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26 February


31 Weeks, back to reality and project baby!

Time is flying by so fast; I can’t believe that I am three quarters of the way through my pregnancy.  Although my bump is now so big, I have finally reached the point where people aren’t scared to ask about it for fear that I might not actually be pregnant but have just eaten too many pies!! It is difficult not to notice I am pregnant now as I look like I have swallowed a watermelon whole and my boobs are the size of coconuts!!


Having just got back from the most fabulous “baby-moon” where we spent 2 weeks in New Zealand, with sun sea and family, a week in Phuket relaxing by the pool, followed by a romantic Valentines day (and night) in Singapore – it is time to get back to reality and prepare for project baby.





I had a check-up with my midwife last week, which I always look forward to as I get to hear the baby’s heart beat and check that everything is ok.  She measured my bump and I was pleased to hear that the bump is exactly the right size. We also listened to the heartbeat – although I got a fright at first as they could not find it but then when they did it was beating strong and loud.  The midwife also took blood for an iron test which is never nice and lastly she gave me a shot in the muscle of my arm with a rather large needle of anti – D because I have a rhesus negative blood type –

I must say I am enjoying this stage of the pregnancy and am proud of my growing bump.  I love feeling the baby move around which seems to be getting stronger as the weeks go by and I find myself talking to the baby and singing little lullabies.    Although I have to say it is getting more uncomfortable at night, making sleep difficult, as I can’t find a good position.  If I lie on my back I cant breath so I have invested in a Mothercare sleep plus body pillow that supports me when I sleep –  and I can’t recommend it enough.  I have also started to get leg cramps in bed.  Last night both of my lower legs cramped up at the same time and I shot up and nearly hit the ceiling with the pain!  My husband got the fright of his life and was asking me what was wrong.  I was in such pain trying to stretch out my calves I couldn’t answer until the pain had subsided. He must of thought I had gone into premature labour!





Our house renovations are coming along nicely although the recent bad weather has probably delayed things by a few weeks.  Unfortunately it is now looking like we won’t be in the house in time for arrival of the baby.  But the good news is the roof structure is almost complete and I can start to see things taking shape.  My husband is managing the main construction works but I am managing the interior design and landscaping. As I am not dancing at present I have more time to organise things, so for me this week it’s all been about bathrooms, tiles, kitchens, doors, floors and more excitingly nurseries.  I will keep you informed with all my finds and buys over the coming weeks.


Oh yes, one more thing…. this week I start my antenatal classes.  I have no idea what to expect but lets hope it puts me at ease as I have a list of questions as long as my arm about the birth!  I have also being doing some research about hypno-birthing, which sounds amazing so I think I might give that a try as well.  There is so much to do, but I am very excited about it all.



Love, Erin

10 February


28 weeks pregnant, babymoon and sunshine

Finally, after helping my professional dance partner Anton get his tour up and running, I am off on my “babymoon”. Before I went, one of my jobs was getting the costumes ready for all the cast, working with the wonderful Dance Sport International.


The tour is well underway. I watched the first few shows and if I do say so myself it is a fabulous show. However, it does feel strange not being a part of it for the very first time but pregnancy and dance do not mix well. There comes a time when its just not possible anymore so there was only one thing that was going to make me feel better and that was booking a babymoon to take my mind off things.

Before being pregnant I had never heard of a babymoon – however I am reliably informed it’s a last holiday before the baby arrives. I thought the best thing would be a trip back to New Zealand to visit family and get some sunshine and hopefully give my bump a bit of a tan. Since touching down in New Zealand I have been so lucky with perfect weather. I have been here for two weeks and my husband Peter has now flown out to join me.


Our days have been packed – catching up with family and friends; a dolphin spotting boat trip; fishing on my Dad’s boat; a helicopter ride; a bit of sunbathing and of course most nights you have to do the good old New Zealand tradition of a BBQ in the back yard!


I left London at 26 weeks pregnant and I am now 28 weeks and my bump is expanding fast. I am also pleased to report that I still have an “innie” (belly button) and not a pushed out one yet.

To be honest I am hoping it stays that way but I have heard that a lot of women have belly buttons that pop out!

I was sunbathing today and was not sure what was bigger – my belly or the volcano in the background (Rangitoto Island) – but I will leave you to decide!


I have to admit things are getting a little more difficult now. I no longer sit up and get out of bed – my husband has to roll me out now, I feel my hip joints getting sore and I even caught myself waddling the other day! It is a wonderful feeling though when you feel the baby kicking and moving even if it does keep me awake most of the night.

The sunshine is not over for me yet. We have a few more days here in NZ and then we are off to Phuket for a little more sunshine before heading back to cold, grey and very wet London.

I can’t say that I miss the winter days but I can say that I miss being on the dance floor and touring with Anton, but I will make the most of things and enjoy the sunshine while I can.

Love Erin x

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