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Celebrating Easter!

This weekend the house was completely Easterfied! Yes, that is my new word! The Easter eggs were out, the Easter bunnies were on display and I’m not going to lie, I had FAR too much chocolate! Ace, on the other hand, wanted to continue eating them! We had to put a stop to it. Every time he saw an egg, he was looking at me and smiling – practically eating the egg with his eyes! He even started saying “Happy Easter Egg” to everyone he saw, instead of “Happy Easter”! It’s a beautiful time of the year and is a great occasion for J and I to get together with our Mums and Dads, sometimes even our Godchildren and friends, to celebrate Easter over the long weekend.

As much as we all love eating excessive amounts of chocolate, we also can’t forget the real reason for Easter. Our whole family loves to spend the weekend from Friday though to Sunday, celebrating the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is because of this that we all exchange and eat eggs, which are a symbol of new life, as a result of that series of events over 2000 years ago!


In my blog a few weeks ago, I mentioned Ace’s sleeping habits changing and that I needed some help!! Lo and behold, after a few recommendations, I got my hands on a new clock called the ‘Gro Clock’! It’s been soooo good! He’s incredibly excited to tell me it’s officially nighttime when he sees the star come on to the screen and he’s been running in to us in the morning shouting, “it’s morninggggg mummy, the clock says!”


Another product that’s been fantastic for sleeping has been the ‘Ergo Pouch’. Ace has always loved being in a sleepsuit and only recently have I replaced it with a duvet. He now loves his duvet but the only problem with the duvet is when you have to travel. If Ace falls asleep in the car (which he does A LOT), the Ergo Pouch has been brilliant. It’s made in such a way that you can use it with its legs (if he stays awake) or, as a normal sleepsuit. I can’t tell you how great it’s been for strapping him into the car seat to travel, then transferring him straight to bed when we reach home!! Ace also seems to think he’s in a ski outfit, even though he’s never been skiing in his life, and finds it VERY funny indeed!


BBC Pointless is probably one of the scariest shows I could ever think about doing but this week we took on the game show!! As scared as I was, I’m so glad we took part. To say I was nervous would be an understatement! This quiz show is seriously one of the hardest in the world. For the first round, I couldn’t even get back up from J! He is GREAT at shows like this, so I was continually petrified I was going to let the side down! We were up against Richard & Chloe Madeley, Fern Britton and her daughter, Grace and Keavy & Edele Lynch! I would have been happy to just make it through the first round, but we made it to the FINAL!! I was sooo proud of us, as it really wasn’t that easy! We didn’t get the Pointless answer but we still got £500 for our chosen charity – Haiti Hospital Appeal, now called ‘Health, Hope, Action’.


Wednesday afternoon took J, Ace and myself to the lovely Harrods for cream tea with my parents. We both received a voucher from J’s brother, Neequaye, and his fiancé, Steph. I LOVE a cream tea and Harrods is one of the best places in London to have it! Amid the jam, cream and lemon curd, we had a tough time letting Ace know that he should not overfill his mouth with scones and drink his “tea” slowly! We all had a great afternoon and, once suitably stuffed, went for a stroll around the boutiques to walk it all off!


Ace loved getting all dressed up and it was lovely to put him in something nice for a change. When we are at home, he spends so much time outside with J on the farm that I never ever put him in anything nice, for fear that he will rip a hole in his jeans or, come back inside looking like he’s been rolling in the mud with the pigs! One of my favourite outfits of his is a little Patachou short set, which he’s only worn about once or twice but makes him look absolutely delicious! With that and his Step-Two buckle shoes on, he basically had all the ladies in the boutiques eating out of the palm of his hand! I’ve got my work cut out with him in a few years, I can tell! Maybe we’ll keep him scruffy for just a little bit longer…


I’m currently just on a train travelling back from Nottingham after a dance workshop at the Believe Academy. It was so inspiring to teach such amazing children! Dance is a great way of gaining confidence and developing your focus. For these children, it gives them a sense of purpose and a safe place to express themselves. It was great to be able to teach 40 of their students and I believe it’s part of my job, as a trained, ex-professional dancer, to help, inspire and “look after” the next generation of dancers! A HUGE Thank you to them for having me!!


As I sit here drinking my hot chocolate, I’m writing lists of things I need to do! Does it ever stop? It’s just constantly go, go, go, all the time!

Hope you’ve all recovered from the long weekend and have a great week ahead!

Chloe xXx

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