A secret wedding, a new family home and my growing baby bump!

Hello everyone,

Wow, didn’t Christmas come and go so fast and then we all welcomed in the New Year and the horrible weather – it seems to have rained everyday day since!

The week before Christmas was really busy for me with Anton and Erin’s Christmas cracker at the Royal Albert Hall. We had three shows to perform and at 22 weeks pregnant I was slightly nervous that my stamina would not hold up. We did alter the show slightly and took out some of the big lifts, (mainly for the benefit of Anton’s back!) and I must say it was incredible.


As we danced around the stage accompanied by a 60-piece orchestra, 2 choirs, the wonderful Lance Ellington singing and 4,000 people watching each performance it was a rather magical experience. We also sang carols and got everyone in the mood for Christmas. Sadly it will be my last performance before baby arrives as my bump is just getting too big, my centre of gravity is changing and I don’t fit the dresses anymore!


Between Christmas and New Year we attended the secret wedding of Jimi Mistry and Flavia Cacace (don’t worry it’s not secret anymore). It was the most beautiful winters wedding and they both looked extremely happy. Even when they met on Strictly Come Dancing you could tell that they had a spark between them and now finally they have tied the knot. I do like a happy ending! I wish them all the happiness for their future together.

I am now 24 weeks along and what started out as flutters in my belly at about 18 weeks has now evolved into getting kicked all the time. It is a very strange but warming feeling and always excites me when I feel a kick. My husband Peter felt it at about 22 weeks and now loves feeling my belly every time I say the bump’s awake. I think when you both feel it together it seems to bring you closer, if that’s possible, and you also feel a growing bond with the baby.

Midway through last year we bought a new house that will become our family home. It is the perfect location for us; the only problem is it needs major renovations to make it the house of our dreams. We have had the plans drawn up and got our builders in place and have now started the massive project that it has become. When I said it needs renovating I mean we are giving this house a major face-lift and are extending sideways, backwards and up – eventually doubling it in size as well as dragging it kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. It will be our new family home and is going to be ready hopefully about the same time the baby is due. Slightly crazy I know but exciting at the same time. I have had a keen interest in property for a long time and have purchased and renovated many properties but never a job as big as this. I can’t wait to decorate the nursery.


Anton Du Beke, my professional dance partner, is getting ready to go out on tour. It starts in less than two weeks and for the first time in 17 years I will not be by his side. The size I am now you would have to roll me on and off the dance floor. I am however still heavily involved acting as lead ballroom choreographer and creative coordinator for the numerous costumes required for the show. I know Anton will be great and everything will be just fine without me but I still worry about who is going to keep him under control on stage!! He does love being out in front of an audience and sometimes does not want to get off but that’s Anton for you and I’m sure the audiences will love him.

As time is ticking along so quickly and the due date is getting closer I feel I still have a lot to fit in before this baby arrives. People say how important it is to take a “babymoon” (last holiday) before the baby arrives – so Peter and I have planned a little trip home to New Zealand in a few weeks time.

Also more importantly I need to start thinking about a birth plan, baby buggies, cots, and car seats. I must admit that I don’t really know where to start on some of these things so all advice is welcome! One thing I have been advised on and that is a 4D baby scan which you can have from 24 weeks. I have that booked in this week and cannot wait to see what my baby looks like. I will keep you all posted with my plans and scans soon.

Love, Erin x


  1. Erin you look so stunning the preganancy obviously suits you, I am hoping to see Anton in Brighton and must admit we all love him but its gonna be weird without you as his dance partner just like it was on strictly this year. sounds like you have your hands full even before the baby arrives but make sure you get the well earnt rest before baby comes. cant wait for your return and look forward to seeing you in action again. all the best lucy

  2. we all miss u erin im so glad u have been involved in antons tour xx

  3. You are looking really “swell” Erin, will miss seeing you on the Strictly Tour when its in Glasgow. Can’t wait to see pictures of your baby, sure He or She will come out dancing. Lots of Love Lorna xx

  4. My advise when buying a buggy/car seat is do your research. Get a grouping that will fit into your life and grow with the baby cos they grow fast. Most mums I know get a combo thing which encapsulates the car seat, a pram and perhaps converts to a buggy later. For a cot, the best ting is to choose again one which grows with the baby and perhaps alters into a small child’s bed at the end. When buying the car seat, make sure you both practice lots getting it into and out of the car. Nothing worse than the baby comes early or someting and you’re not ready. Use a teddy or dolly in it to practise.
    Alot of my friends go to the NCT sales too to buy tings as they are usually gr8 quality and not used very much. It is expensive buying for babies. Get people to buy you baby clothes for all sizes then you won’t have to buy those at all. Personally I wouldn’t bother with a moses basket, just put the baby in the cot to sleep.
    Hope that helps abd safe travles to NZ,
    Jo x
    (ex-health visitor and all round helpful aunty).

  5. Good luck with your house and baby. One of my granddaughters had a 4D scan and it was amazing. Don’t worry about anything, as it will all fall into place, just enjoy your pregnancy and your time with your husband before the little one arrives.
    All the Best,
    Maureen x

  6. Your wonderful Erin and we have missed you on the show this year. We shall also miss you on Anton’s tour.
    One of my Grandaughters Xmas present this year was tickets to Anton’s show in Bournemouth. I took her to see you last year and it was your birthday and Peter was in the Audience, not to far away from us as it happens.

    Good luck see you next year

  7. I carried on with my ballroom and latin class until I was 8 months pregnant, my (female) dance partner was also pregnant too, in the end we could barely hold one another because of our large bumps but was great fun. Enjoy your pregnancy. xx

  8. Lovely!!!! :) I’m so excited for you. My daughter is 21 weeks pregnant and she is obviously nervous and excited at the same time as it is also her 1st. Hope that your plans go well,.
    Best of luck for the birth of your baby
    Claire xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Fantastic news about bump. Hope all runs smoothly with baby and the house. We will miss you on tour this year but look forward to you being back soon. Sure Anton will behave impeccably as ever.

  10. So nice to catch up with what you are doing. Sad you weren’t doing Strictly last year but fully understand why you didn’t (now). Make the most of the next few weeks and rest as much as possible as there wont be too much time once the baby is born. It is all very exciting. x

  11. You look lovely Erin, congratulations on the imminent arrival. The best thing that you will do in your life! Look forward to seeing you back on Strictly.

  12. I am so pleased that you included some dancing in this year’s show at the Albert Hall, there was none last year which I found most disappointing. Good luck with the baby, I hope he comes nice and early for you. Also when buying car seats make sure you choose one like the Swedish people have with baby facing the padded part of the back seat. It is very much safer, see baby injuries in Sweden, they are far lower than ours because all their baby seats have to face backwards by law. Looking forward to seeing you dancing with Anton again. I am looking forward to seeing Anton happily married and a daddy one day and hope he continues to dance forever!!!!

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