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Nov 10

The Camel Collective, part 2



If you remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned a plan to eat the rather unusual camel meat and last Saturday was the day we tucked in.

A group of us – journos, chefs, food writers and bloggers alongside a couple of food photographers and some inquisitive children got together to try our hands at cooking and eating camel.

Kebabs with sumac, steaks with herb and garlic butter, empanadas, a Burmese cinnamon curry and even a tartare were cooked (or not, in the case of the tartare).

Bizarrely, the last dish, served traditionally raw with gherkins, capers, shallots and Tabasco was probably one of the standouts, as was the curry.

Camel is, as you’d imagine, a touch on the chewy side, not even yielding to the seven hours cooking Mimi put it through for the curry but an interesting culinary adventure none-the-less.

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Oct 10

A camel collaboration


It appears I spoke too soon. In my previous blog I mentioned never
wanting to repeat any camel ingesting incident again. And then a bit of
banter began on Twitter. And gained momentum. And suddenly an importer
of exotic meats joined in the conversation. Stefan Gates, who’s fab new
book we shall be reviewing soon, is something of a culinary adventurer
and offered his services in the cooking of the beast.

We will be roasting, braising, deep frying and even serving camel meat up
in a Burmese curry courtesy of the fabulous Meemalee. I had
the somewhat bizarre (all things considered) idea of mimicking a Jamie
Oliver recipe where he cooks meat in milk, the milk boiling down to
form a sticky, meaty sauce. I rather think a schnitzel or bread-crumbed
and deep fried number might be the way forward, though – possibly with a sauce
gibriche to cut through what I think might be rather rich meat.

It’s going to be an adventure – watch this space for an update!

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