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Sep 10

Wild harvest


This week is going to be a first for me. Foraging is one of those mystical food arts I’ve somehow managed to avoid all this time; an aversion to mud and fields may have something to do with it or perhaps it’s my choice of living location.

I’ve moved house and with Borough Market five minutes up the road my foraging is often limited to a scour round the market for interesting and unusual things.

However, I’m off to Dorset to The Wild Garlic restaurant to go foraging with Mat Follas, winner of Masterchef 2009. Not only will he be sharing his encyclopaedic knowledge with me but also taking me hand diving for scallops off the coast of Beaminster. A chilly but brilliant treat – I can’t wait, particularly as he’s promised to cook us a spot of supper afterwards!

For a bit more info on the courses Mat runs check the website link above and for more info on my escapades watch this space.


Feb 10

A touch of Spanish romance – baked scallops with crispy Serrano ham

scallops_560.jpgLight, fresh and ready in a jiffy, this recipe is ideal for Valentine ‘s Day. Scallops are one of those ingredients that are worth taking the time over to find a good supplier – try your local fishmonger for really fresh, tasty, plump little examples. The addition of a touch of chilli is guaranteed to warm your heart!

This fantastic piece of culinary creation comes from my great friend Jose Pizzaros’ book, Seasonal Spanish Food – a must for any food lover, lover or foodie. 

Baked scallops with crispy Serrano ham

Nov 09

Seafood supper – scallops with chilli, parsley and tomatoes



I’m a huge seafood fan – razor clams, cherry clams, oysters and the like. Scallops, however, are one of those ingredients whose pleasure utterly escaped me. I just didn’t get it. To me they seemed rather like textured protein – without any redeeming factors!

Then, on two separate occasions these past two weeks, I’ve eaten such exceptional examples that my mind may have been changed.
Scallops in a cep broth at Martin Wishart’s fantastic Edinburgh restaurant were sweet and exquisitely cooked – a perfect golden sheen on the outside providing a welcome depth.

My second encounter was at Theo Randall’s incredible Italian restaurant at The Intercontinental Park Lane, where the quality of ingredients is second to none.

Theo’s cooking is wonderful in its simplicity – using the standard of produce they do, little is needed to let the food sing. For this recipe, try getting hold of the best scallops you can find – track down a local fishmonger if possible. The results will be worth it in the end.

Click here for Theo’s recipe for Cape
Sante – pan fried scallops served in the shell with chilli, parsley, datterini
tomatoes, capers, lemon and lentils di Castelluccio and rocket

Sep 09

Mean beans


Beans and pulses and I have this strange relationship – I’ve never been able to eat them – not even the baked kind. It’s not about the taste, but completely about the texture; sometimes they can have that rather powdery mouth-feel that I find a bit, well, odd.

Sticking to my rule though I found that one good experience can switch it all around – a dish of channa masala, spicy curried chickpeas, was the problem solver.

Somehow the textures just worked and even though the first few mouthfuls of whole chickpea were a bit of a – erm – mouthful, after that I was a convert, taking in lentils, gigantes, kidney beans and everything in between. Although, embarrassingly, I’m not quite into baked beans yet.

This recipe comes from Arch One restaurant right next to London’s Waterloo station. They also do very, very good chips. It makes a great starter for a dinner party.

Mixed Seafood on borlotti beans with rocket and red onion salad

Ingredients (Serves 4)

  • 50 grams of cooked borlotti beans
  • 1 clove of garlic, finely chopped
  • 2 scallops
  • 2 cleaned baby squid
  • 3 tiger prawns
  • 25 grams butter
  • 1/4 sliced red onion
  • Small bunch rocket leaves

To garnish

  • lemon wedge
  • 4 cherry tomatoes


Melt the butter in a pan and add garlic, cook over a gentle heat for 1 minute.

Add prawns, squid and scallops. Turn seafood for approx 2 minutes until almost cooked and season

Add the beans and cook for a further minute.

Serve on a plate, topped with rocket leaves mixed with thinly sliced red onion.

Serve garnished with a lemon wedge and several halves of cherry tomatoes.

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