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School’s Out!

HALF TERM! I couldn’t wait for the first Friday of half term to come when I was a child, counting down the days for school to break up. Now the roles have changed and I am the parent, it’s literally like, oh my gosssssh I’ve got to plan for a whole week of entertainment!!

Well it didn’t start too well as man flu hit my house like a ton of bricks! J was OUT for a good two days! Bless him, he was battling through filming on the first day and to be fair, he did have a very high temperature when he woke up and then was shivering throughout a hot day (22˚C), so after filming he was put to bed and slept for over 20hrs! Ace wasn’t too pleased that daddy wasn’t at his recreational disposal, so swimming with mummy was definitely a great, temporary solution.

What better way to spend half term than taking a trip to a theme park? On Tuesday we decided to take a team of Mum’s and Dad’s to a theme park Ace hadn’t been to before – LEGOLAND Windsor!! Ace knew that all of his friends were meeting him there so he was very keen to arrive. Even before we were fully awake, he ran into our bedroom, plonked his clothes down on our bed, said, “Here you go, my clothes for today” and then disappeared as quickly as he’d arrived!! A very excited Ace didn’t stop asking “Are we there yet?” and in M25 traffic, it wasn’t quite the best time for that particular question to pop up! Not to mention, his packed lunch was almost eaten before we’d parked up; we finally arrived just in time to do a few rides before lunch.

LEGOLAND was great and I really found it was a good place to go with the younger kids. There were so many rides they were able to go on, as it caters particularly well to families with little ones.


We were all very happy parents by the end of the day; all of us suitably exhausted, which meant that all the kids were too!! I made sure that I had Ace’s PJ’s in the car, so he was ready to fall asleep and be carried straight into bed when we arrived back home! There was NOT ONE complaint all day – hurrah for LEGOLAND!

Ace and J were incredibly lucky to spot a brand new Fawn on a friend’s farm the other day. Ace was so gentle and couldn’t contain his excitement to meet the little baby deer! Ace and J are really starting to share the same love for deer, especially as we see so many wild ones on the farm at home. We’ll have to go exploring this week and see if we find any babies of our own!


I’ve recently been trying out some products from Katherine Daniel’s collection and I have to say I am in LOVE with their skin cream. I have really sensitive skin particularly when I am out in the open on the farm and I have tried a few different products out, with differing effects but what I love about this product is the texture of it! It feels so good on your skin and doesn’t leave it feeling sticky, or take ages to soak in! Definitely a big thumbs up from me!


We always go for a walk as a family, with Nala, our dog, if not every day, every other day. We had heard that our local farm, Foal Farm had an event on and decided to pop in and see what was happening. The British Hen Welfare Trust was there and they had 5000 hens to rehome! I couldn’t believe that all these new hens needed to be rehomed or would be killed!!


So, unexpectedly, we ended up leaving with three new hens – there was no way we could leave Foal Farm without helping! They only had about 100 left to rehome by the time we got there, so they had a really successful day! Ace thought it was fantastic bringing them home! They mentioned to us that they might not start laying eggs for a week or so, as they might need some time to settle in with our hens and their new environment. Well, that wasn’t the case here!! The very next morning, we went down to check all was ok and we found LOADS of new fresh eggs!!


We were very happy to welcome our new hens to our farm and we’re so glad they have settled in really well.

After having a great half term full of fun, we unfortunately got some very sad news this week too. I am absolutley devastated whilst writing this but our dear cat, Phantom, passed away on Wednesday night. Phantom was a cat that we rescued from the RSPCA and has been a part of our family for just under 2 years.

When he first arrived at the farm, we couldn’t even put our hand inside the crate to feed him, he was very vicious and I was having second thoughts about taking him at all. I cannot begin to explain the ways in which this cat changed.

It really is an example of showing love because all we did was love him and we really did see the transformation in his life. He became Ace’s best friend and they were both inseparable. From the minute Ace was up, until he went to sleep, they were together, so losing this amazing cat will be a massive loss to our family. All I can do is pray that he is in a better place and I find peace of mind that the 2 years we did have with Phantom as part of our family, was filled with so much love from us all, especially between him and his best friend Ace.


I do hope everyone had a great half term and you’ll all be able to enjoy the warm weather this weekend. School’s back next week!!

Lots of Love,

Chloe xXx

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