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Boys’ Weekend!

I just LOVE a family celebration. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Day! Whatever the celebration, I try and go all-out for them. It is something I have always experienced as a child and I have definitely continued it with J & our family. Father’s Day last Sunday was no different. Ace and I had been painting, preparing and wrapping up presents for J; it’s just so fulfilling to make the person being celebrated feel extra special.

We had a lovely morning at our church and then came home. To make a change, I was the cook for the day! We had the most scrumptious Seabass, followed by an afternoon of relaxing and spending quality time together. We were conscious of spending the time as just the three of us because J was going away filming again.

I’ve noticed that Ace has started to react to him being away, really missing him and becoming hysterically upset after a few days. Extra clinginess for me!!



J had to leave at around 4pm, so we were able to make Father’s Day special for my Dad too. J’s dad is abroad at the moment so that meant we didn’t have to spend the day in the car, running around to everyone, which worked out really well this year. We had dinner in the evening with all the family at our local pub. The food was sooooo good! I felt like I was going to burst after the evening was over. Both Dad’s were much loved and appreciated, meaning Ace and I had succeeded in accomplishing our aim for the day. Happy Father’s Day to you both! We’re so lucky to have amazing, male role models in our family.

My dad and Ace have a really special bond; Ace calls my dad his best friend. It’s ridiculously cute. I think because my dad had two daughters, he’s only ever had a house full of girls. “Bras and thongs”, he used to say, “that is all I see!!”. I think because his first grandchild was a boy, it has made the relationship a little more special – in theory, it’s his first son. Ace certainly seems to get away with a lot more than I would ever have done when I was his age! What happens to Grandparents? All the rules fly out the window.


I’m sure you’ll agree, the weather this week has been AMAZING! A little too good at times, when you just wish that you were on a beach and running into the water, instead of running around the supermarket and tidying up after the kids. I wasn’t complaining though, it was so lovely to see the sun and in the right season for a change. I don’t know why but it makes my day so much happier.

This week, we were back down on the farm and we’re only weeks away from our flock of 200 turkeys arriving. Everything is coming along nicely. Preparation is going well and there haven’t been too many marital differences. Haha! All the joys of working with your husband, having an argument about cutting sheeting!

Ace LOVES helping J on the farm and I think once he’s a little older, he will really be able to help. He always wants to be involved in everything we do and it’s nice for him to have his own jobs to get on with. It’s great for children to be able to develop their independence and a sense of responsibility and that’s one thing I’ve found the farm and our animals have done.


I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine, fingers crossed it stays for a while.

Lots of love,

Chloe xXx

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