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The farmer´s wife The farmer´s wife

Let the Games begin!!

The Easter Holidays have come around in a flash!! I now understand why I was sent to an Easter/Summer camp as a child.  Like my own Mum and Dad, J and I are basically working full time and you just don’t have enough hands to juggle everything! When the kids are off school, it’s a constant battle to make a plan about how to entertain them and keep them stimulated. As tempting as it may be, I refuse to employ the TV to babysit Ace while I’m working – although admittedly, I’m as guilty as the rest if I need 5 minutes to take that call you just can’t miss! In a bid to stand up to the power of telly, here are three things I’ve come up with, which we can all do over the next two weeks, to keep the children entertained!!

Walking! As the days are becoming nicer and warmer, I thought, “let’s go on a nice walk to pick some flowers from the fields, we can bring them back and paint/draw them”. Well, that didn’t last two minutes because as you can see in the picture, I was the only one doing the walking! Ace was having the BEST time of his life, sitting on my shoulders saying ‘faster, faster mummy’! But even being his mule for a few hours had its benefits. I must have lost a stone in weight and we were able to have a great laugh while bonding together! Whether you live in the countryside, or a city, a stroll in the park/outside ticks the exercise box every time! Who needs a gym membership?!


Having a Playdate!! Having a friend or family member over is a great plan. Most of the time… Haha! Not only can you take the attention off yourself for a while but you also have another Mum/Dad/friend to speak to and trade secrets with, in a bid to get through the holidays together! All you have to do is be prepared for the carnage that may, or may not, follow. Ace’s best friend is his cousin Levi, they’re 4 months apart in age and inseparable when together. It’s a barrage of hugs and kisses the minute they’re reunited and then, that’s it; they’re gone in a flash!


Although they might look like angels, those cherubic smiles hide a dark side! Ace seems to think that the minute Levi is over, all the rules and regulations are out the window and it’s a free for all to do what they want, when they want! These two are going to be thick as thieves in years to come! You can see it already! I do have to play ‘referee’ at times but it’s amazing to watch them interact and witness the genuine LOVE they have for each other! The biggest bonus to a play date is that your little “angel” is virtually guaranteed to sleep longer and deeper – at least for 1 night.

Cooking! Now I’m not the best cook in the world but I am always up for a challenge and with the kids, I think it’s an excellent activity to do together! I love to experiment and make up my own recipes, even when they do go wrong! It’s all part of the fun! We had Levi over and I decided to make something I used to make with my Nan – Butterfly Cakes! You can use any recipe you like; we took ours from the BBC Good Food website and they were yummy!


Kids are fascinating when they’re young. If you have them engaged, they do listen and have great fun at the same time too. The boys LOVED cooking and getting messy and when they got bored, they just ate the cake mix. Well, I think Ace actually ate more of the cake mixture than the cake itself and he was quite happy to let Levi do all the hard work! I guess that’s all part of it, isn’t it!


This week, Ace was also invited to the launch of a new ride at Thomas Land, which is at Drayton Manor Theme Park. Thomas the Tank Engine was something both J and I LOVED to watch as children. It’s amazing how it’s still going strong and looks even more popular. They were launching the ‘James and the Red Balloon’ ride, with Ace and J selected as the first two to get on! Ace was sooo excited. He couldn’t get on the ride quick enough!


It was a great family day out, but what made it even more special was sharing it with our friends. One face you might all recognise belongs to my dear friend, HELLO! Editor-in-Chief, Rosie Nixon! It was great to catch up with her and her two beautiful sons! She’s doing a fantastic job bringing up her two boys and working full time! It’s incredible what can be achieved when you set your mind to it and you keep yourself well organised!

I was also getting all the tips about having another baby! Basically, the conclusion is to stop thinking about it too much, as you will always find a way to talk yourself out of taking the second plunge! Although, I would appreciate a little bit more time having my body to myself! Speaking of time to myself, I’m really excited to read Rosie’s book, ‘The Stylist’ when I get a moment. I will let you know how I get on but I’ve heard great reviews.


We all explored the rest of the park and Ace managed to get on lots of different rides but the BEST part of the whole day was, of course, meeting Thomas himself! It’s a brilliant day out with the whole family! Although that one wasn’t free of charge, I would definitely recommend it as a treat for children of all ages!


Ace has just told me, “Mummy I need my bed and bath time now”. So, off to mummy duties I go! I hope you all have a great week.

Chloe xXx

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“Let the Games begin!!”

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