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Nov 10

Purple and perfect



I’ve gone a bit mad for purple sprouting broccoli of late. Although not strictly in season until February, the English stuff is available now and frankly, I couldn’t wait.

I’ve been cooking and serving the green and purple stems in lots of different ways. For example -with an anchovy and cream dressing and soft boiled egg for a light lunch. Or blanched and stir-fried with bird’s eye chillies and Thai Isaarn sausage. (which left me fanning my mouth it was so fiery)

Or in a gorgeous, cheesy tart made with Beenleigh Blue and Keen’s cheddar. They also, by design, make the perfect mop for gravy.

So how do you cook this easy and versatile veg? Leave us a suggestion in the comments section.

Aug 10

Lucky leftovers


Sharing a flat has its fair share of ups and downs – after all, none of us are perfect. One thing I continually enjoy though is the ongoing surprises you find hiding in the fridge that can turn a bowl of leftover mash into a meal of the highest order.

Actually – the mash was my doing, I always make far too much than is necessary as it’s a brilliant all-rounder you can turn into any number of things – topping off shepherd’s or cottage pie, mixed into fishcakes, fried with corned beef and an egg to serve as hash or just shaped into cakes, dipped in beaten egg and flour and fried till crisp. An ideal breakfast or a perfectly wonderful weeknight supper served with a couple of rashers of crisp, smokey bacon and a wobbly poached egg.

Today’s lucky finds were: the end of a chunk of gruyere, a little leftover broccoli, an inch of salami and the potato – mixed together, shaped into cakes and fried they made a lunch I’d be pleased to find on any pub menu, served with a splodge of brown sauce.

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