Feb 13

Radisson Blu Royal, Copenhagen – a hotel with star quality

The Radisson Blu Royal in Copenhagen has got some serious celebrity credentials.

Not only has just about everyone from the Beatles to JFK to Take That stayed there but the building itself is famous in its own right.

These days it looks fairly uninspiring from the outside, but when it was opened in 1960 it was Copenhagen’s first skyscraper and it was ground breaking – with its reflective façade towering above its surroundings.

The hotel is the creation of Arne Jacobsen, who in architectural terms is about as celebrity as it gets.

But far from simply designing the outer shell, he also designed just about everything inside the hotel, right down to the wine glasses and the cutlery.

Although most of the bedrooms have now been modernised, they still pay homage to his design principles, and most of the public areas are still as he envisaged.

The Arne Jacobsen Suite

The Arne Jacobsen Suite

One bedroom however has been left intact and is a shrine to 70s style – with all the original furniture, fixtures and fittings still place. You can stay there if you want – although you could probably get a similar experience at a fraction of the cost by going to stay with your granny, or hotel guests are able to take a look if it’s not being used.

It’s a popular location for film and photo shoots though so you’ve almost certainly seen it at some point before on the pages of a glossy magazine, in the background behind some insanely glamorous model.

On the top floor of the hotel is the recently opened Alberto K restaurant. Not only does it boast fantastic views over the neighbouring Tivoli Gardens and the rest of the city.

It’s chasing a Michelin star, and is hotly tipped to win one in the next round, so is booked up well in advance. Sadly, my trip was too impromptu to bag a table, and like most of Copenhagen’s top eateries a meal there comes with a hefty price tag.

Alberto K restaurant is aiming for a Michelin star

Alberto K restaurant is aiming for a Michelin star

If you haven’t got cash to burn though you can still get a taste of the hotel’s style in the Royal Bar in the lobby where you can sit on Jacobsen designed furniture and drink from Jacobsen designed glasses without breaking the bank.

There’s even a cocktail named after the architect. There’s nothing to suggest that he ever drank it himself, but its green colour is reminiscent of the décor in the preserved bedroom. The glace cherry at the bottom of the glass is a lovely retro touch too.

Arne Jacobsen cocktail

Arne Jacobsen cocktail

Hit is on the right day and you might even spot a celeb or two in the lobby. If not, you can always just look at the photographs.

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