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Aug 10

Perfect pork chops and a fennel slaw



Coleslaw crops up on the table in my house in some form or another at least once a week – more often twice. It appears year round – made with hardy, winter root vegetables it makes a great accompaniment to charcuterie (as served as Daniel Boulud’s fantastic Knightsbridge joint) while in summer it suits the barbecue to a tee. Or a c.I love the variations – from a slightly tricked out version of the classic cabbage and carrot tarted up with a half buttermilk half mayo crossover to the recipe I’ve given here – finely sliced fennel and cucumber, tossed with yogurt and cider vinegar.

Go crazy at home – throw in nuts, seeds (poppy seeds look great) or dried berries like sour cherries, cranberries or sultanas. Use mayo, yogurt, creme fraiche, sour cream or buttermilk.

This recipe makes a fantastic accompaniment to pork chops – the mustard, fennel and cider vinegar are all good friends to mingle with meat.

Click here for my recipe for pork chops with fennel slaw.

May 10

French Fancy


I’m off for a few days to France and can’t wait to get stuck into some French fare. The cuisine of our neighbours is hugely diverse and much of what we think of as ‘French food’ is only a very small picture of a dynamic and varied food culture.

The people of France are fiercely proud of their regionality and this, in many cases, is showcased most clearly through their food, from the rich, warming cheese-based dishes of the Savoie (any skier will be familiar with these) to the light, fresh, Mediterranean influenced dishes of the South.
I can’t wait to visit the markets, shops and producers, getting ideas and inspiration from a whole new food scene, cooking across long afternoons in a roomy French kitchen.

I’m rather covetous when it comes to food – I tend to save things for rainy days. I’ve still got a jar of honey my sister bought me from Bergerac last year that comes out on special occasions – to garnish thick, Greek yogurt or to be spread, thickly, on toast with lashings of butter.

So watch this space for some Franco-themed food, coming your way!

Mar 09

Blog: Under the influence


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I keep track of all my cooking in little black book, writing everything down as there have been too many instances of “Wow that was great – what was in it?”. A dash of this and a handful of that all seemed so simple at the time, but by the next day they’re hard to recall.

Reading back over it is a strange and interesting experience. I can see what I cooked for whom and on what occasion. The successes and failures, the phases of eating I went through, the weeks of Asian food followed by French and British, Spanish or Mexican – it’s all there.

Pulled pork tacos with smoky salsa sit alongside frozen plum yogurt.  The latest pages contain various brownie recipes I tried to get just right.

There are empty pages, too, where I’ve meant to write up things the next day or revisit dishes long since forgotten.

The pulled pork recipe is there, but a page sits blank where the salsa should have gone. And sadly the whole experience is so far in the past I can’t even remember the name of the chillies I made it with.

An experiment for another time and a new culinary adventure…

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