Eddoe SATOIMO 2 “Slow cooked Eddoe (satoimo)”

A simple dish but delicious!

Slow cooked Eddoe (satoimo) with mirin, soy sauce and sugar.

Old blog about eddoe is here




Slow cooked Eddoes (satoimo)

Suitable for Vegan.

I usually serve as side dish with main.

  • Eddoes – it feels a bit sticky and slimy when you peeled skin, this is normal for Eddoes.  Wash your hands to get rid of this sticky and slimy liquid. It makes your skin itchy. Please be careful when you peel.
  • water  2 cups
  • sugar 1 tablespoon
  • mirin 2 tablespoons
  • soy sauce 3 tablespoons



  1. Peeled the skin then boiled about 5 minutes from cold water.
  2. Wash with cold water thoroughly. Eddoes are slimy outside is normal.
  3. Back to the pan then all ingredients put together.
  4. Heat up middle heat.
  5. After boiled, change low heat.
  6. leave for 20 minutes.


You can serve as warm or cold.

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