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Oct 14

Dinner at my restraunt “Suzu” in Hammersmith London

Having a dinner at Suzu with close friends and family is a most precious time for me. What a lovely evening.



This freshly made green tea roll cake was just perfect!



Sep 14

Holiday in Japan 5

Learning how to make udon from my uncle!

Taste was great!!

Japan-Learnig-Udon Japan-Learnig-Udon2 Japan-Learnig-Udon3 Japan-Learnig-Udon4Udon-Japan3

Sep 14

Holiday in Japan4


Japanese red rice. My mothers is the best chef in the world. 母のお赤飯。さすがに美味しい!



二科展に入賞した聖子おばちゃんの写真を見に行った帰りに中華料理屋さん。ロンドンではこれが中華!と言うお店に出会ったことがないので、とても満足でした。行列ができるほどのお店。This Chinese restaurant in Nogizaka in Tokyo was so tasty!

日本夏休みの最後の日。お刺身たくさんとビールと日本酒で。。。あー、いいですね。The last day of holiday in Japan. Full of sashimi, Japanese beer and sake. A perfect evening. Xx


A classic Japanese tapas for dinner x


This is Japanese breakfast buffet at the Tokyo disneyland hotel. Actually we eat a lot In the morning. Not sure British people can eat this much?! 日本のホテルの朝ごはん。ビュッフェスタイルで、種類がたくさん!私の知っている英国人達はコーヒーとトースト。この朝ごはんを見てどうおもうでしょうか?リオンは喜んでたくさん食べていました。






Sep 14

Holiday in Japan 3

photo (10)

Had a great time in Japan with all my family. I have more than 20 cousins in Japan and didn’t have much time to meet them all but had a quality time with me parents and my closest cousins. 2年ぶりの日本。二家族で25人のいとこを持つわたしは、みんなに会いたいと思っても今回はちょっと無理でした。。。。兄妹ののように育った雅彦とともチャン家族と楽しい2週間を過ごしました。

Kids-Japan Kids-Japan2 Family-Japan

JAPAN photo (9)


Sep 14

Holiday in Japan2

Having a hot noodles in hottest weather is great. 暑い夏に熱いすき焼きうどん。汗を書きながら食べるのが最高!


This is a most classic Japanese dessert from 1930s. Served with Non-centrifugal cane sugar Syrup.


おばあちゃんが息子のリオンに作ってくれた朝ごはん。Japanese breakfast for Leon x


Japanese pasta with bonito and octopus 



Jan 14

Miso soup with tomato



tomato miso 2 Tomato Miso soup

In Japan, we say Tomato helps our skin to stay young. My mother and sister eats Tomato everyday with thire meal.

I had this Tomato miso soup in Italy when I visited my friend.

Funny enough it was so tasty. Miso and Tomato matched really well and my children enjoyed it too.

I added 4 mini tomato per bowl.

Why not try something new if you are bored with simple miso soup?



Jun 13

Tsunami charity – 2 years on

It has been over 2 years since the Tohoku tsunami, yet I still have this sadness every time I see photos of the city and people suffering.

We can’t do anything to prevent nature, but what happened on that day should never be forgotten.
I have helped many charity events for the Tohoku tsunami in the UK. I appreciate how generous people are in this country and my family and I will never forget the support we have from the rest of the world. Thanks to all the help, we are able have greater hope.
I helped at a charity event at an Independent primary school in my area last week.
A mother of some children, who attended the school, held a classical music concert, and asked me to serve sushi and Japanese alcohol at the event.
It was a fantastic day and again, many people generously donated money. I am so grateful to see so many people asking me about the current situations in Japan, and giving kind words of hope and luck for all those affected.
They also enjoyed my sushi and finished it all during the interval and they all asked for more! I ended up making sushi at high speed, but when I finished making a single set, it would disappear in a flash. This was very tiring and challenging, but it was very fun and I enjoyed myself greatly.
The thing I love about London is that it’s full of people of so many different cultures; I’ve learned so much throughout the years of living here.
I hope that the people suffering all around the world can have hope, and it’s our job to never lose hope for them. 

Apr 13

Miso everyday!

I love miso soup. I have it every morning and sometimes I have in the evening as a big bowl of soup with a lot of vegetables. My children love it with chicken.

Miso is a traditional Japanese ingredient and has a lot of goodness in it. Most of women have it because of the healthy benefits it has:

  1. Improves digestion
  2. Detoxifies
  3. Alkalise the system.
  4. Adds a natural glow to your skin
  5. Reduces the chance of cancer

Many people think that Miso contains a lot of salt, due to the flavour, when it only contains about 1 to 1.2 grams of salt in 16 grams of miso soup. The average intake of salts are 6 to 7 grams a day, making a bowl of miso soup a healthy choice of food.

My daily soup is with seaweed, onion and tofu. I make enough to have for later that day too. My children love with chicken, onion, carrots, potato and onion.

I found this Tofu which made in Japan and its nice. I had with my miso but I think its nicer with green salad. I might have it again for my lunch tomorrow.


Apr 13

These are all you need.


Many people ask me what to get when cooking Japanese food. These are the things you need to make simple Japanese food at home.

Miso – You can use this for soup marinated with fish or meat, or even to make salad dressing.

Mirin – Sweet condiment that we use for broth, teriyaki and soup. I like to use it with soy sauce when eating sashimi.

Rice vinegar – Japanese vinegar is much lighter than Chinese vinegar. I use it for stir fry, salad dressing or even drink with vegetables.

Bonito flakes – we use it with miso soup, broth, or sauce. This condiment brings a fish flavour in your dishes.

Seaweed – Japanese people eat Seaweed on a daily basis. I eat it every day in the morning and at lunch. It’s great with salad and soup.

Soy sauce – I use this with every Japanese meal. I prefer to use a lighter soy sauce to cook, but the flavour is same as the normal one, the only thing making the lighter soy sauce different being the lighter colour.

Next blog is introducing my favourite Miso soup.




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