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Nov 10

Cocktails & coffee



I like a post-dinner cup of coffee, a little something to stave off the cold and perk me up for the journey home – but sometimes I’ll feel like something a bit naughtier too. Something that bridges the gap between pudding and coffee.

Now – at this point most would probably suggest an affogatto, that brilliant Italian pudding made simply by pouring a shot of scorching espresso over vanilla ice cream. That’s all well and good but I’m after something a bit more streamlined.

Although ice cream is good at any time of day (I’d eat it for breakfast if you offered), particularly with a not-too-sweet chocolate sauce my grandmother used to make for us, the real deal, where the fun really starts is with an espresso martini.

I had these recently in a cocktail bar and they’d tried to gild the lily – coffee liqueur, whipped cream – really pushed the boat out and completely missed the point. An espresso martini should be short, sweet and simple.

A hot espresso, a splash of sugar syrup, a hearty glug of vodka, shaken with ice and poured into a martini glass. And normally, if I’m around, knocked back in barely a few mouthfuls.
If you’re feeling cheeky, serve it as a surprise in espresso cups.

Click here for my recipe for espresso martini

Oct 10

Straight from the horse’s mouth



I make no bones about loving a good cocktail. The art of the mixologist is an important one – pouring a perfect drink takes as much skill and practice as cooking a perfect dinner. Measure, balance, accuracy are all little details that end up with the tasty tipple set down on a napkin in front of you.

The one that follows is a rather posh number – the official cocktail of the Hennessy Gold Cup, the horse race that marks the highlight of the winter social season. Now, if you’ve ever been to the races you’ll probably know that they go hand in hand with the odd drink or two – and this even has had a long association with Hennessy. This classic drink goes back to 1910 – give it a try at home, the perfect pre-Sunday lunch sharpener.

Click here to read the recipe for The Gold Cup Horse’s Neck

Apr 10

A beautiful blood orange beverage



Blood oranges have their own perfumed unique flavour alongside their striking, vivid, scarlet interiors. There is something endlessly charming about the fact each one is different in shade and intensity; some are coloured with just the faintest shade of pastel peach while others are shot through with the deepest of sanguine crimsons.Some of you may remember a recipe I did a while back on my own blog for a Clementine cosmopolitan – the short, punchy fresh drink is one of my favourites and perfectly set up for little twists and plays depending on what you’ve got in the fridge or what’s in season.

I was cooking dinner for a blood orange fanatic so it seemed only fitting to incorporate them somehow and this blood orange cosmopolitan made a deliciously, tasty and stylish tipple.

Blood orange cosmopolitan

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