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Family Celebrations

What a big weekend! A 70th Birthday, my 3rd Wedding Anniversary & even a quick road trip to France!

The car was loaded up with a month’s worth of luggage and snacks!! We were ready for the bank holiday weekend. Our destination: a beautiful Château near Bethune, France, to celebrate 70 years of my Dad!! On the 1st May he officially had his 3 score years and 10 birthday. I can’t believe my Dad is 70!! He still acts and looks like he’s 50 to me.

We had a quick crossing via Eurotunnel and Ace was super excited to be travelling on a train but still in the car. That seemed to be the coolest thing EVER! The journey seemed much quicker as an adult; my sister and I thought it was so much longer when we were young, but a quick crossing and an hour-long drive later, we had arrived at Le Domaine de la Chartreuse du Val Saint Esprit! We spent the afternoon walking through the stunning gardens, teaching Ace how to say “hello” in French as well as sitting, chatting and spending quality time with one another.


Photo Credit  – @sloppyphotographyldn

The views were stunning and having just a few days out of our normal environment to relax and refresh with our family, really made a difference.

We went out for dinner on the first night and I tried SNAILS! I really didn’t like them, I have to say but at least I did try them! J and my Dad LOVED them, of course, and basically ate everyone else’s between them! For a second, I thought I was featuring on an episode of ‘I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here’!! I take my hat off to anyone doing the eating challenges!


Photo Credit – @sloppyphotographyldn

The second evening we ate at a quaint little restaurant, close to the Château. Honestly, the food in France is just scrumptious! We chose from the biggest cheese board I’ve ever seen! I was soooo full by the end of the 2 nights, I felt like bursting but I didn’t regret one mouthful! The whole weekend was spent giggling and enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to take time out and make memories together.

Tuesday morning came around too quickly. We were packed to head home, hopped on the Euroshuttle and were back that afternoon. Before I knew it, I had unpacked, stuck the washing on and started cooking dinner! It’s crazy how quickly reality hits you and you jump straight back into the swing of things!

Thanks for being 70 Dad! A very Happy Birthday to you, we love you lots!


My black dress is from Rochelle Humes’ Collection for Very. Ace’s red jacket is from a great brand called “Fancy Kids’, his beige shoes from StepTwo.

The NEXT day, 3rd May, was our 3rd Wedding Anniversary! I ask myself “how is it three years already?!”. I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. It truly was, and will always be, the most amazing day of my life!



Everything ran smoothly on the day. It was honestly such a beautiful day and we were so lucky to have so many of our loved ones with us to celebrate our union. I sat and watched my wedding video this week and cried! The memories come flooding back of the whole day and I’m so happy to have married such an amazing person! (Don’t worry; I’m not going to start getting too soppy on you!)


J’s the best and we really do have a good relationship. After being together for over 9 years, it’s been amazing to grow together and individually. We have both changed so much and I love that I am experiencing everything that life throws at us, with him – both good and bad. I feel truly blessed to have such a great husband and friend!


We didn’t have too much planned for our anniversary this year as we had just arrived back from France. J had a couple of meetings in the morning, then we were planning on picking Ace up from school together and going to afternoon tea all together.

We know things don’t always go to plan though! Up early, J had left home and Ace and I were down the farm feeding all the animals. As we were doing the rounds, something didn’t feel right. When we went to feed “Baby Aston”, our rabbit, he wasn’t there! We have just recently provided him with a bigger cage but somehow he had escaped! I immediately switch into PANIC MODE, fearing the worst! Ace says, “Awwww mummy, he’s gone on an adventure it’s alright” – that was me told! I start panicking even more, as Phantom, our cat, follows us into the room! Ace seems to think this all fine and the cat can help us! Well, as sweat started to appear, both the cat and I heard scratching; the rabbit had taken himself upstairs in the barn. Phantom runs, beats me upstairs to investigate, leaving me, extremely flustered and scrambling over everything to try and sort the situation, instead making everything 100 times worse! All I could visualise was the cat killing the rabbit, Ace screaming at them both and it all ending in tears!

Thankfully, Phantom is amazing and perhaps I should have had a little more faith in him! Somehow he moved the rabbit to the top of the stairs and if I could have pulled my phone out quick enough, I would definitely have sent the video into ‘You’ve Been Framed’! The cat was helping the rabbit down the stairs!!! Honestly I was blown away!! Finally, the rabbit was LOCKED back in the cage and we could get on with the rest of the day.

It was time for school. The car was packed, I’m reversing out of the drive and… the gate WON’T open! The electrics have gone and do I know how to open it manually, NO! (Note to self make sure you listen when the husband is telling you these things). On the phone, J guides me through it and we get on the road, albeit slightly tardy.


We made it to school, had afternoon tea and got back home all in one piece, Thank God.

By 9pm J and I were exhausted. We sat on the sofa with a glass of champagne, our anniversary cards & presents and watched a film! Not the best day on record but a perfect ending! Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary to my main man!!

I’m just about ready to go out to watch Aston Merrygold on tour. I’m really excited to have a night out with all the JLS family and watch him perform. There have been great reviews! The babysitter is organised and the heels are on; this mum is hitting the town tonight! HAHA poor J!

I hope you all have a great week and make sure you take some time out with your loved ones, to appreciate those closest to you.

Chloe xXx

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