July, 2013

Jul 13

Where is the sun?

My daughter always asks me every morning “Where’s the sunshine?”. I know I would like to see some lovely sunshine too. It has been so cold lately that she’s now given up on waiting to see a summer this year.
We have a BBQ whenever it’s a sunny day, and I would like to show you Japanese BBQ which is served with soy sauce and a ginger base, and you may also add chilli so the meal suits your taste.

All you need –

A packet of Chicken wings (containing about 12 wings)

2 Table spoons of soy sauce
4 table spoons of white wine or sake
2 table spoon of Mirin
2 table spoon of Honey

Optional –
1 tea spoon of Japanese chilli (or normal chilli is fine)

Add chicken and the sauce in a seal-able bag and mix well.
Leave it for 2 hours in fridge and cook on a grill for 15 mins both side with 200c or freeze it and use within a month.

I love seal-able bags because your hands stay clean, and it’s easy because all of the ingredients are in one place.

What I do usually do is I make them a lot of them and cook half of them for our dinner and freeze the other half for next time.
You can freeze them for a month. Make sure you defrost in room temperature and then cook.
Image chicken

Adding Sake or white wine makes the meat softer and honey makes it have a nice, golden colour.

You can eat it hot or cold, and it’s perfect for picnics and BBQs.

Enjoy! x

chicken cooked

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