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The farmer´s wife The farmer´s wife

One night in Paris

The weekend kicked off with a family affair! Ace and his cousin Levi were back together after Levi returned from his holiday to the family home in Antigua! Ace was naturally over the moon to see him again; these two are so close and really are great mates, they’re more like brothers than cousins and everyone always asks if they are twins!! The boys had been invited to the 10th anniversary of the TV show ‘In the Night Garden’ at The Royal Horticultural Society gardens in Wisley. I’d never been to the gardens before but thought it would make for a fantastic family day out.

We attempted a sleepover the night before, with the two boys aiming to sleep in the same room. Needless to say, this did NOT work as they thought it would be better to pretend to sleep and then, once we had left the room, giggle and jump up and down shouting “Mummy and Dadddddddy, come back!” After the third time of asking, it was separate rooms or NO sleep!!

We arrived early on Saturday morning and the boys were one the first to meet Iggle Piggle. Anyone without children will wonder what on earth I’m talking about! And anyone with young children will be well and truly in the know and he’s probably your best friend when it comes to the bedtime hour! Iggle Piggle is a character from the CBeebies TV show ‘In the Night Garden’.


Levi and Ace couldn’t be more excited to meet him, they didn’t want him to leave and they were upset when they had to say goodbye and move on to the actual event!

The gardens were BEAUITFUL and we were so lucky to have lovely sunny weather too. I’d definitely recommend it as a brilliant day out with the children if you were looking for something to do. We had a picnic on the grass, walked around the enormous greenhouse and let the boys run around to their hearts content.

RHS Wisley are currently hosting an event called ‘The Family Gardening Show’, which the whole family can be involved in. It caters for all ages and offers lots of activities too, including creating your own antennae, planting seeds and identifying slugs. There is a lot to do for older children too, including cookery classes and bug hunting trails! It’s absolutely a great family day out.


The boys decorated their own plant pots, planted seeds, then added their soil and we took the plants home to watch them grow! I was very impressed with the organization, especially as sometimes entertaining little ones can be stressful. It was very easy to make and there was enough to keep everyone entertained. The boys were well and truly exhausted by the end of the day. And as we all know, tired children are every parent’s dream!!


Monday came around quickly, with J and I having meetings in London all day for some new, upcoming projects; we were literally on and off the tube all day! We had a date night booked, off the cuff, which I was sooooo looking forward to. We were going to see ‘An American in Paris’. Our friend Chrissy Brooke is in the show, we met her on ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’. I didn’t know the film, as I hadn’t seen it before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect in the show. When I say that in every way it was stunning, I really mean it! It was excellent from start to finish! The dancers were outstanding and it was so nice to watch a show and see dancers actually dance.

Having been a professional dancer and having to learn every style of dance to a high level, I always observe shows from a very critical perspective but honestly I had no faults! It was great to see pointe work incorporated and I must take my hat off to the choreographer Christopher Wheeldon as this was truly an amazing piece of art. Every transition was so cleverly thought of and all of the dancers in the show did so well.

Chrissy was truly magnificent to watch. It was the perfect show for her to be in as she continually drew my focus and watching her dance again reminded me of how I felt when we were in the dance show together. She is an amazingly talented lady and I am convinced she will do very well in her dancing career!

Another GREAT evening for the memory books that made me understand the real meaning of falling in love.


J and I have been on the go since we finished filming ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’, things just kept rolling one into another but finally, this week I booked a much-needed holiday! As soon as it was booked, I just automatically felt like there was an invisible clock, counting down to the day I would be able to really relax! It’s so funny how that happens; it must all be in the mind! My mind has already started counting down the weeks, days, hours AND seconds until I am on the plane!

I do hope everyone has had a good week. I am off to do my weekly food shop – Oh, what fun!!

Lots of love,

Chloe xXx

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