The Fashion Foie Gras Weekend Spread


Even after a brief revival, as seen on Emma Watson at the Harry Potter Premiere, Ossie Clark is closing its doors. It has been only a year since the label was relaunched and business has not gone according to plan. You may remember that Avsh Alom Gut took on the role as Creative Director. We had high hopes and are sorry to say goodbye. It’s a sad year in fashion thus far. We have said farewell to some truly legendary names.



Net-a-porter have launched a new       I-phone application which allows you to shop the latest stock directly from your phone as well as keep up to date with all the latest and greatest in fashion news. I haven’t had a chance to try the application out myself (as I am a blackberry devotee) but I have heard supreme reviews from some fashion hounds already.



Hold on to your hats ladies! Balmain, the house on everyone’s lips, has just announced they are releasing a line of handbags. If they are anywhere near as outstanding as the trekky jackets we are in for some serious cat fights at a store near you! And if you are a serious fan of Balmain with no extra cash make sure and check out the

£16 dress being sold at ASDA here in the UK from the George line. Rumour has it that the Walmart owned outfit might have to hire extra security to keep the lady shoppers in line when stores open.



I’ve never been a huge fan of Scarlet Johannson, or perhaps I have never really understood why she is placed atop such a tall pedestal as a sex icon. Nonetheless, Mango, the Spanish retailer, have just released the photos for their upcoming store campaign and Scarlet is the feature.  She looks absolutely amazing and the stylist in charge here does a good job of convincing the viewer that the clothes on Scarlet’s back would suit any woman walking through Covent Garden.



Unless you live in a cave you will have seen that Beth Ditto has paired up with Evans to release a new line for the plus sized lady in England.  I love Beth Ditto’s music. I applaud her for being a woman that is comfortable in her own skin and for encouraging women everywhere to reevaluate the statement “you can never be too thin.” But I do not agree with encouraging curvy women to wear bad clothing. As a matter of fact even Kate Moss herself couldn’t pull off this clothing on her tiny frame (which is probably why she wasn’t wearing anything of the sort at the launch party). It will be interesting to see how often these styles are spotted out and about in London, if at all. PS – Beth, I really do adore you. Just say no to bad clothing! I was so excited when I heard there was finally a line coming out for the curvy lady that didn’t involve tents!
The end is near! The four horseman of the apocalypse have appeared….S, A, L & E on the window of CHANEL! That’s right…you read that correctly. For the first time in the history of the world Chanel has announced a sale in their boutiques. Even Coco can’t escape the recession. I suppose there are some good things that might come out of this financial downturn…like a gorgeous pair of Chanel ballet flats I have been eyeing.
How’s this for strange? Alanis Morrisette and Woody Harrelson have teamed up to develop a brand of jeans. Who on earth would have ever pictured these two together in anything let alone in fashion? Neither strike me as one we should look for as figures of great style. Reco Jeans, as it will be named, are releasing 300 limited edition pairs to start off the collection. Apparently they come nicely boxed with a numbered certificate of authenticity. No comment.
And finally….just a thought to start the week. Put away your bondage dresses. We’ve seen way too many of these. Every high street store has produced a copy of the Herve Leger legend and it’s time to move on to another trend. It was fun while it was lasted but the song has now been overplayed. 
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