure to take a look back at the blog later this week. Before we get in over our heads at looking at next Spring’s looks I want to take a look at what we will be stepping out in for the season ahead…Autumn 2009!

Aug 09

Closet Envy for Blake Lively, News & Styling Success


I think the pictures say it all really. Blake Lively knows how to put an outfit together! Either that or she has been paying attention to her character’s style on Gossip Girl.  
I put her towards the top of the list for best dressed thus far in 2009.  Hooray to her on screen stylist and her off screen talent for fashion!
In other news…

Thumbnail image for 6a00d83451e6b169e20120a4c8e22c970b-500wi.jpg

Gucci made an interesting decision to have Mark Ronson design a line of trainers,launched in October, for the Gucci Pop Up stores appearing in London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin and Miami.  For the bargain price of between $500 and $1400 you can sport the wears of a Ronson family member along with a 12″ vinyl LP from Ronson created specifically for this launch. 
Call me a cynic but I think DJs should stick to DJing. But hey, I could be way off base here and Mark will shock us all with his extreme talent for fashion. I will gladly stand corrected should this be the case. I’d personally spend the money at Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik…but that’s just me.
style copy.jpg
Blake Lively, Christina Hendricks, Ashley Simpson-Wentz, Betsy Brandt, Emmy Rossum and Amber le Bon all looked fab last week. Congrats ladies on an outfit well done.

Aug 09

Gap a la Pierre


Just another date for your fashion calendar in September. Between the 25th anniversary of London Fashion Week, Louboutin fancy pastry boxes and huge fall magazines to absorb, I have yet another event for you to mark down.  Gap is releasing a series of shoes thought up by the French designer Pierre Hardy.

I am looking forward to holding a pair of these and checking out the quality first hand. Unfortunately, I have yet to come across items from designer high street lines that are of any great quality. These are mostly “wear once” items.  

But what do you expect for a piece that costs a fraction of the price of the normal designer duds.  Quality almost always comes with a three or four digit price tag these days….or as I have heard time after time: “You get what you pay for…” I would love to be wrong about this. Hardy and Gap…make me eat my words!

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