The ricing on the cake

Some days only rice will do. Warm, comforting, nourishing, wholesome, filling, a pillow of a food stuff. It’s the food equivalent of a hug and perfect for the coming months of cold.

As the barbecue really does get put away for the last time (but hey…who knows), I turn to rice as my go to starch. Where I’d normally be eating potatoes – baked, mashed, roasted, sautéed, rice is steadily taking it’s place. Ready in a flash and a friend to all manner of dishes to suit your mood – a vegetable-laden Indian curry, a hot, sour and coconut-rich Thai curry or a good slow-cooked dark chilli con carne.
But there is a problem – rice has caused me no end of trouble. So much so that I even abandoned Jasmine and Basmati for brown as I just couldn’t cook it. The one foodstuff that escaped me. Whatever technique I used it would just flatly refuse to come out right – always overly soggy and falling apart. And you’d only ever find out once all your other dishes were ready.

But recently – success. A friend explained a very simple and easy technique for foolproof rice each time. And here it is – so if you, like me, have had a few rice-related issues, you can wave them goodbye and turn your attention to the more important matter of eating your dinner…

Click here to read my recipe for foolproof rice


  1. No probs. Stir unwashed rice into a splash of warm oil,
    pour boiling water to twice the depth of rice. Cover,
    simmer for 8 minutes or till water absorbed. Serve.

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