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We all have them in the kitchen. A cookbook that always falls open at a certain, well-loved favourite recipe. A solid cast iron pan, dinged, dented and slightly forlorn at the back of the cupboard that we keep because it sears the perfect steak (and it can go in the oven). The casserole dish that seems to add body and flavour to a stew; a wooden chopping board, smoothed from years of use.

As much as we all enjoy shiny new things in the kitchen it is these older pieces that have history, character and what I think is the most important element of food – nostalgia. Food and its creation are evocative of times, people and places like nothing else – one can be instantly transported just by a taste, smell or sight, the familiar feel of a bowl, the handle of your favourite knife or the curve of a wooden spoon.

I mention all this with glee and trepidation; glee because I’ve moved house and today am taking delivery of all my things that have been in storage for nearly a year, including all my favourite kitchen bits. Trepidation because I’ve managed to live a frugal existence getting by with the bare minimum of things and now the thought of having all these things back, is rather over-awing.

Do you have any kitchen things you couldn’t live without?

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  1. Congrats on the house move matey! As for kitchen things I can do without, it has to be my trusty pestle and mortar which I must use every other day and my big and old chef’s knife. Oh, and a cherry/olive stoner. Simple as.

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