June, 2009

Jun 09

Top Ten: Must haves for summer

1. Slinky scarf

For all occasions. To be worn whether hot or cold. This is a fashion statement not necessity. In other words, don’t choose to wear it because it might be chilly. Wear it to complete an outfit and make yourself look like you know what is going on in fashion.

scarf.jpg (Ralph Lauren)

2.  Cuff Sandals

You will see these everywhere in the stores and you can get some nice designer rip offs from stores like New Look and Primark.

glad sandal.jpg (BCBG Max Azria)

3. Playsuit

Ok, it’s important you get this right. Do not run out and buy just any playsuit. In fact don’t buy any playsuit that isn’t in silk. Alright, let’s narrow it down even further. The only playsuit you should buy is this one by Gucci. I think I have tried it on a few hundred times already. It is an item that has the ability to make you feel like the sexiest creature on earth as you slink through Knightsbridge in four inch heels. Run now and throw down that American Express.

playsuit.jpg (Gucci)

4. White Dress

Preferable strapless but as simple or as complex as you would like to go. Pair it with a tan and you have the perfect everyday summer outfit. One thing to keep in mind – the simpler the dress the more often you can pair with different killer accessories and therefore justifying the £500 or more you shell out for it in the first place. See, I just erased buyer’s remorse for you completely.

white dress.jpg (Versace)

5. Strapless Dress

In fact, the Versace dress pictured above works two of the summer must haves. Strapless dresses are totally chic.  It’s time to break out these little skin flaunters and show off the gorgeous shoulders and arms you have been working on all winter! Dare to be funky with fabris and patterns. These dresses are less about themselves and more about showing what you are made of off to the public.

strapless.jpg (Oscar de la Renta)

6. Brown Belt

Ok so perhaps I am a little biased when it comes to Ralph Lauren but I do think the man has impeccable taste that has yet to be replicated with a younger generation designer. This is worrying as Ralph cannot live forever, sadly. But here I am getting off track completely. In his Spring/Summer 2009 Collection one accessory we see over and over again is the brown belt. It is braided, a thick leather, adorned with gold rings…but it’s everywhere. I love it low slung but it also appears in high waisted fashion.

belt.jpg (Ralph Lauren)

7. Single shoulder dress

Tamara Mellon has sworn by these dresses for years. Last year they really took off on the high street and these year we have seen the trend continue with great strength both on the runways and on the high street. Again, simplicity rules here.

one shoulder.jpg (Oscar de la renta – Cruise Collection)

8. Shirt Dress

Easy and Elegant, these are the dresses that you can throw on with or without a belt and a strand of pearls.They are seen everywhere from the Hamptons to St. Tropez and they are light and breezy enough to withstand the occasional heatwave we may find this summer in London. Also a great investment piece that can be worn in any season with the right extras.

shirt.jpg (Diane von Furstenberg – Cruise Collection)

9. Nude – anything at all

Just about anything you see in a nude or flesh colour – buy it immediately. You cannot go wrong here. It is the colour of the season!


nude.jpg (Alberta Ferretti)

10.  Boyfriend Style Blazer

The oversized blazer is key. It can be thrown over anything, a dress (the strapless would be perfect to keep you warm on chilly nights), jeans or wide leg trousers.  Roll or push up the sleeves for that 80s revamp twist.

blazer.jpg (Burberry Prorsum) 

Jun 09

Mixing business with pleasure on the courts of Wimbledon

Anna Wintour and Roger Federer have been spotted together more than once this tennis season, thereby cementing the relationship between sport and fashion. When the ice queen is seen sticking out through inclement weather with not one, but two hairs out of place you know that change is in the wind. And so it should surprise no one that the players at Wimbledon have taken this opportunity to showcase some new designs on the grass courts. 

As with any fashion experience, there are always victims.  Let’s start with those that should be given the Wimbledon fashion trophies thus far.

First prize goes to Maria Sharapova. Now I can’t imagine she has put on an unflattering outfit in her life. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a body like that with legs that are the length of a normal sized woman’s whole figure. This lovely jacket is one that can easily be paired with jeans on any given day. It’s timeless yet modern. Where can we get one?! (One small note – Maria, lose the bag. I am sure there are designers around the globe itching to have you carry a white tote….nike isn’t cutting the mustard here).


Next up we are confronted with none other than Wintour’s new best friend: Roger Federer. I’m not really sure what to make of this. I will say that the white / gold combination has always been a favourite of mine.  And he is working that here. But do you think he is taking it a little too far? He is rocking this combo from head and toe and extending out to the bag. It might be a little much. I do wonder if Ms. Wintour was consulted.


Last but not least we need to talk about those who probably need a little assistance in the matters of fashion. This one comes as no surprise. She is not high on my list for fashion heroes.  I am speaking of Serena Williams. Now before I start off here I would like to make a couple of points. Firstly, Serena is one of the world’s most amazing athletes.  She and her sister have accomplished fabulous things in the world of tennis and nothing anyone says about the clothes on their backs can take that away from them. But if Serena does have a stylist she deserves a good seeing to.  Serena has thighs that scare the living heck out of most of us and that isn’t easy to dress. So why on earth would you put her in a coat that flares out at the thickest part of her body?! See for yourself. Serena, honey, I’m here if you want some help for next year. You are too amazing to be seen in anything less than fantastic and someone is letting you down here!


Jun 09

Little lady no longer…


Emma Watson was always a favourite of the public.  She hasn’t had any horrible behaviour recorded in the papers. She has barely stepped out of perfection since stepping into the limelight some years ago with her role as Hermoine in Harry Potter.  The same could be said for her fashion.

She is a classic figure who has taken very little risk. She has remained tasteful and polished at most times and although many people may regard this as being “safe”..could it be that she just has impeccable taste and doesn’t crave the ridiculous attention that other celebrities do? 

So what’s my point here? Well, who is more perfect than Emma Watson as the new face for the quintessentially British house of Burberry.  I have thought and thought about what an alternative could be and she really is absolutely fabulous. No doubt we will now have the same people complaining that there are no models anymore – the actors of our day are taking their place in campaigns.

Emma… I salute you! Thank you for being a role model to all for classic style and grace….and sweetheart, you look amazing in these new ads!

Jun 09


Untitled-1 copy.JPGGood Afternoon all and welcome to the newest fashion blog to hit the net. I’m going to attempt to keep this as up to the minute as possible with all the latest fashion must haves, celebrity fashion mishaps and success stories, as well as some shots of the great street fashion we have in London at the moment. There is so much to talk about and so much to examine that I can hardly contain myself. If you have any tips for the future do let me know…a launch, new must have or sighting, etc. All eyes and ears are open and at the ready.

Do let the fashion catfighting (and catwalking) begin. I hope you enjoy it! All comments are welcome…

Looking forward to the future…


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