Gluten free

Feb 15




Japanese BBQ is the best way to eat with your family and friends. Simple but enjoyable. Xx


Feb 15

Mochi! Collaborate with French blogger Lisa Gachet



Gluten free desserts become more popular than before. Happy to announce that most of Japanese dessert can be gluten free. This is my favourite dessert “daifuku mochi” added azuki paste and strawberry. Xx





Nov 14

Halloween 2014

My pumpkin x 私風のかぼちゃ。。



helloween helloween2 helloween3 helloween4 helloween5

Oct 14

Japanese dinner


let’s eat dinner xx


Jul 14

Gluten free Arepa from Venezuela

My dear friend Erick cooked Venezuelan food for me.

It was so nice!

One of  flatbread called Arepa which is surprisingly gluten free! X

Also, ingredients are just these below,


  • Corn flour 1



  • Warm walter 2
  • Little salt
  • Corn oil





Jul 14

Summer soup.

Warm green peas soup with sesame oil. Lovely . 



Apr 13

Miso everyday!

I love miso soup. I have it every morning and sometimes I have in the evening as a big bowl of soup with a lot of vegetables. My children love it with chicken.

Miso is a traditional Japanese ingredient and has a lot of goodness in it. Most of women have it because of the healthy benefits it has:

  1. Improves digestion
  2. Detoxifies
  3. Alkalise the system.
  4. Adds a natural glow to your skin
  5. Reduces the chance of cancer

Many people think that Miso contains a lot of salt, due to the flavour, when it only contains about 1 to 1.2 grams of salt in 16 grams of miso soup. The average intake of salts are 6 to 7 grams a day, making a bowl of miso soup a healthy choice of food.

My daily soup is with seaweed, onion and tofu. I make enough to have for later that day too. My children love with chicken, onion, carrots, potato and onion.

I found this Tofu which made in Japan and its nice. I had with my miso but I think its nicer with green salad. I might have it again for my lunch tomorrow.


Feb 13

Flower garden


I haven’t added any dishes lately… The problem is I forgot to take photos of my food…I realised this when I finished eating…

But I have some dishes this week and I didn’t forget to take some photos!

We had some sashimi platters tonight requested by my children.

My youngest daughter called this ‘Garden flower’.

150g of sushi rice and with all kinds of sashimi on top, and yes it looks very pretty like a flower.

And we have sashimi soy sauce with it. Sashimi soy sauce is different compared to normal soy sauce.

It’s a little bit sweeter than normal soy sauce. You can buy it from any Japanese store.

I am going to try to make sashimi soy sauce at home soon as it’s delicious and perfect with any fish dish.

We had:

Salmon, Tuna, Yellow tale, Roasted eel, cooked prawn, and Salmon roe.

I didn’t eat rice tonight but all the sashimi filled me up. Delicious.


More to come tomorrow!




Jan 13

Japanese sweets and paper work

Its 3:45am and I am finishing my paper work with Japanese sweets and the best Japanese plum liquor ‘ Hoshiko’.

The Japanese sweets are ‘ Gluten, daily and nut free. Yummy.

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