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Love Note

Autumn has literally just flown straight at us out of nowhere. The leaves are BEAUTIFUL and some of the colours on the trees are truly stunning. We are really lucky to have so many different types of trees in our garden. I simply love this time of year.


Ace has happily settled into school and has made some new friends. Well, more than friends, one little girl in particular he’s already received a love note from… A LOVE NOTE! At the age of 3?? Yes, you heard me right. When I asked him who it was from after I’d collected him from school that day, he said “oh mummy, just from my girl”. The look on J’s face when I told him was priceless.

On Monday morning, we are getting ready to leave and as you can imagine, I’m going 100 miles an hour trying to get out of the house, when Ace says, “Mummy, it’s red week at school”. “Yes Ace, well done, now let’s get in the car. Hurry up!”. “No mummy, I need to get my girl a red rose from the garden” (he means me of course – so I think). “Awww thanks Ace, that’s so kind of you, you know mummy would love that.” Naturally, I had a beaming smile on my face and all of a sudden, the rushing I had been doing was placed neatly into perspective. Then I get this answer: “Nooooo mummy not YOU, my girl, my girlfriend at school!!” I didn’t quite know how to take that revelation, was I supposed to be feeling like this? He’s only JUST turned 3, doesn’t this all happen when they’re 15??!!

Slightly unsure of how he even knows what a girlfriend is, I got some scissors quickly and we cut a red rose off the tree in the garden! I got to school and told some of the mummies as he’s walking in with it. “Oh what a romantic, he needs to give some tips to my husband!” Haha, that certainly made me smile on a windy Monday just before it was about to downpour with torrents of rain!

Speaking of school, I have also had my first experience of ‘school mums’. I have never been the kind of girl that had girlfriends or socialised with a group of girls. I think attending a girls’ secondary school for so many years put me off. So, meeting school mums was a brand new thing. It was honestly like the first day of school for me and I didn’t even think that this would be the case. We’ve had form reps appointed, coffee mornings organised and a school mum night out all happened within the first week.

Me, I have to make friends, noooo I can’t.

Well I felt thrown right into the deep end, telling myself, you have to make friends because if you’re not doing it for you, you’re doing it for your child!

If that’s not enough I have J saying to me, you need to know these people Chloe, make an effort! Seriously it’s been 1 week J! Haha!

I must say though, all the mums I have met have been lovely and there are two in particular whose children are great friends with Ace and I also get along with very well. At the very least, they seem just as confused and unsure as me! Play dates are happening, whatsapp group conversations are covering topics on wine & our toddlers’ sleeping habits and surprisingly enough, there are lots of giggles too and now I have to admit, I basically have two new girlfriends!! Who’d have thought it?! To any of you mums out there that are new to school, your feelings are very normal!

J and I had a day off and we have been meaning to take Ace to Willow’s Farm for a long time. Willow’s Farm is now the home of Peter Rabbit and Ace is a MASSIVE fan. We had to read Peter Rabbit books the night before, watch Peter Rabbit before we left the house in the morning and speak about him the whole way there. SO, when we arrived we were NOT disappointed, from the first image of him as we drove in, Ace was shouting from the back of the car, “I am SOOOO excited”. If you haven’t been, you need to go. I thought it was going to be good but it surpassed my expectations. There’s an outside theatre show, Farm Park and you even get to go into Miss Tiggy Winkle’s House and Mr. McGregor’s Shed.


But the best part was right at the end when Ace got to meet Peter Rabbit. His reaction was priceless and that’s all you want as a parent, to see your child happy and beaming from ear to ear. What brilliant day!

I hope you are all having a good week and looking forward to the weekend. It’s time to get those thick jumpers out and embrace the colder weather.

Lots of Love,

Chloe xXx

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