Stop! Mojama time


Eating is a constant learning experience – and a perpetual giver of pleasure. For all the times we eat something and go yuck, there must be ten more when we try something new which makes us sit up and take notice.

Mojama is one of those things. The loins of tuna are cured for two days in salt, washed and then dried in the Spanish sunshine and wind for fifteen to twenty days. It is Phoenician in origin and is rumoured to come from their settlement in modern day Cadiz.
It may be a little strange sounding (wind-dried fish is not an appealing sounding thing), but in essence is quite close to a Spanish jamon in flavour and texture, with a slightly fishy edge. It’s meaty, delicious and savoury and a perfect addition to an alfresco lunch or anti-pasti platter. It is well worth seeking out in specialist delicatessens and Spanish stores.

I serve it dressed with some good quality virgin olive oil and a some finely diced tomato sprinkled over, alongside other nibbles like anchovies (try and find the Ortiz brand, a cut above), toasted almonds and the typical Spanish addition of bread sticks.

Food is an eternal adventure, with a world of undiscovered gems that we should seek out and try – even if it means a few funny faces on the way.

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  1. Pun of the year so far! love it x

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