Confessions of a chocoholic

chocs_560.jpgAm I a chocolate addict I often wonder as I happily work my way through an entire bar of Green & Black’s milk chocolate; the big one, not those piddly excuses for a proper bar.

Less sweet then normal milk chocolate, the G&B version hints at something darker; but it’s not my only indulgence. How I get my latest ‘fix’ depends on my mood. Sometimes, in the cinema perhaps or at home in front of the TV, I’ll eat Malteser after Malteser until I’m surprised by an empty bag.

Revels are another treat, and I have to ‘fess up that I’m one of the oddballs who actually likes the coffee-flavoured ones. While the Cadbury’s mini egg, with it’s crisp, crunchy, speckled shell, is the ultimate Easter seducer.

And then there are the luxury brands. The ones that come in silky smooth packets, flavoured with real vanilla and spices, bearing symbols depicting their heritage, their organic-ness, and clever little marketing nuances which make us feel better about buying them.

Alongside them sit the brands that just do the job, and do it well. Think Montezuma – giant, heavenly buttons which make a grown-up treat if ever there was one. Or the original, the king of cacao, L’Artisan du Chocolat Neatly piled according to their beautiful colours and patterns in the shop behind Sloane Square, these spectacular creations promise to brighten up even the most dull autumn day. I always end up with my favourite, the super-indulgent sea-salt caramel – a crisp outer chocolate shell encasing golden, buttery liquid heaven.

Then there’s Wonky Chocolate Factory Willy’s Venezuelan Black… If you haven’t already tried this, do. It’s 100 per cent cacao, so strong it makes you sneeze. Mixed into a chocolate cloud cake this is the stuff dreams are made of, and will probably send you a little bit loopy for a few, wonderful moments.

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  1. Oooooh lovely lovely choccy! My favourite is Galaxy – how could you leave that out William?

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