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Too many dates?

Date night!! As I mentioned last week, J and I haven’t had a date night in a while, purely because there’s been too much going on and we’ve not scheduled it in. But this week, we’ve gone from zero to one hundred on the date night front! I don’t think I’ve been to so many events with J in one week; and we’ve been to lots of exciting places…

Firstly, let’s discuss THE date night that J had planned in secret. So he mentioned it was going to be an overnight stay somewhere and we were going on a bit of a road trip. After dropping Ace off for a sleepover with M & D, we were on our way!! Arriving in Oxford I had no idea where we were going but I was excited.

We arrived at the hotel that we were staying in for the night, got ready for what I thought was going to be dinner somewhere and found myself standing outside the ‘New Theatre’ for the penultimate night of ‘Sister Act – The Musical’! I was utterly surprised but very excited to be watching the show and the best thing about it was that we were going to be watching our good friend, Alexandra Burke, playing the lead in the show. If EVER there were a part in a musical, made specifically for someone, it would be the role of “Deloris” for Alexandra Burke. Honestly, she blew me away with how good she was. She nailed the singing (standard!), the dancing and most importantly, the acting, which can be so many talented vocalists’ musical downfall! Not, Alex, I am so proud of her and so glad J took us to go and see her. Trust me when I say that this is a MUST WATCH show!


After the show, we had a few drinks in the piano bar with the cast and then headed back to our hotel with Alex and a couple of her friends. We ended up chatting till 5am, catching up and enjoying each other’s company. I don’t think that was part of J’s plan for ‘date night’ but nonetheless; we had a great night away in Oxford!
The next morning we had a lovely breakfast together, then jumped in the car to collect Ace, as we were heading to Alaia-Mai’s 4th Birthday party! I still can’t believe that Marvin and Rochelle’s eldest daughter is now 4 years old!! Time really does fly; more so now, it seems, with all these children growing up around our family.

Ace was beyond excited in the car, singing the whole way there! When we arrived, it didn’t take long for him to get himself acquainted with his surroundings! He didn’t stop running around and playing with all the kids, from the minute we walked in until the minute we walked out! HE was truly partied OUT when it came to bedtime! It was a beautiful party and great to see Ace playing with lots of children his own age and older.


Monday night seemed liked date night again. There were certainly no complaints from me as we attended the London Palladium for the TV show “A night at the London Palladium”. The executive producer Nicholas Steinberg and the production security Emma McFarlane invited us as we worked with them on ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’. To be honest, I have never sat and watched the show all the way through at home but Bradley Walsh was soooooo good! And the show overall did not disappoint, I was giggling through most of it! It was lovely to see Olly Murs perform, as we hadn’t seen him in a little while. I will definitely be watching it on Wednesday night to see the show again.


Most of our date nights end well but this one certainly didn’t! For a change, we took the train into London, as we had meetings all day, prior to the show. We parked at our local train station BUT we didn’t realise that there was a time limit on the car park – J and I thought it was 24hrs! So, wrapped up in our ‘date-night bliss’, we arrived at the car park 5minutes past midnight, to find that our way in was padlocked and all entrances closed until 6:30am! “Oh great”. And no, that’s not what I actually said… We were walking around frantically, trying to find a security guard, or ANYONE, who could help us. Bear in mind that by this point, as many of you ladies will know, the heels needed to come off and they need to come off RIGHT NOW!! Luckily we found a security guard! He unlocked the door and let us in. I double-checked with him to see whether we would be ok to get out of the exit gates once we had paid for our ticket. “Oh yes of course, you will be fine” he said.

Well maybe I had jinxed us because we paid, drove out of the barriers and quite literally almost drove into the shutter that was, true to its name, firmly shut! Ohhhhh kaaaay, what happens now? Well, my worst-case scenario was that we’d have to sleep in the car until the morning and wait for the shutter to open. I was thinking at least I’ve paid for my ticket so no harm done!!

The Husband, chivalrous as he is, gets out of the car to find help and sensibly decides to press the help button on the ticketing machine! Someone eventually answered and opened it up for us! I think they were having a bet in the control room as to what we’d do and how long we would stay there before calling for help! Haha! Much later than anticipated, we made it home and that meant that we didn’t have to sleep in the car OR wake up at 6:30am to exit the car park. Win, win in my book.

On Wednesday, we had our last official date of the week! HRH The Prince of Wales had invited us to a luncheon at Clarence House, to celebrate the supporters and ambassadors to The Prince’s Countryside Fund. J has been an ambassador for the charity for three years now and I had never had the privilege of attending, so it was really lovely to attend together. This wasn’t my first time meeting Prince Charles though – both J and I had met him at Highgrove House last year – but still, you get a little bit nervous.


After embarrassingly half-stumbling my curtsy, we had a lovely conversation with the Prince. He asked about our Kelly Bronze Turkeys and how our farm was coming along. His knowledge of all the individuals attending his events is admirable, it really does make you feel that extra bit special when he knows – and remembers – a little about you. He was very impressed to hear all about J’s involvement with farming and his passion for teaching the younger generation about the origins of food, through the CBeebies show “Down on the Farm”. He was really lovely to speak to and it was so great to see him so equally passionate about the Countryside Fund and the issues it tackles.

The lunch was INCREDIBLE. Lamb and new potatoes with a red wine jus, then strawberries and cream, topped with meringues (mine & J’s favourite)! It was a fantastic afternoon, in the most picturesque of gardens, with the beautiful sunshine making itself the most welcome, “third wheel” to our date.


Well, I can safely conclude that after this past week, J and I are now stocked up for at least a month’s worth of dates!!

I hope you’ve all been out, enjoying the gorgeous sunshine. Doesn’t it just make you feel so much better about your day? It does to me!!

Have a great week.

Lots of love,

Chloe xXx

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