These are all you need.


Many people ask me what to get when cooking Japanese food. These are the things you need to make simple Japanese food at home.

Miso – You can use this for soup marinated with fish or meat, or even to make salad dressing.

Mirin – Sweet condiment that we use for broth, teriyaki and soup. I like to use it with soy sauce when eating sashimi.

Rice vinegar – Japanese vinegar is much lighter than Chinese vinegar. I use it for stir fry, salad dressing or even drink with vegetables.

Bonito flakes – we use it with miso soup, broth, or sauce. This condiment brings a fish flavour in your dishes.

Seaweed – Japanese people eat Seaweed on a daily basis. I eat it every day in the morning and at lunch. It’s great with salad and soup.

Soy sauce – I use this with every Japanese meal. I prefer to use a lighter soy sauce to cook, but the flavour is same as the normal one, the only thing making the lighter soy sauce different being the lighter colour.

Next blog is introducing my favourite Miso soup.




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