Party events

Jan 15

Children private sushi making party!


Today was 10 years old children sushi party. We make our aprons by ourselves. Love children’s imaginations x


Jan 15

2nd book “Shoku-Iku” Press party


Tonight was my 2nd book launch party. I had nice chat with some journalists. Also thanks to my sister who came to support me from all the way from Canada. Xx 

Shoku Iku  by Makiko Sano 

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Nov 14

Very good quality of tuna for private party

Been asked to do Japanese lady’s husband 40th birthday party. Wanted to get some special fish for them. Managed to get freshest tuna from Spain by airplane. 





Had edge of tuna for my lunch. Speechlessly delicious. The party went well and now I am enjoy my weekend with my children xx house-party-tuna2 house-party-tuna3 house-party-tuna4

Jun 13

Tsunami charity – 2 years on

It has been over 2 years since the Tohoku tsunami, yet I still have this sadness every time I see photos of the city and people suffering.

We can’t do anything to prevent nature, but what happened on that day should never be forgotten.
I have helped many charity events for the Tohoku tsunami in the UK. I appreciate how generous people are in this country and my family and I will never forget the support we have from the rest of the world. Thanks to all the help, we are able have greater hope.
I helped at a charity event at an Independent primary school in my area last week.
A mother of some children, who attended the school, held a classical music concert, and asked me to serve sushi and Japanese alcohol at the event.
It was a fantastic day and again, many people generously donated money. I am so grateful to see so many people asking me about the current situations in Japan, and giving kind words of hope and luck for all those affected.
They also enjoyed my sushi and finished it all during the interval and they all asked for more! I ended up making sushi at high speed, but when I finished making a single set, it would disappear in a flash. This was very tiring and challenging, but it was very fun and I enjoyed myself greatly.
The thing I love about London is that it’s full of people of so many different cultures; I’ve learned so much throughout the years of living here.
I hope that the people suffering all around the world can have hope, and it’s our job to never lose hope for them. 

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