I miss my kitchen

my_560.jpgDo you ever find that sometimes you end up being away from your kitchen for days on end? When that happens I suffer from withdrawal symptoms. It’s the odd things I crave in these periods away from the stove – my pots and pans, my beautiful handmade Japanese knife and oddly even my spatula (the most under-rated of kitchen implements).

There is something therapeutic about the noise of cooking – butter bubbling, the sizzle of meat in the pan, the plop of a jelly as it turns out of its mould – that one misses. While it’s undeniably a pleasure and a privilege to be cooked for, in the end I simply long to be back at the culinary helm.

And although I love eating foreign cuisines on holiday and make it my quest to find as many local, neighbourhood joints as I can, after a certain period of time, no matter how good the food, I always end up longing for a good sausage, a healthy mound of mash and some dark onion gravy. Nobody makes sausages like the English.

That’s my opinion anyway. Perhaps I should throw this one open to the board… why not let me know what you miss when you’re abroad or end up away from your kitchen for a little too long?


  1. I always miss proper Heinz ketchup when I’ve been on holiday for a bit. Even the American stuff isn’t a patch on the good old English sauce. Brown sauce is pretty good too.

  2. I always end up missing the things I thought I was bored of – after a while I long for a bowl of cornflakes for breakfast, rather than being faced with a million and one things at the hotel buffet that I know I should make the most of.

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